Shira looked around quickly as shi made some final preparations for hir guest tonight, making sure everything was perfect. Shi took a quick flight around the lower floor of hir 'ice castle' - as shi liked to call it - making sure everything was perfect, spotless. The floor was quite slick, light reflecting off its near mirror surface through the few windows in the castle.

It was a few minutes later that Shiveneve arrived, the massive silver dragoness only aware that shi's been invited over for an evening of fun. "It'll be a great time! I promise!" Shira had said. The offer was too good for Shiveneve to refuse, as spending all hir time in hir own lair got old rather quickly. Getting out once in a while to play with friends - especially smaller ones - always was a good thing.

"I'm here..." Shiveneve said, looking around a little as shi glanced about the room, taking up the entire floor of the castle; the only things breaking the plane of the floor were four pillars of ice, placed in a square, one near each corner of the room. Shira flew up and landed on the large muzzle, the silver easily thirty times hir size, if not more. "Heyas," Shi giggled, "Ready for a fun night? It's something I'll bet you haven't tried before..." The silver almost-nodded, sending Shira falling forward forward before the lunar dragoness could catch hirself, the little one letting out a soft *mrrph* as shi fell on the scales. It was the only real affirmation shi needed, though, as shi flew off for a moment. "Just let me grab something from up stairs and you'll soon see what we're doing..."

Without the tiny passenger on hir muzzle, Shiveneve nodded quickly, eager to see just what the little one had planned. Shira knew shi couldn't spend too long up there without the silver suspecting something was out of the ordinary, but shi did need to waste a little time or else hir sudden return would alert the large dragon to something as well. Shi quickly flipped through hir spell book, refreshing hir memory on every one of the spells that shi needed tonight, knowing even one mistake could turn things from fun into dangerous, but confident shi'd remember everything long enough to not have that risk.

Perhaps five minutes later, Shira flew back downstairs and landed just before Shiveneve's forepaws, not even flinching at the view of talons almost the size of hir entire body. "Well, I think I have everything I need now..."

The silver just blinked, looking at the large-insect-sized dragoness at hir paws oddly. "Um... you don't have anything!" Shiveneve said, confused, trying to see if there was something particularly tiny in one of Shira's paws, or behind hidden in hir tail-coils, but the little one just giggled and nodded. "Then what did you get?"

"Oh, you'll see," Shira mused, grinning up at the silver. "Could you lay on your back, in the middle of the room, please? It'll make this easier... on both of us..." Shiveneve hesitated, but curiosity soon got the better of hir as shi rolled onto hir back, stretching out a little. Shira grinned as shi hopped onto the silver dragoness's chest, and smiled as shi almost sang the spell shi was working, a melody vaguely familiar but long-forgotten. It helped to mesmerize the larger dragoness long enough to let Shira finish.

Once shi completed hir tune, Shira looked down one of Shiveneve's forelegs, then at the pillar beyond it, before quickly lashing hir arm out as if to throw a rope around something... Shiveneve could feel something there, tugging on hir, but thought nothing of it beyond it being overactive imagination. Then Shira did the same with the other forepaw, the feeling more noticeable on both this time. "What are you doing?" Shiveneve asked, trying to move a bit, curious about the feeling hir limbs, though still rather concerned for the micro.

Shira didn't respond, though, still completely focused on hir efforts. Shi quickly did the same to the silver's two hindlegs, smiling a little at hir work as shi looked at something, even though Shiveneve couldn't see it. Shi then spread hir arms wide as shi could, then quickly tugged them back together and clenched hir paws shut, suddenly tightening invisible bonds against the larger silver, causing hir to tense up. "That's what," Shira said plainly, turning back to look at the silvery muzzle ahead of hir. "I hope you don't mind me taking my turn having my fun with you, since you always liked doing things to me... especially when I couldn't resist you at all..."

The little dragoness didn't pause for a moment as shi walked down the scaly belly of the much larger one, though shi was turning it into a casual stroll, not at all concerned for hir safety, since there was no threat to hir whatsoever. Shiveneve wriggled a bit against the magical hold on hir form, trying to tug hirself free, but only able to move hir limbs a couple inches, never able to get even close to Shira.

