Raptor Roll

Don't ever tell a minidrake with size-changing magic that you think a "raptor roll" sounds good, especially if you are a raptor. Otherwise, this might happen.

With a bit of magic shi adjusts sizes such that now you're just an inch or two tall, and shi is exactly the height you were just a few moments ago. You find yourself lying on a bed of warm, sticky rice. Shira grins and licks hir muzzle, then takes one end of that and starts rolling it over you until you're caught in the middle of the freshly-formed roll. With the stickiness of the rice it's hard to even squirm, let alone to have a chance of actually getting out. You feel a slight pressure at your sides before you feel yourself being lifted into the air. Below, you see a small (though to you it's the size of a child's swimming pool!) container of brown liquid... soy sauce.

You're dunked into the fluid once or twice, causing it to soak into the rice around you and further left in a daze. By the time your vision fully clears, you're staring right into the cool and uninviting maw of the ice drake. Shi takes a moment to lick directly over your face - covering it in cold, slimy saliva - before just laughing right in your face. "By now you should know better than to give me ideas like that," shi says, before your 'raptor roll' is deposited on hir waiting tongue.

Shi starts to chew.

You cannot even move as those teeth go to work. You cannot see anything at all. You don't even feel anything but the intense cold until the dragoness bites down on you, neatly severing your legs just below your hips. The cold of hir mouth is so severe that it freezes the blood almost instantly, though, saving you from bleeding out as shi continues to chew. You're thrown this way and that on hir tongue as shi eats, but you're somehow kept out from between hir teeth even as that half-eaten food smashes against your body.

Then, nothingness.

Shi waits a brief moment before shi swallows, sending you into hir throat like you're just another morsel of hir meal. On the way down you're violently compressed by hir throat as it works over you, helping to pop joints out of place and snapping a couple of ribs. It's impossible to even breathe as you're taken toward hir stomach, leaving you wishing you could still inhale the foul-smelling air you had just a few moments ago. There's no way of telling where you are, but after what seems like forever you're sent though an even tighter sphincter - which further mashes your body - and you're left in hir mostly-empty stomach. There's no biting acid, but instead just a thick slime that coats your bruised scales, oozing into your wounded body. You're going to be here for the rest of your life, however short that might be, and you can only hope that you pass out from shock before the worst of digestion begins.

