Seven Little Toys

I saw the title "Seven Little Toys" on a VHS box in a bargain bin at Wal-Mart, and my mind immediately turned to something along these lines. So I just had to write a story to go along with the thought, and here's what came out.

The parcel post driver shivered nervously as she walked to her delivery. She had been dreading this delivery since she was given it in the morning, and left it for last just to delay it as long as possible. But her shift was over in twenty minutes and she absolutely had to get this delivered today; technically it was late when it didn't arrive by noon, as the sender had paid for overnight delivery. Sighing and resigning herself to the task, she parked the truck and used the dolly to carry the crate down the long hill, to the entrance of a cavern that was landscaped into the backyard. She set the box down, and called out, "Delivery for Shiveneve Dracotiri?" as loudly as she could manage, the sound echoing downward into the cave she was delivering to. Before she even heard a response, she turned around and ran, not looking back for even a moment. She dove into the truck and drove away as quickly as the vehicle could take her.

Behind her, she heard a thudding that grew louder, shaking the ground slightly with each dull impact. Just as she went over a hill and left the property, she thought she saw something behind her, but she didn't dare look back or investigate. The billionaire whose estate she was on was likely insane, perhaps driven mad by having more money than he could ever hope to spend. It would certainly explain his bizarre purchases, landscaping, home, and everything else about him. Who else landscapes a rocky cave into their back yard? Why would he want a box left in front of it? Of course, describing her delivery as a mere box was being simple: it was a wooden crate with steel plates to reinforce the corners, five feet along each side, a perfect cube. Fragile was on it in large, red, stenciled letters that even her delivery company couldn't miss, though the crate itself looked durable enough to withstand nearly anything. There were a few holes drilled in each side, for reasons she couldn't and wouldn't guess at. It was her job to deliver things without asking questions, and she didn't want to ask questions in this case.

A large, silver, quadrupedal dragoness emerged from the cave, though the driver never saw it as she didn't glance at the mirrors even once. Shiveneve had to crouch under the entrance, despite it being a hundred and fifty feet high. The dragoness growled and grunted as shi slipped out of hir home before shi stood up to stretch, gazing around the area, letting the sunlight reflect off hir unclothed body. She could see the truck just leaving the property, and chuckled softly to herself. She didn't want to give that driver a fright, and knew that if shi were seen, the poor human would probably wreck the vehicle in her fright. Besides, shi had that box in front of hir. It was smaller than shi was expecting, much to hir disappointment... no matter. Shi'd still make the best of what shi had. Shiveneve leaned down and took the box into hir paw to examine it more carefully. Shi took care not to rattle it too much, despite having the capacity to easily crush the thing to splinters with a casual squeeze. The word "Fragile," was stenciled on the crate in several places, reinforcing the need to take the utmost care with the package.

However, despite all the things shi could do with the box alone, shi wanted to get back inside to open hir package and savor its contents. Shi turned back and and slipped inside again, vanishing into the caverns that sprawled throughout the human's property. The massive underground complex gave the massive herm plenty of room to do anything shi wished, and often to whomever shi wished. He had made a deal with the dragoness years ago, that he would give hir somewhere to stay in exchange for the occasional trinket or jewel from hir lair; with her magic and hoard to back him, he'd be the richest man alive for the rest of his life. In return, he kept hir from ever getting into trouble with the authorities, not that anyone actually believed stories of a massive dragon, or would have any power to do something even if they did find hir. Not having to deal with law enforcement or the military made Shiveneve's life much happier. Shi made hir way to the largest cavern within hir lair, the playroom, and set the box on a shelf. Shi then took a single talon and broke each of the corner supports, letting the sides fall away to reveal the contents of the box.