Shira mrrred as shi took in Shiveneve's scent, breathing deeply, sensing the arousal of the giant at hir tiny presence. Only this time, shi had control over the silver, and not the other way around. It wasn't too long before Shira reached Shiveneve's maleslit, rubbing hir tail along it, letting the tip press in and stroke around, teasing the flesh within. The lunar dragoness started to grow, though, realizing shi was far too small to do everything shi wanted. Shi stopped at a twelfth of Shiveneve's size, still small, but large enough to make things easier.

Shira slowly slipped into Shiveneve's maleslit, rubbing hir body against the dual cocks found within, slowly coaxing them out of their hiding place, grinning once shi peeked back up at Shiv. Shi let hirself end up between them, just so shi can rub against both at once, and be surrounded by that warm flesh hirself.

The lunar dragoness's white form was easy to track, though Shiveneve could do nothing more than watch the little one work, paw at the ground, and shiver and mrrrr at the feelings that tiny dragoness made. Shira nuzzled and licked firmly at one of the cocks, then gave a firm bite to its tip, sending a shiver through the larger dragoness and nearly drawing blood before shi let go, smiling up at Shiveneve. "I am a herm who can appreciate both sexes, so I plan on making good use of both of yours..." shi mused, "After all you've had fun taking advantage of mine before..."

"Yeah," Shiveneve said unsteadily, still squirming about, though Shira was getting quite used to moving with the larger dragoness and that squirming was proving to do nothing to keep the little one away from what shi wanted. "But you weren't tired down or anything, not like this..."

Even though Shira was listening, shi continued to stroke over Shiveneve's cocktip, nuzzling at it a little more, licking and nibbling about, each nibble sending another shiver through the silver. "Yes, but what good is being free to move when you're trying to get away from someone who can take out a full city block in a matter of seconds? Just because I wasn't tied down doesn't mean things were fair..." With that Shira dove hir head into Shiveneve's cockslit and bit down again, causing the massive dragoness to scream out in pain and pleasure.

Without waiting for any more words from hir larger friend, Shira shrank just enough to slip into the cockslit shi'd just bitten within, wriggling about within as Shiveneve wriggled and struggled against hir bonds, wanting desperately to paw at hirself and get off. The presence of that tiny cold form sent shivers throughout the macrodragoness, as it slowly and steadily worked its way deeper, always rubbing and teasing against as much as possible. Shira knew that shi had to do a lot to make this work well as shi wanted, and shi was doing all shi could, also knowing that would be more than enough.

Shiveneve grew hotter around Shira's cold form, making the temperature contrast even more obvious, and even more enjoyable at the same time. Shira struggled a bit hirself to overcome the flow of pre all around hir, but shi kept working deeper, slowly nearing the base of Shiveneve's length, nuzzling and licking about in there, taking in as much as shi could without drowning, even as shi rubbed as much as possible. Shi worked faster as shi felt the heat building, wanting to get the silver to climax before shi burned up, and to show that shi could without any help...

It was just a matter of time before Shiveneve climaxed though, roaring to the ceiling as hir seed forced Shira back out, shooting hir into the air. The little one landed on Shiveneve's chest again, grinning at the silver mischievously even as shi felt the cum pooling behind hir, standing up and letting hirself drip onto the silver scales. "Well, that's half..." shi said with a grin, flying back this time, hovering for a moment over Shiveneve's hindpaws. Shiveneve looked oddly at Shira for a moment until the tiny one dove into hir femsex, wings folding up just as they brushed against the lips of hir sex on the way in.

Shira plunged halfway into Shiveneve with that first dive, squirming against the powerful movements of the wet tunnel around hir, getting squeezed tightly. The little one was quite aware that shi was too little right now, though, and started to steadily grow within Shiveneve, even as shi pressed about within the silver, steadily growing to a scaled three inches, four... all the while spreading Shiveneve slowly wider, hir wriggles more powerful, and reaching more of the sensitive flesh surrounding hir form.

As the lunar dragoness grew steadily, Shiveneve again could do nothing but paw at the ground and let hir sexuality take hold of hir mind, focusing on that tiny dragoness within hir. Shira grew still, passing six inches and spreading hir wings a bit, giving hirself more room to worm hir way deeper, soon nuzzling right at Shiveneve's cervix, while the rest of hir body grew downwards, stopping only once hir tail started to press back out, then quickly curling it around to tease at Shiveneve's clit, coiling it firmly around that flesh and stroking it steadily, never giving Shiveneve a break from the pleasure.

