Chocolate Bunny's Demise

Written in the hope of getting a Easter-themed story up for the holiday. Unusual vore, ending in a total existence failure.
You have no idea how it happened. One moment you were walking along, minding your own business; the next you found yourself immobilized. You tried to call out for help but couldn't make a sound. Then, an earthquake. No, thunder. But it was too rhythmic to be either of those and the sound kept getting louder. Suddenly, you see the source of the noise: a massive, blue anthrodragon, towering gloriously above you. "Well, well, seems that half-demon forgot one of his chocolate bunnies," he rumbles, reaching down for you. "It'd be a shame to let it go to waste..."
"Please, god no!" you think as the warmth of the dragon's hand embraces you. He pauses, looking down at his hand for a moment.
"Did he make these things psychic?" The dragon says, looking down at you once again. "That's going to make this even more fun. Go on, beg for your life, snack. Tell me why I shouldn't just let you melt in my maw." You certainly try to come up with reasons. You weren't supposed to be here. You're not really supposed to be a chocolate bunny. Someone shouldn't do this sort of thing to a creature that can think. You're too wrapped up in your thoughts to think about the fact that you're moving once again until the dragon's maw fills your view.
From within the blue dragon's mouth comes a thick, black tongue. He makes a long, lewd lick over your front and purrs deeply at your taste. It's much like being rubbed with a thick, wet rag, somehow peeling away a tiny bit of your body. "You taste even better than you look, snack," he purrs once more, letting his breath wash over your body. The air is full of the potent smells of a predator, with more than a hint of chocolate - your chocolate - providing an undertone. You can even see the matte smear of confectionery against the otherwise glistening, jet black flesh.
Without any further warning, the dragon simply tilts his maw back and tosses you in, feet first. You scream - or try to - as your world tumbles and the male's mouth comes ever closer. Then you land on the tongue and slide back toward his throat while the world outside seems ever-more-distant. What you can see is framed by a row of pointed, perfectly white teeth the size of your head, while the deadly tongue begins to work over your body.
In the hot, humid mouth, you feel like you're sweating profusely, especially on your front. In reality, you're melting as the dragon savors your body for all it's worth. You're slid back and forth as the dragon grinds your front upon the merciless tongue beneath you. The sensation would be erotic, if you still had the ability to get aroused, but those bits were inert the moment you turned into chocolate and have already been licked away. The heat is oppressive, slowly melting even those parts of your body that aren't in immediate touch with the dragon's tongue.
Suddenly, you feel yourself moving upward. The dragon elects to swallow, mashing your softened body against the roof of his mouth in the process. You're pressed into an arch-like shape; your body conforms to every curve and bump of that surface. A moment later, you're left in complete darkness accompanied by a loud, resounding gulp. The suction pulls away all that metled chocolate and leaves you once again in direct contact with the hot, slick flesh around you. You're soon let down again, further reduced, something that becomes all too clear as the dragon's mouth opens once again.
It seems there mustn't be much of you left, as things now seem even more alarmingly huge! The dragon's teeth once seemed merely large; they now would tower over your body if you could stand against them. The tongue reaches far into the distance, at least until he curls it against your body and the pointed tip alone lashes across the width of your face. Even the dragon's purring now feels like a massive quake, shaking your entire body as you're squeezed by the tongue and nearly cut in half again.
You're swiftly moved forward by the tongue as the dragon gives you one last look between his teeth at the outside world. Everything seems massive, almost incomprehensibly so. It's like being on the roof of a skyscraper and looking down at the ground, only instead of buildings you're looking out at equally massive pieces of furniture. Almost on cue, a lizardman of some sort walks in, as large as the dragon who has spent the last several minutes (has it really only been minutes?) sucking upon your body. Without saying a word, the dragon grabs the other male and gives him a deep kiss with you in between.
The entire world, in that instant, becomes the space between the two reptilian tongues. You're pressed tightly between the two wet, fleshy appendages, ground back and forth as they embrace. Your body flattens and melts, smeared across the two tongues squeezing against what little remains of you. That heat seems to finally finish you off as consciousness begins to fade. With a final lick and swallow, all that is left is a faint taste of dark chocolate and a few calories heading to their bellies.

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