Kraken Uber-yiff

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Shira meeped softly as shi woke to a splash that soaked every one of hir scales. As shi shook hir head and tried to clear hir vision, shi heard a familiar chuckling from above, rumbling the ground beneath hir. "Morning hun," shi heard that voice rumble, another splash nearly catching hir off-guard again, but shi managed to keep this from completely coating hir muzzle again, and sat up after just a moment.

"Good morning..." shi replied sleepily, blinking hir vision clear. Instead of looking over at hir mate, though, shi saw nothing more than a massive red foot before hir. Hir entire body was barely a fifth the size of one of the mammoth toes before hir. Shi meeped again and crawled backwards a few inches, blinking a few more times to make sure shi really was awake. "Kraken, love, you're huge..."

"And the pink dinos are coming out to play," Kraken said, grinning down at his mate as four cocks were already coming from his sheath, dripping pre steadily, drops large as hir body. Shira was not about to complain as shi licked a little at the liquid already on hir muzzle, tasting his maleness even in that single drop shi was coated with. Still grinning, Kraken crouched down, letting his cocks wave right over Shira's head, pre flowing like a light drizzle, his scent filling the air around hir.

Without any further warning, Kraken slid his foot forward and pinned Shira between two toes, rubbing right between hir legs with the side of one of them. The little white dragoness couldn't resist hirself and started to hump against it, rapidly growing erect, adding the comparatively tiny amount of juices shi could produce to what was already slickening hir body.

Kraken didn't stop there, though. After Shira was fully hard, he moved his foot and pinned hir firmly but harmlessly underneath a toe, rubbing it against both hir groin and hir snout. Without a word, Shira began to lick at its surface, murring loudly as shi did so, the strong but always loved taste of hir mate's footpaw filling hir sense of taste, mixed with just a little of his pre as it dripped around hir. He continued to rub and tease hir with that toe until shi had rubbed or licked every scale shi could reach, quickly moving another toe over hir body to let hir repeat.

Though Shira was constantly under the attentions of hir mate's paw, shi couldn't bring hirself to climax. The scent of Kraken's paw and arousal were growing ever-stronger around hir, arousing hir even further, hir shaft throbbing with need but shi remained unable to go over the edge. After Shira had finished with his left foot, Kraken stepped back to show off his body to Shira, posing with hir directly between his feet. Shi could see directly up his long legs, watch his tail swishing behind him, though shi looked right at all of his cocks, eight of them now, seeming to grow harder, thicker, and longer the more shi stared. Another few moments passed and shi realized Kraken's entire body was growing, and he lifted his right foot and planted it squarely upon hir, pressing hir into the earth below.

Growling even louder in pleasure, Shira once again rubbed against the underside of one of hir mate's paws, but this time Kraken didn't just try to pin hir. He started to shift all of his weight onto that paw as he stood up again, Shira's upturned snout getting buried in his sole, the little herm conforming to the shape of his paw. After he had settled his weight down onto hir, he lifted his foot, only to bring it down upon hir again, stomping hir into the earth even further. His stomp came down in the exact same spot his paw had been in before, leaving his footprint even deeper, and larger as he expanded. Where he was once 300 times Shira's size, he was now passing 500 times larger, making Shira seem like a small ant.

After spending nearly two minutes stomping Shira into the earth, Kraken stepped back again, letting Shira look over his body once again. He spread his wings, seeming to fill the sky with his presence, without even having to step off the ground. And then, like a mountain coming down on Shira, he crouched again, his prehensile cocks moving around over hir head. Shi paused to count again, able to count at least ten, though it was hard for hir to be sure as they kept moving.

One of those cocks moved right for hir and pressed down on hir just like Kraken's foot had a few moments earlier, pressing hir into the ground and smothering hir with his arousal this time. Shira tried to hug around it with hir wings, even though shi couldn't get around even a tenth of its diameter, rubbing hirself against him. Soon, though, that cock pulled back, to tease its head between hir legs, forcing them apart to stroke hir slit. Shi gasped at the feeling, spreading hir legs far as shi could, despite being nearly small enough to fit into the slit on that cocktip.

Growling, Kraken moved his cock back and curled it around Shira's tail, pulling hir deftly into the air and leaving hir to dangle right before hi sheath, and the rest of his cocks. They still seemed to be growing even in proportion to his body, and continued to multiply; there had to be at least sixteen now. Shira growled back at hir mate, barely heard as shi was a mere 1000th his size, just larger than a grain of sand in his scale. He moved his cocks expertly, though, despite having such a tiny target, and Shira soon felt five cocks on hir body, one coiled around each of hir arms, legs, and hir tail, spreading hir wide even as they coated hir with even more of his strongly-scented pre. Shi was nearly convinced shi could drown just from the scent of it, as it completely overwhelmed hir sense of smell, Kraken intentionally aiming his cocktips to soak hir entire body with each little drop of pre.

Soon, Shira felt another cocktip teasing between hir now-spread legs, sending a shiver through hir tiny form. Kraken didn't stop himself this time and pressed that shaft directly into Shira's femsex, the tiny dragoness letting out a roar of pure pleasure as shi was spread even wider by it, the massive member teasing every nerve within hir at once. As Shira roared, Kraken moved another cock into hir muzzle, wriggling its tip against hir snout to press it in, stretching hir out even more, and forcing his pre directly into hir muzzle and throat, giving hir a constant taste of him. At the same time, Kraken moved yet another cock against hir tailhole and pressed it into hir as well. Shira could feel the cocks within hir tailhole and sex rubbing against one another within hir, and clenched around them both, earing hir yet another spurt of pre from all of his cocks.

Despite having eight of his cocks on Shira, Kraken still had plenty to spare, most of the others waving in the air around Shira, pre spurting onto and around hir body. After a few moments, Kraken jammed another cock into each of Shira's openings, earning a muffled mrrrr from the dragoness and a larger spurt of hir pre from hir shaft. As Kraken realized he was neglecting that part of his mate, he moved yet another of his cocks down to stroke hir, teasing hir with the cockslit, sending shivers through hir over and over again.

Twelve cocks were working over or into Shira's body, one way or another, but Kraken now had 24 more than Shira could handle, all of them aimed right at the little dragoness, soaking hir with wave after wave of thick pre, drenching hir outside just as hir insides were being soaked, leaving hir extremely slick inside and out. Kraken's cocks moved faster over hir as shi mrred, both of them nearing their climaxes together. Shira humped back against the cock teasing over hir shaft, while swallowing and clenching around those within hir and using hir wings to tease any others shi could reach. Shi nearly closed hir eyes in pleasure, but shi wanted to see the other cocks all moving around hir, almost as some kind of alien dance.

At least, neither dragon nor dragoness could hold back any longer. Shira's climax was completely lost to Kraken's, as shi was coated with untold gallons of seed, inside and out. Shi swelled like a scaled balloon as Kraken filled hir, while outside shi looked like a rather wet, white ball, indistinguishable from the rest of the seed all around hir. Shi mrred once again as shi was filled and soaked, hir view going completely white...

...suddenly, hir view went from white to a view of Kraken's muzzle just over hirs, as he pulled the sheets off from over his mate's head. "You okay, love? You were awfully loud in your sleep..."

Blushing deeply, Shira tried to cover hirself up, but shi knew Kraken probably had noticed hir scent by now, if nothing else. "Oh, just had a dream... quite a good one, at that..."

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