Shiveneve's juices surrounded Shira, but this time the little one was too large to get pressed out or drowned, as shi nuzzled firmly at Shiveneve, nibbling more at the inside of the silver, letting hir small, sharp teeth tease about at the tender flesh deep inside. Shi wriggled about a bit more, humping against the inside of the silver dragoness now, quite aroused from all the sex-scents around hir, and from showing the macrodragoness shi can do quite a bit on hir own, proving shi didn't need to be forced into hir 'work' to do quite a good job of it.

Once again Shira felt things getting hotter around hir, but this time shi didn't rush hirself, thrusting firmly against the walls of dragoness around hir, pre mixing with the female juices all around hir, the tiny dragoness growing colder as shi too neared hir peak. Shi stopped nuzzling and teasing at Shiveneve's clit, trying to hold the larger one right on the edge of climax, yet not letting hir reach that peak, the silver again crying out in pleasure to the ceiling, but the cry went all but unheard by the little one inside, though the sound vibrated around hir, shivers coursing through both dragonesses.

This time Shira was the first to climax, humping hard against Shiveneve a few last times before shi reached hir peak, growling deeply as shi let hir cold seed spill forth, sending a last wave of pleasure through Shiveneve before the silver climaxed as well, clenching tightly around the dragoness within, both of them riding the waves of pleasure for as long as they could, panting as the heat and cold combined in Shiveneve.

As all good things must come to and end, though, both dragonesses came off their peak at the same time, and Shira slipped slowly out, panting a little as shi flopped onto the ground, dripping with Shiveneve's juices, a bit winded but finding it quite arousing still. Shira flew up towards the larger silver muzzle and smiled to hirself. "Now, be a good dragoness and clean me off... use that tongue of yours..."

Shiveneve shook hir head at that. "No!" shi said defiantly, almost in the tone a child would use before crossing hir arms defiantly.

The micro just chuckled softly, "Well, I'm the one who has you tied down right now," Shira said confidently, "And if you don't I'll find some other way of getting at you..."

As the silver thought about that for a moment, Shira continued to grin, walking a bit closer. "O... okay..." Shiveneve said, resigning hirself to this, though silently plotting what shi'd do once shi got free. Shi slipped hir tongue out and slowly licked the little dragoness clean, making sure not to miss a scale, even purring a little at the taste of hir self shi got from doing so.

"Good dragoness..." Shira mused once shi was clean, giving Shiveneve's muzzle a gentle patting, "Now I'm going to let go of you..." shi started to stay, though shi stopped as Shiveneve grinned at that, "But if you so much as touch me on your way out of here you'll get tied back down for one more time..." Shira then sang the tune to release the bonds, then hopped off of Shiveneve's chest, onto the floor. "Now get on out of here..."

"Okay..." Shiveneve said again, though shi sounded far less sincere this time. As shi rolled over and turned around to walk out, shi intentionally let a hindpaw rush towards Shira, the little dragoness leaping out of the way of it and growling, quickly reciting the spell to bind Shiveneve down again.

"I warned you..." Shira growled... "Now take this..." The smaller dragoness walked around between Shiveneve's hindlegs and thrust hir tail roughly into the silver dragoness's anal slit, wriggling it around within there. Shi grew quickly this time, letting it force its way deeper even as it grew thicker, roughly forcing the dragoness to spread around it. Shira didn't just let it grow as shi ground the scales hard against every bit of flesh they could reach.

Shiveneve squirmed about against hir magical bonds again, but they were even less forgiving than before, and felt like they were digging deep into hir limbs each time shi moved about. Shira kept it up for almost five minutes before slowly pulling hir tail out, grinding the scales against Shiveneve the entire time shi withdrew it. "Now let's try this again..." Shira said, growling deeply, "Get out of here without even trying to do something to me, and remember this next time we meet."

With the same mystical tune Shira released the bonds once again, and Shiveneve wasted no time getting out this time, almost running out the entrance to Shira's lair, the lunar dragoness chuckling quietly. "I don't think shi could forget this even if shi wanted to... good, I needed to teach hir what it's like to be the powerless one..." Shi chuckled quietly, wondering to hirself if Shiveneve would use this as a reason to be kinder and not do the same kind of thing to hir again, or as an excuse to be cruel more often...

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