Uninvited Guest

Winter had set in alarmingly early in the tri-peaks this season. Snowfall shouldn't have been a concern before the harvest moon, though that fact was no comfort to the white demon-raptor freezing his scales off. Ahastar had spent years exploring these mountains and knew them as well as his own tail, yet he had never expected a blizzard to set in before the trees began to lose their leaves. The reptile knew he had to find shelter soon, before the wintry chill rendered him too cold to move, or he would likely freeze to death before dawn. There were plenty of caves at least, and Ahastar knew which ones tended to hide animals that wouldn't welcome his company and which ones should be empty enough for his use. One such cavern was only a brief walk away.
Ahastar quickly made his way into the vast entrance in the mountainside. Animals would stay well clear of such a large, open area - even one underground - enabling the raptor to stay undisturbed until the storm passed. He hastily assembled a fire using a few twigs and some kindling from his pack to both warm and light the passage. His efforts did not go unnoticed, however, as the cave already had a resident. From within the shadows a feral dragoness made hir way forth. Hir scales glistened like the snow itself, catching the firelight as it danced across the room. The dragoness was at least two dozen times the raptor's size; shi filled the cavern with hir presence as shi slowly sauntered toward Ahastar. "Hello there," shi rumbled soothingly, "My name is Shira. What brings you here tonight?"
But the raptor didn't speak a word of draconic, leaving him unable to even guess at the feminine beast's intentions. Rather than responding with kind words of his own, the raptor grabbed a knife from his pack - a pitifully small weapon compared to the dragoness advancing upon him - and snarled threateningly. "I see. You're one of those types," the dragoness said, shaking hir head slowly. With a quick flick of hir tail, shi knocked the weapon from the raptor's claws. Another swipe of hir tail nearly extinguished the fire, leaving only the faintest glow in the dragoness' lair. "Then I see no reason to continue to offer you hospitality, but perhaps you can still earn your keep here this night."
There were many things that Shira planned to do with the small invader of hir space, but the one thing shi didn't intend to let the offending creature do was escape. Shi reared onto hir hindpaws, balanced hir forepaws against the wall, and quickly brought hir right foot onto the raptor to pin him between the car-sized appendage and the snow-crusted floor. "Lick," shi snarled before shi grabbed the small one's snout between hir two largest toes.
In that one moment, the world was reduced to nothing more than the underside of the feral dragoness' hindpaw. He could smell the faint hints of snow and dirt between hir scales, taste the dust that had collected on them, and feel his entire body straining to hold up that single foot. His ribs creaked under the mass of the dragoness even though shi was using just a tiny fraction of hir weight. With the ball of hir foot pressing squarely against his chest it was difficult to even breathe. Any movement at all was severely restricted; the snow on the cavern's floor had been compressed into ice and packed around Ahastar's body, as if forming an icy tomb for the raptor. Was this going to be the end of him?
Rather than licking, though, Ahastar began to fight and squirm in a vain attempt to escape the wrath of the dragoness. His claws raked uselessly against the herm's toes as he tried to worm his way out from beneath them. Shira seemed completely unimpressed and simply squeezed his head harder."If you want to know what it's like to breathe again, you'll do what I tell you to," Shira growled as shi held him there. "Now lick." In an attempt to make him understand, shi stuck hir tongue out and pantomimed a long, slow lick once shi knew he , then pointed down at hir wiggling toes.
Though he had been underfoot for barely a minute, the lack of air and the cold were starting to get to the demon. His pride wouldn't let him let the dragoness 'win' though, even in his dazed mental state. Death before dishonor was a thought firmly ingrained in Ahastar's mind. Rather than licking, he used his remaining strength to forcefully bite the nearest toe and inflict what little pain he could upon the giantess. Shira roared - in anger more than pain - and quickly lifted hir foot from the ground. Ahastar was briefly stuck to the dragoness' sole before he fell onto the ground in a graceless heap. This time, shi didn't give Ahastar another chance to comply and brought hir right foot down directly on top of the offending beast, allowing only his head to peek between hir toes at the giantess above him.
