Another Day, Another Dollar

Perhaps the best story anyone's written for me to date. It even hits on all of my kinks! A lovely gift by Lucidrasilver.

...Shira yawned and stretched out on hir bed as light streamed in across hir eyes, rousing hir from a deep, restorative slumber. Another day, another dollar, shi thought to hirself. Unlike most, though, a wide smirk was spread across hir face with this in mind.
The miniscule dragoness considered recalling some prior experiences to paw off to, but figured shi could hold out until later. Shi was already late for hir job, but knew that it wouldn't really matter. Nobody minded if shi was late, just as long as shi showed up. Sliding out of bed and into some casual streetwear for the sake of decency, shi headed on out. Hir mind briefly considered the emptiness in hir belly, but experience had taught hir that shi'd be more than full quite soon.


Shira fluttered up onto the desk in the lobby of the club shi worked at, panting a bit from the flight as shi folded hir wings against hir back. As usual, the wolf stationed behind the counter didn't see hir arrive, so shi walked over to the little bell and hopped on top of the metal button, jumping a few times to make it ring.
The wolf looked up from her paperwork, her eyes looking around for a moment before turning down to look at the tiny creature trying to get her attention. She chuckled and shook her head. "I'm telling you, we need walkie-talkies." She leaned down, almost resting her lower jaw on the desk. "How're you today, tiny?"
Shira laughed and hopped off of the bell, padding over and giving her nose a friendly hug, wings stretching out to hold the sides of her muzzle. After a moment, shi stepped back and replied by shouting out to the exponentially larger wolfess, "Same as every work day! Yourself!?!"
The wolfess stood up after listening to Shira and reached for a file, opening it and browsing over it's contents. "Oh, I'm alright. Nothing new, unfortunately. Your client is waiting in the guest lobby. Go on in to room seven and strip, I'll make sure your cloths get back to your place tonight."
Shira waved up to her in confirmation, figuring she wouldn't hear any verbal reply, then unfolded hir wings and launched hirself into the air, heading towards the specially built entrance for hir in the larger conventional door of room seven.