The box had eight compartments. One of them was filled mostly with padding, and instructions for taking care of things. The other seven had containers, with tiny dragons inside. Shiveneve gasped with joy. Shi had wanted another of hir own kind to play with for quite some time, but shi had never even dreamed of having seven! They were all so much smaller than shi was, but the sheer number of them more than made up for that shortcoming. Shi took the pill-like capsules out carefully, examining the little creatures inside. It seemed that each one was a different color of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet were each represented by one little dragon. Shi gently laid the containers out in a row before shi even looked at the instructions, but the print was barely legible even to hir draconic eyes, and hir talon had ripped a tear in the flimsy paper that rendered it completely unreadable. No matter, though, as shi knew exactly how to operate a dragon, and smirked a bit as shi thought of what shi might have them operate on later.

Shrugging those thoughts off for the moment, Shiveneve turned hir attention to the little encapsulated dragons lying out before hir. There was a noticeable seam in each container, and shi tugged the two halves apart along the line, causing a hiss and pop to come from the little capsule. A squeak came from beneath hir as the little being began to stir. Encouraged by this, shi opened the other six more quickly, wanting to get all of hir new companions out. By the time shi opened the last, shi looked down to see the red - the first one shi opened - shivering as if cold. Shi wasn't sure how they had been kept in such wonderful condition on the trip, but assumed they might have been frozen, for lack of another non-magical explanation. Shiveneve decided to give the littles a chance to recover, and went to get a dish filled with water; shi had no glasses or anything else small enough for them to drink out of as shi would.

While shi was getting their drink, the little dragons all came around slowly. They realized that they were not where they had been last time their eyes were opened, and something seemed distinctly wrong, but none of them could place it. None of them thought to look up, at a pair of candles that towered almost thirty feet over their heads, atop fixtures that nearly doubled that height. And none of them noticed that any of the coins in the dragoness's hoard were larger than their bodies, though they would have easily fit in the paw of the macro dragoness that now owned them. So when Shiveneve returned, all but the yellow dragon fainted, while the yellow just looked around in confusion before glancing up at Shiveneve curiously.

Shiveneve chuckled softly and set the dish of water on the shelf, before leaning in close and looking over the small creatures before hir. Far as shi could tell, the red and orange ones were males; the yellow, green, and blue ones were hermaphrodites; and the indigo and violet ones were females. They looked decently proportioned, but their proportions were still tiny compared to the silver dragoness looking over all of them. "Well, since you're the only one left awake, my little yellow friend..." Shiveneve rumbled, speaking softly as shi could, and rather seductively to try ease the little one's mind, "I'll let you explain things to the others when they come to. You're all my pets now. My toys. Mine. If you do what I want, and behave yourselves, you'll have a long, happy, and very enjoyable life." As shi finished that statement, shi stroked the yellow one gently, using the back of a talon.

"However, if you disobey me, or fail to please me at any time... it'll be a very short, painful existence." To emphasize hir point, shi turned hir claw around and pressed the tip directly between the little one's wings, pressing it right against hir spine, only driving it deep enough to cause pain without causing injury. "Is that clear?" The yellow just squeaked and nodded rapidly, unable to understood what was being said, but at least understanding the non-verbal cues. Shiveneve withdrew hir talon from Yellow's back. "Good. I wouldn't want to have to hurt those beautiful scales of yours," Shiveneve purred, leaning in closer and grinning toothily. "You'll tell the others this, yes?" The yellow nodded again. "Then make sure they know by the time I wake up, since I'll want to play then; I'm always horny in the morning..." Shiveneve took a small, mesh cage and placed it over all seven of the little dragons, the weight of it alone enough to keep it on the shelf. "Sleep well..."

Unfortunately, sleep was the last thing on the little yellow dragon's mind, after that brief conversation. Shi ran around and tried to wake the others, but it was quite some time before any of them would stir. And when shi did finally wake them, and explained they were being kept by a larger dragon, nobody believed hir. They all remembered seeing something before falling asleep, but none of them realized they'd fainted in terror. Green came over and gave hir reassurances to Yellow, since shi half-believed it, but still found it very implausible. Why would a big dragoness want them anyway? Yellow didn't feel much better for it, but at least shi was getting some attention, and it helped hir to relax. They all fell asleep again some time later, though Yellow's fitful sleep did hir little good.