"I tried to give you a chance. But now that you've shown no intention of being of any value to me you really leave me no choice..." The dragoness' intentions were clear, whether or not Ahastar could understand what shi was saying. The look of sheer contempt and hatred needed no words; shi seemed intent on taking out every frustration shi'd ever had on the raptor's body. "Almost every time one of you foul beasts comes here I have to defend myself. And you," shi paused, shoving a fore-toe accusingly in Ahastar's face, "Are simply the latest in the line of indignities I have to suffer. Perhaps your mangled corpse will be warning enough for the next traveler!"
Without further warning, the herm shifted more of hir weight squarely against Ahastar's chest. The force caused his sternum to crack, while the rest of his torso started to compress under the pressure. The dragoness didn't want to crush him right away; that would be too merciful for what such an insolent bug deserved. Shi instead simply allowed hir weight to settle and let the raptor struggle for air. His body slowly started to flatten as he proved unable to cope with Shira's wrath. His ribs gradually gave way under the herm's mass, one snapping after another as hir paw slowly pressed down. Seconds stretched into minutes, then seemingly into hours in the little one's oxygen-starved brain.
Shortly before the saurian would have passed out, Shira lifted hir paw slowly. The demon's body stuck to hir sole from his congealed blood before gravity slowly peeled it away and let him fall weakly to the ground. The dragoness gave him just long enough to get a painful breath before pressing down once again with even greater force. Shi rocked hir paw back and forth upon Ahastar's body to grind his damaged bones and joints against one another. His body squished and squelched as organs began to fail, popping beneath the cruel dragoness. Ahastar might have cried out in pain, if his left lung hadn't already collapsed beneath the herm's paw.
As Ahastar drifted in and out of consciousness, Shira shifted hir paw down his body to move the raptor's snout between hir two largest toes. Shi lifted off just enough for him to draw another pained breath; even breathing was excruciating as he tried to force air through his damaged body. In this position, the ball of hir foot covered his torso, while his feet were somewhere halfway down hir paw. The little trample-toy could just barely make out the dragoness' face far above with his damaged eyesight, framed by those two toes. A toothy smirk was spread across hir snout as shi let hir prey squirm pathetically beneath hir tread. Shi finally stepped off him and stood above, hir feet framing Ahastar's body as he lie beneath them.
"Now how should I finish you off..." Shira hissed, letting the battered thing writhe on the ground for a few moments. He could barely even move despite being completely free from the dragoness' crushing weight. His chest was covered in a large, paw-shaped bruise. His arms had been crushed beyond recognition by the herm's toes. His legs were mostly intact, but his shattered pelvis left them - and his cloaca - completely useless. He coughed up a small amount of blood as he lay there, wheezing for air, but barely getting enough oxygen to remain conscious.
A faint rumbling came from the herm dragoness as shi leaned hir muzzle in close to the thoroughly abused creature at hir feet. It almost looked like Shira was going to give Ahstar a kiss until hir muzzle opened and a blue 'flame' erupted from hir snout. Rather than the fiery blast of hir brethren, the frosty herm's breath weapon was that of ice. In seconds, the raptor found himself unable to move at all; he was frozen to the core, his senses dulled but not disabled. He was little more than an icicle on the ground, unable to even plead for mercy from a dragoness that would offer him none. "Farewell, little one," The dragoness purred, lifting hir paw into position one more time. Shi let it hover above the immobilized Ahastar, letting him witness the stain of his blood upon it, with his feathers and scales slowly dropping off. A moment later, Shira brought it down with the force of a meteor.
The raptor's body shattered in an instant. He had been frozen to his core; skin, muscle, and bone were all brittle from the cold. Shira ground hir paw against Ahastar's remains and turned his frozen corpse into little more than pile of blood-stained dust. Hir paw ground contemptuously back and forth to spread it around and mix the remains of the raptor into the powdery snow on the ground. When the foot lifted, there was no trace at all shi had ever had a visitor. As Shira walked away, the last of Ahastar's remains fell from hir paw, unnoticed by the dragoness; shi simply curled up and went back to sleep as if hir unwanted guest had never been there at all.