The dragoness paced around in the bedroom nervously. Part of it was hir good acting, part of it was genuine nerves. It was always hard to know how these things went. Hir long tail swished through the air in long arcs, both pondering and remembering all the various things that could and have happened in here before...
The door to the guest lobby opened, letting bright light into the formerly dim room, the dragoness only able to make out a massive figure as it enterd, blocking out the light from beyond before the door close again. As hir eyes readjusted, shi looked once more.
Even at hir size, shi could tell that this male was very tall by typical standards. His broad shoulders were draped in a plain black shirt, just tight enough to hint at his muscular form. His dark blue jeans likewise illustrated his firm thighs and calves, ending just above his bare feet, covered in a bit of dirt and muck. He must have come from outside the city where the recent rainy weather would have softened the ground enough to make that sort of thick mud.
His bright blue eyes quickly locked on the colorful dragoness contrasting against the pitch black carpeting. Many of the features of the room were, in fact, designed for the sorts of things that would be needed to enjoy hir as well as any of the normal sized clientele. Shi was a special feature, after all, and brought in a good bit of money all by hirself for such rare services rendered.
He kept his eyes on hir as he stripped his shirt away, exposing his powerful chest, covered predominantly with gold scales with dark red ones wrapping around his sides and back. The dragon tossed it into a near corner and opened up his jeans, taking a step closer to Shira. Hir eyes stared up with fear, not afraid of being stepped on, but at the massive golden cock that floped out of the front of his pants the moment he opened it enough to free it. Soon after, his heavy balls were revealed to hir as he slid the pants down. The heavy sac bounced against his thighs as he kicked the pants back with his shirt into a careless pile.
He fell forward with a massive thud that made Shira's legs shake with the tremor, landing on his hands and knees. His neck arched in the air high above, bringing his nose a few scant inches above hir. His smoothly scaled lips were parted slightly in a predatory grin, letting hir see his viciously sharp teeth locked together firmly just beyond. He spoke in a deep rumbling whisper, hot air flowing over hir naked body, the rancid scent of decaying meat on his breath from previous meals... "Hello again, Shira. I think it's been too long since we last got together. We'll have to make up for lost time."
Shira's fearful composure subsided marginally and shi stretched out a hand, lightly touching the dragons lips. "Hello, Lou. I guess that means that you've got something special you want." Shi and him were friends outside of work so he would partake of hir services occasionally. They could, of course, do such on any of hir days off, but there was a more real element of power in purchasing hir without hir knowledge. Lou knew that Shira was consenting, and shi knew that he would stop if shi ever really wanted him to, but they both thoroughly enjoyed the power play and the very real damage that was done.
He didn't bother to reply, simply scooping hir up in his tight, rough palm, causing hir to squeak and struggle a bit. Even if shi did enjoy it, it was still a little painful and hard to breath. He laid himself down on his stomach atop the bed and tossed hir almost carelessly behind himself. Shi first hit the upturned underside of his heel and continued to roll down his deeply carved arch, finally coming to a stop in the up curve of his toe arches, completely covered in the sticky black muck and having to struggle to pull hir limbs out of it. He could feel hir struggles, so he clenched his toes, making them wrap around hir and trap hir among the filth for a few seconds before letting them rest again. "If you couldn't tell, I took a nice, long run today and I need to have my feet cleaned. Oh, and you can only use your hips and face to push it away, just like always."
With no way to protest, and no will to, Shira went to work. Shi crawled through the mess up onto one of his broad toes, moving to the tip so that shi could work backwards and not mess up what shi had already cleared. Shi buried hir muzzle into the mess and pushed, making it break up and fall off with a bit of effort, revealing the stained red underside of his toe, covered in winding swirls and lines. Knowing that shi hand to clean those out as well, shi dipped hir muzzle down again, shuddering as hir tongue curled into the ridge and scooped out the gritty mess, tasting surprisingly heavily of his musty and salty foot sweat. To make hir task that much faster, shi began to thrust and grind hir hips against his toe, pushing off clumps of gritty stuff while smearing it around hir groin, the rough stroking against hir genital slits forcing physical arousal upon hir.
After ten minutes or so, he turned and reached back, grabbing hir tail between his thumb and forefingers and pulled hir into the air so he could examine hir as shi thrashed and yelped out, even his light careful pinching too tight for hir comfort. "You pathetic little slut, that got you hard? Ugh, and look at yourself, you're a damn mess. Well, I guess I'll just have to clean you off."
Shira started to cry out and struggle frantically, knowing fully the ways he could cleanse hir. He slid off of the bed, not even bothering to check hir cleaning progress, and landed on the floor, sitting on his knees. He set hir down on the carpeting, though he kept a good hold of the end of hir tail. His other hand moved up above hir, wrapping around his semi hard shaft and pumping it to fullness, the golden flesh jerking firmly and dripping large drops of clear, musky smelling pre cum to the ground quite close to Shira. Shi tried to scramble away as hir eyes fixed on the underside of his gargantuan malehood, many times hir own size and weight, but the grip on hir tail only allowed hir to move back until it tightened painfully between hir body and his unyeilding fingers.
Using his grip on himself, he angled his pointed tip downward, the slit pointing right at the tiny dragoness, cowering in fear as shi heard him sigh out high above. The slit spread wider for a moment before a rush of fluid as golden as his skin and scales flowed out in a slight arc, the little stream easily knocking Shira back against the carpet and pinning hir down, forced to be doused in his acrid piss, making the mud splatter and flow off of hir sides along with the urine. The stench filled hir nostrils, stinging them with the powerful scent, but the liquid soon flowed in as well, making hir nose burn and hir head spin. Even worse was the taste that seeped between hir lips despite hir attempts to keep them sealed, salty and acidic and vile, obviously having planned to give hir his worst.