Morning came rather quickly, perhaps too quickly for the little ones who had only just come out of their hibernation. Shiveneve was the first to awaken when morning came, just enough sunlight slipping in through a crack in the rock to cause hir to stir. Shi yawned and stretched hir wings as shi rolled onto all fours, as shi tried to get hir blood flowing to all of hir extremities again. Blood flowed quickly to one in area in particular, as hir maleness peeked out of its sheath and firmed as hir attention turned back to the little ones set atop the wooden shelf. Hir footfalls echoed through the cave, but even that wasn't enough to awaken the sleeping dragons. Only as shi picked the cage up and set it aside, clicking hir claws against the wood as shi considered what to do, did they start to stir.

As the smaller dragons woke, Yellow only whimpered as shi looked up at the towering dragoness, while the rest squeaked in terror, unable to believe what they saw. They'd dismissed the concept of such a large dragon as preposterous, yet there the silver was, towering above them. "Good morning!" shi said, the cheerful tone only further scaring the little ones. "I trust you all slept well? Good, then," shi continued, without even waiting for a response, though shi wouldn't be able to hear anything they said to hir anyway, and doubted they could understand hir booming voice. "It looks like you're all quite eager to see me," shi laughed, peering in close. "I'm certainly quite happy to see you as well."

Grinning, Shiveneve leaned back onto hir haunches and revealed hir erection to the little dragons before hir. "I'm sure the seven of you would be quite glad to help me with this." Shi chuckled as shi watched the horrified reactions from the smaller dragons before hir. Shi was well-endowed, even for a dragon of hir size, and hir ebony shaft was nearly twice as long as all seven of the dragons put together, and quite thick as well. Beneath that, hir testicles hung heavy, swaying slightly with every movement shi made. Behind those, the dragons could just get a glimpse of hir dripping femslit. "See, I brought you here because I rather like having some help with this. I don't want to hurt you," shi said, in the most sincere voice shi could offer, though it was little comfort to the dragons, as they watched one of hir forepaws reach down for them, shadowing them in darkness.

Red lept up and stood in front of all the others, then quickly bit down on Shiveneve's paw before shi could grab any of the others. Shiveneve pulled hir paw back and cried out, more out of surprise than pain, and glared down at the red dragon before hir. Red glared back and growled threateningly, but it was merely as effective as an insect flaring its wings and stinging; it could still easily be swatted. This time, instead of moving slowly to try not to further frighten the small dragons, shi decisively reached out and grabbed the red dragon between two fingers before he even had a chance to react, bringing him right before hir maw. Shi grinned toothily, maliciously at him, trying to frighten him into submission. Instead, he extended his talons and clawed at hir fingers, though he couldn't even scratch the dense scales.

"I was going to play nicely with you," shi growled coldly, the sound of hir voice even making the fighting red dragon stop his squirming. "But if you're going to play rough, so can I." Quickly, Shivenve moved hir paw behind hir, giving Red a much closer look at hir slit, its flesh glistening with arousal. Shi then raised hir tail, revealing the pink flesh beneath, and moved the feisty little one toward it. "I keep myself clean, so this shouldn't be too unpleasant," shi teased, trying even now to instill fear to the dragon, who was merely squirming to get away instead of fighting hir. With one swift movement, shi pressed the red creature against hir rear entrance, and used a finger to press him inside tail-first. He sunk in steadily, his feet and tail trapped in a matter of moments, soon followed by his legs, torso, and chest, leaving only his head free so he could breathe. While Shiveneve was as clean as promised, the scent was still quite pungent to the tiny red trapped inside hir, which made him squirm pleasantly against the sensitive flesh that engulfed his form. He was tightly trapped, and couldn't even pull his arms free. Any time he managed to wriggle too far out, the dragoness would simply clench around him and draw him back inside, preventing his escape.