Chocolate Bunny's Demise

Written in the hope of getting a Easter-themed story up for the holiday. Unusual vore, ending in a total existence failure.
You have no idea how it happened. One moment you were walking along, minding your own business; the next you found yourself immobilized. You tried to call out for help but couldn't make a sound. Then, an earthquake. No, thunder. But it was too rhythmic to be either of those and the sound kept getting louder. Suddenly, you see the source of the noise: a massive, blue anthrodragon, towering gloriously above you. "Well, well, seems that half-demon forgot one of his chocolate bunnies," he rumbles, reaching down for you. "It'd be a shame to let it go to waste..."
"Please, god no!" you think as the warmth of the dragon's hand embraces you. He pauses, looking down at his hand for a moment.
"Did he make these things psychic?" The dragon says, looking down at you once again. "That's going to make this even more fun. Go on, beg for your life, snack. Tell me why I shouldn't just let you melt in my maw." You certainly try to come up with reasons. You weren't supposed to be here. You're not really supposed to be a chocolate bunny. Someone shouldn't do this sort of thing to a creature that can think. You're too wrapped up in your thoughts to think about the fact that you're moving once again until the dragon's maw fills your view.
From within the blue dragon's mouth comes a thick, black tongue. He makes a long, lewd lick over your front and purrs deeply at your taste. It's much like being rubbed with a thick, wet rag, somehow peeling away a tiny bit of your body. "You taste even better than you look, snack," he purrs once more, letting his breath wash over your body. The air is full of the potent smells of a predator, with more than a hint of chocolate - your chocolate - providing an undertone. You can even see the matte smear of confectionery against the otherwise glistening, jet black flesh.
Without any further warning, the dragon simply tilts his maw back and tosses you in, feet first. You scream - or try to - as your world tumbles and the male's mouth comes ever closer. Then you land on the tongue and slide back toward his throat while the world outside seems ever-more-distant. What you can see is framed by a row of pointed, perfectly white teeth the size of your head, while the deadly tongue begins to work over your body.
In the hot, humid mouth, you feel like you're sweating profusely, especially on your front. In reality, you're melting as the dragon savors your body for all it's worth. You're slid back and forth as the dragon grinds your front upon the merciless tongue beneath you. The sensation would be erotic, if you still had the ability to get aroused, but those bits were inert the moment you turned into chocolate and have already been licked away. The heat is oppressive, slowly melting even those parts of your body that aren't in immediate touch with the dragon's tongue.
Suddenly, you feel yourself moving upward. The dragon elects to swallow, mashing your softened body against the roof of his mouth in the process. You're pressed into an arch-like shape; your body conforms to every curve and bump of that surface. A moment later, you're left in complete darkness accompanied by a loud, resounding gulp. The suction pulls away all that metled chocolate and leaves you once again in direct contact with the hot, slick flesh around you. You're soon let down again, further reduced, something that becomes all too clear as the dragon's mouth opens once again.
It seems there mustn't be much of you left, as things now seem even more alarmingly huge! The dragon's teeth once seemed merely large; they now would tower over your body if you could stand against them. The tongue reaches far into the distance, at least until he curls it against your body and the pointed tip alone lashes across the width of your face. Even the dragon's purring now feels like a massive quake, shaking your entire body as you're squeezed by the tongue and nearly cut in half again.
You're swiftly moved forward by the tongue as the dragon gives you one last look between his teeth at the outside world. Everything seems massive, almost incomprehensibly so. It's like being on the roof of a skyscraper and looking down at the ground, only instead of buildings you're looking out at equally massive pieces of furniture. Almost on cue, a lizardman of some sort walks in, as large as the dragon who has spent the last several minutes (has it really only been minutes?) sucking upon your body. Without saying a word, the dragon grabs the other male and gives him a deep kiss with you in between.
The entire world, in that instant, becomes the space between the two reptilian tongues. You're pressed tightly between the two wet, fleshy appendages, ground back and forth as they embrace. Your body flattens and melts, smeared across the two tongues squeezing against what little remains of you. That heat seems to finally finish you off as consciousness begins to fade. With a final lick and swallow, all that is left is a faint taste of dark chocolate and a few calories heading to their bellies.

Skalavis - Microraptor Toy

Turns out there's a species of dinosaur called microraptor. Doesn't that just beg for a micro-sized microraptor to be thrown out there?


Given my ability to change others' sizes, my explosive temper, and an enjoyment of Left 4 Dead 2, Ahastar came up with this animation combining all the above. This is just another example of why you do not mess with a minidrake.

Here's a version without the music track.

Conbadge by Farore Nightclaw

Showing off my love for having a collar on, this badge leaves just one question: Who has a leash?

Conbadge by Sssage

Done in multiple layers of colorful paper, a scan can't really do justice to this piece.

Horn Dancing

Using a narwhal's horn to do a pole dance, Shira shows off every part of hir body to anyone who wants to watch.

Bound to a feral's service

Bound to Timanth's underside and presented with his cock, I do exactly what he wants as he watches with great pleasure.