Shi was forced to lay spread out helplessly on the floor, the stream that was mild to him being a torrent to hir. He continued to relieve himself for about half a minute before finishing with one last spurt, brutally slamming against Shira's exposed belly and knocking the air out of hir lungs, forcing hir to gasp for hir breath, the horribly strong stink making hir throat and lungs burn with irritation. Even hir scales started to grow sore from being exposed to his piss, more acidic to hir small, weak form.
He let out another contented sigh as he watched hir sputter, eyes quickly finding the penis jutting up from hir hips, the exposed skin feeling like it was on fire as urine driped down it and between hir legs. "Mmmm, that's my good little dragoness. You love being covered in my piss, don't you? It's so much more valuable than a weak, horny little slut like you, after all. It's an honor."
Had shi the breath to reply, shi might have. Without it, though, shi merely sputtered and coughed, trying to rid hir airways of that pain. He did allow hir some time to rest and recover from the battering. As shi began to recover hir senses, though, shi realized that he was busy at work on hir next torture, whimpering pathetically in fear at another flood as his hand jerked up and down his cock swiftly, little droplets of pre getting thrown around hir as he kept his pisshole aimed right at hir. Helplessly worn, shi could only watch and listen as he pleasured himself, easily picking out all the hints of the coming torrent, the roiling of his heavy balls as they pulled up closer to his body, the heavy throbbing of his prick in his own hand, the growing slickness coating his fingers, his groans and panting from the sky far above.
Letting out a loud moan he finally reached release, his blazing hot and sticky semen hitting hir in a powerful burst, gobs splattering off around hir. So forceful was the impact that shi could actually hear one of hir ribs crack, the rest strained to the point of almost snapping, making hir scream out in pain. While the piss that damaged hir body was washed away by this new flooding, it's made hir very sensitive, the white hot spunk scalding hir scales and flesh alike. At least the musky scent replaced that of the urine that had been there, allowing hir now damaged lungs to inhale without burning.
The next burst wasn't quite so hard, having some cushioning in the form of the first shot between the micro and the jetting semen. It quickly spread out to cover hir entire body and easily slid into hir willing muzzle, gulping the salty, musky cum, if only to help wash away the remaining taste of piss.
Covered in jism, it was hard for Shira to tell exactly when Lou's climax ebbed away, though he definitely let hir rest in the little pool on the carpet for a short while, his spunk seeping under every scale and completley covering hir form. Eventually, though, he reached down and plucked hir up by the tail again. This time, though, the poor thing didn't have enough energy to do anything but dangle helplessly and whimper in fear, knowing that he would not be done with hir just yet.
He raised hir in front of his face, making sure shi could watch his lips and teeth move while he spoke. "Mmm, despite being such a little thing, I do believe you'd make a tasty little snack now...ah, but I think you'd be a bit crunchy for my tastes. Don't worry, I know how to fix that."
He set hir down on the wooden table set beside the bed with surprising care for all that he'd done thus far, and for what he would do. He made sure to lay hir on hir back, forcing hir to look up as he moved closer, his still hard cock hanging in the air above hir, throbbing lightly with his heartbeat. Shi could clearly see all the details as he held there for a short while, all the thick veins and lines that created the texture of his massive shaft, as well as the huge ridge that ran along the underside into the pointed tip.
His hand came down and he wrapped a finger and thumb around the base of his shaft, giving it a few flicks above hir, and shi started to struggle weakly as shi realized what he was going to do to hir. With a frightened squeak, the dragoness watched as he flicked his cock upward, then jerked it back downward, slamming down with a loud thump against the solid wood around and under hir. As his tip bounced up, hir body was broken, most bones having snapped under the powerful impact, blue blood splattered amid his white cum, the combination making a film that stuck to the underside of his member and the table, forming long strands between them.
Shira tried to scream and thrash in utter agony as much of hir body was pulverized, but found that shi could not. Biologically speaking, shi was instantly killed when his flesh had come down upon hir, but shi still felt it, felt most of hir guts liquefied, hir brains seeping out of hir ears and nose, hir blood flowing out from every orifice and wound. But shi couldn't so much as close hir ruptured eyes.
Lou lifted up his messy handiwork once more, dangling the morsel by the tail, and grinned savagely. "Ahh, I think that will work." He tilted his head back and opened his jaws wide. Through damaged vision, Shira could see his golden tongue curling eagerly in his mouth, strands of saliva stretching between his teeth, lips pulled back even farther than his jaws, able to look right down past his uvula into his throat. Shi could watch as a strand of sticky cum, streaked with blue, stretched down from hir body and snapped off, landing near the back of his tongue and sliding deeper.
He let go of hir soon after, letting hir feel warm air rushing over hir body before his teeth snapped, cleanly cutting hir body in two just above hir hips, hir innards spilling out as hir front half tumbled down, bouncing against his tongue a few times before hitting the back of his throat. Surrounded by darkness, shi could feel his heated throat open up around hir, then clench on either side, pushing hir downward with smooth muscular contractions, the soft gullet stroking against hir body along the trip.
The heat grew around hir before shi was finally released into the chamber of his stomach, landing with a splash in his acids. They quickly flooded over and into hir carcass, the fourth and final soaking that he would subject hir to. Today, at least. Shira could feel the acid doing it's work on hir body, corroding hir ripped flesh and shattered bones, quickly leaving hir body little more than a bluish stain in the soup of chemicals. Shi finally lost all sense of self as hir body was broken down into fundamental elements within the dragon's belly, slipping into the familiar unknown...


...Shira yawned and stretched out on hir bed as light streamed in across hir eyes, rousing hir from a deep, restorative slumber. Another day, another dollar, shi thought to hirself. Unlike most, though, a wide smirk was spread across hir face with this in mind.

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  1. Awwwwww! You're sweet to speak so highly of it, and it still makes me happy to hear how much you like it. =D