Now that Red was unable to present a problem, Shiveneve looked back at the six remaining dragons, who were all staring in shock. "Does anyone else have a problem with this?" The remaining six dragons could only shake their heads no, nearly in unison. "Good. Let's see..." shi said, taking all six in one paw and lying upon hir back. Shi considered hir options for a moment and slid the littles out of hir paw and onto hir throbbing cockhead as shi thought, which seemed to swell even larger with arousal now that shi had one dragon teasing hir internally. The six dragons all quickly went to work, even without being commanded, as they rubbed with their paws and tails, some even using their wings. The scent of arousal quickly filled the cavern, and Shiveneve murred approvingly of the dragons' attentions. However, shi desired attention to more than just hir tip, and with six more toy-sized dragons, shi would have attention everywhere shi wanted.

Shi moved the indigo and violet dragons first, figuring the females would best know how to stimulate another female. Shi held both of them in one palm, then grabbed Violet and pressed firmly against hir clit, which was itself nearly as large as the dragoness herself. Squeaking in surprise, Violet quickly took hold of it, her paws sinking into the flesh pleasurably. She held on for her life, as it was a long drop to the floor below, or even more dangerous to fall inside the dragoness. Indigo soon followed, though Shiveneve pressed her deep inside, coating her in the herm's fluids and surrounding hir by soft, silky flesh. Indigo yelped and squirmed, finding it hard to breathe in the firm grip Shiveneve had, but still finding enough air to struggle an attempt to free hirself. Shiveneve murred approvingly at both of the females, rubbing hirself briefly with a paw before sliding the slicked hand back up to hir cock, and the four dragons that remained there.

Orange was the next dragon to be moved, as Shiveneve noticed he was the only dragon of the seven with an external set of testicles. "I noticed that you seem to have a nice addition to your anatomy." Shiveneve purred, stroking his balls with one claw, "I'm sure you'll know what to do with mine, then." shi teased, before dropping him on the soft scales that enveloped hir own orbs. He was nearly lost in the valley between them, and tried to climb free of it, paws delightfully working against that sensitive region. He found it hard to breathe from the sheer potency of hir musk in the air, and found it impossible to climb free of the flesh, sinking into it every time he moved.

That left three dragons for hir shaft, the three hermaphrodites. Yellow seemed to be the most cooperative of the bunch, so Shiveneve left hir atop hir glans, letting the little one continue to prostrate hirself atop that sensitive flesh. Blue was the next one to be moved, as Shiveneve firmly took hir between two talons, and placed hir at the very base of hir shaft, just above the sheath. Squeaking, Blue tried to avoid falling into that tight passage, as the giantess' shaft was extremely slick with pre. Shi knew that if shi fell, shi'd be trapped inside the macro dragoness' sheath, or fall to the floor and likely to hir death, but the sheer girth of it made it hard for hir to get a grip on the flesh.

Shiveneve purred at the struggles and ministrations of hir little playthings, but decided that shi should give everyone a bit more motivation, and picked Green up, looking hir over. Shi took the small herm toward hir muzzle and snaked hir tongue out to meet hir, letting the pink flesh tease over the tiny scales of hir smaller partner. Shi grinned widely as shi tasted fear on the little one and taunted, "Perhaps you could get your friends to finish me before I decide to just eat you? I certainly find breakfast to be an enjoyable meal." Hir threat was not lost on the other dragons, as the ones that could hear hir voice started to rub hir more quickly, trying to bring hir to orgasm as quickly as they could, as they knew that sound meant the dragoness' patience was limited.

"Of course, marinating meat does make it so much more flavorful," shi mused, lowering the green dragoness again, though this time shi placed Green directly beneath hir drooling cockslit. Green squeaked as shi looked into the cavernous slit of the dragoness' shaft, before getting plastered to the silver scales by a single droplet of pre, coaxed forth by a stroke of the dragoness' talons along hir heavy length. "Perhaps you'll just end up drowning instead?" The green one started squirming to try get away, but Shiveneve merely flexed hir shaft and let it land squarely atop the dragoness, allowing Green to peer almost directly into the glistening, dripping cockslit, and knocking the air from hir lungs.

