Sersar #02 - Turmoil

"I blinked a few times when I awoke, looking at the trees around me. I first thought I had somehow fallen asleep on my patrol yesterday, somehow. So, thinking that was all it was, I flew back to the village once more, though I stopped dead soon as I saw the destruction. The reality hit me hard as that giant's foot hit the buildings when he was crushing them into oblivion. I remembered everything in that moment, including how the giant just used me... and that I had enjoyed it.

"As I walked about, I remembered everyone that had died yesterday, and wondered why I had been left alive. I should have drowned in his.. pleasure, but I didn't. Why? WHY?!" He roars, breaking into tears for a moment, then looking down at the floor. "Sorry... th-that still bothers me. But I was supposed to protect everyone, and all I could do was stare wide-eyed, muzzle open, pawing at myself as I watched the destruction. Wouldn't you consider that a complete failure at your job?

"Eventually, I came across a sword that had somehow survived everything. It looked like it had just been polished, and was getting ready to be traded away to someone else, probably for a tidy profit. That's when I noticed just what was next to it... the flattened remains of our best trader, who loved making sure everything was perfect before he'd let an item go back out. I took the sword - I felt I had to have something - but then I stopped, and took a moment to think.

"I had completely failed everyone... not one of them could get out alive. I was sure of it. I didn't deserve to be a dragon... I probably didn't deserve to live. I thought about everyone that I had let down, felt their presence around me. Five hundred lives, lost on the very ground I stood upon; five hundred spirits likely angred by my very presence. I closed my eyes and moved the sword against my back, the blade against one of my wings... I had to atone for my failure, even if it took my life. To begin, I moved the blade quickly, slicing off one wing, roaring out in pain, but I knew that this was a beginning of paying for my crime. I quickly did the same with my other wing, leaving me completely flightless."

He pauses for a moment to flex the inch or so of bone still left where his wings once were before continuing, "Yes, I had wings before. And no, I knew even then I would live through that... I knew exactly where to cut to leave it irreperable - by natural means or with a healer's help - but not cause any other injuries.

"So, now that I had no hometown and no village to protect, the only thing I could do was wander. I knew there were several other villages within a half-day's walk, and it was still early in the day. I threw the sword aside now that I had finished with it; if I couldn't protect others when I was sworn to, I had no right to protect myself. I started out on one of the trails at random and just began to walk, in no hurry at all, hoping someone in the next village would have some way of at least putting me to use. Any way at all.

"The walk was long, but mercifully uneventful... I found a village shortly before sundown, one that was still intact; apparently that titan wandered off in some other direction. I took a walk around the other village, feeling oddly out of place in a town other than my own. I hoped for someone that could help explain just what was going on... for once, my luck was favorable, as I discovered a village enchanter just as the last rays of light faded, leaving me in darkness. I knocked on the door firmly, then just hoped someone would answer... I was greeted by an elderly avian - a falcon, if I remember - and quickly ushered inside. The hut was illumined by candles. giving us ample light to discuss things over.

"I gave him the shortest version of my tale I could, telling him of the city's destruction, how I actually enjoyed being used by that giant, and how I felt I no longer could call myself a dragon. He nodded softly, listening carefully to my every word. 'I see...' I remember him saying, as he looked almost through my eyes, into my very soul, perhaps. 'You already know what you are going to do, but if you want me to explain what you have done, sleep here. I will explain at dawn.'

"That was enough for me, at least then... he sounded reassuring enough. I was led to an empty spot on the floor to curl up upon. As I laid down, I felt unusually sleepy - maybe the enchanter had something to do with that - and fell asleep the moment my head touched the ground, going into the kind of deep sleep only the dead could normally experience. Perhaps I was dead, after the other day, perhaps I was a ghost. No, then how would the tiger have done that? Though I felt I was going to get some answers in the morning, I feared it would just lead to even more questions.

"Sleep was less than restful, though. In my dreams, I saw that giant again, somehow towering even higher than he did last time as he stood right over me. He simply stood over me, watching me almost out of boredom, likely no more than an emerald-colored mark on the ground to his gaze. I noticed he was rather enjoying looking at me, though, as his sheath swelled... then, I found myself silently wishing to be up there, to feel that heat against me, even if I were to be crushed there.

"In dreams, though, the unspoken wishes are often the first to come true. He deftly picked me up between two fingers, then used his free paw to hold his sheath vertical before dropping me into it, leaving me nestled between the flesh and his hardening cock. I squrimed against it in delight, my own shaft already quite hard, as I pressed it against his own length. Soon I was forced back out of that hot sheath, though, and had to cling to his length tightly until I could shimmy around to its top.

"That's when he mrrred at me and moved his paw over me, surrounding me between those thick fingers and even thicker malehood... I still am a bit embarassed to admit it, but I think I climaxed right there, even harder than I did the day before, just after my village was reduced to memories. He started to stroke me against himself, as he had before, but this time he was rougher... much rougher.

"With a gasp, I woke up, almost leaping out of sleep and looking around... no sign of him... or of any giants or dragons, for that matter. I looked out to see the morning sunlight, and the enchanter apparently coming back in from a morning walk. Still panting for breath, I laid back down, running a paw over myself to make sure I was really intact this time... I was, and found myself erect once again, just from witnessing letting a titan have his way with me. I felt I was going to get some answers, alright, but I was making more questions already."

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