Having positioned all seven smaller dragons, Shiveneve simply lied back with hir forepaws behind hir head and watched, murring deeply at the attention. The rumbling of hir purrs shook both Red and Indigo, both of whom struggled desperately to avoid being pulled deeper into the dragoness. Violet felt similarly threatened atop hir precarious perch, and sunk hir claws into the sensitive flesh, much to Shiveneve's delight. Blue felt like an earthquake was shaking hir even lower on the heavy shaft, and had to dig hir claws in as well, not wanting to disappear into the dragoness like hir friends had, or otherwise displeasure the macro that held control of their very lives.

Yellow, however, was at the best position to see what was happening to Green, and the most worried about Green's health. The emerald dragoness squirmed about helplessly, pinned by the weight of Shiveneve's cockhead. There was a drop of pre starting to form at the tip, and Yellow knew that it wouldn't take many of those to snuff out hir friend. Shiveneve was already quite close to climax, but Yellow couldn't have known that, even as the massive herm's testicles pulled in closer around Orange's squirming body, hir tailslit squeezed Red deeper inside, and femslit coated the females thoroughly. Frustrated and desperate, Yellow bit down on the silver dragoness' sensitive glans, catching the macro completely off guard and bringing hir to hir peak.

Shiveneve thrust into the air as hir seed spurted forth, knocking Blue off hir length and nearly into the tight confines of hir maleslit, but the tiny azure dragoness landed just a few inches to the side, and out of harm's way. Yellow was bounced directly into the first wave of seed, which arched through the air and landed upon Shiveneve's chest, against one of hir sizable breasts, providing just enough cushion to break the fall without breaking the smaller dragon. Green could only watch as hir friend flew above hir, but mercifully shi wasn't smothered in any more of the dragoness' liquids, even as they arched into the air.

The remaining dragons weren't let off nearly as easily as Green, though. Orange was nearly crushed as Shiveneve's testicles contracted against each other, smothering him between them and cutting off his air entirely. Violet fell off hir perch upon the dragoness' clit, and tumbled between the wet lips of the macro's femslit, before landing on Shiveneve's tail, just beneath the dragoness' tailhole. She briefly caught a glimpse of Indigo, who struggled against the thick fluids that had engulfed hir, the soft flesh making it hard for hir to even breathe as it gripped her body. When Violet looked up, she saw Red struggling to breathe as the tight ring of flesh squeezed him painfully. Red would have sworn that he was going to be ripped in half by the pressure, but the pressure was only enough to knock the wind from him, not injure him seriously.

Shiveneve's orgasm seemed to last an eternity to the smaller dragons pleasuring hir, though the dragoness lasted just half a minute before lying back, spent. The dragoness hadn't felt such intense pleasure in a long time, while hir smaller companions were happy to just have survived the ordeal. As the macro relaxed, Red, Orange, and Violet were able to crawl free, all three gasping for air as they climbed away from the dragoness and tried to regain their senses. Green and Yellow were both stuck, however, by the dragoness' fluids. Noticing their problem, Shiveneve pried each one from hir scales with a single talon and lifted them to hir muzzle, grinning mischievously. Without saying a word, shi slid hir tongue out and over the two smaller ones as they shrieked in terror, licking hir arousal off their scales. Once they were cleaned, shi gave them a few more teasing licks before setting them down near the rest of the dragons, who immediately checked for one another's well being.

Shiveneve seemed entirely amused by the little dragons' concern, though shi didn't want to tire them out or break them too quickly. After all, shi loved having someone else to play with, especially after being by hirself for so long. Shi carefully scooped all the little dragons off the floor and back onto the shelf. "Thank you, little ones. I trust you won't mind if I run off to hunt breakfast?" shi asked rhetorically, then smiled. "No? Then just wait here." With that shi left the littles to themselves. Most of them quickly passed out from exhaustion, having tired themselves out either pleasuring the dragoness or struggling for their lives, if not both. When Shivneve returned, shi found that all the little dragons were out cold, and just purred affectionately at them. "Rest well, little ones," shi said, before turning to hir breakfast.

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