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Another story with same-sized action. Yes, I am capable of writing those, when I am in one of those weird moods. :p This was a birthday present for someone, who requested something involving two gay students trying to work out a kind of relationship. I did start on a sequel, but I think I lost it on an old computer...

"Lizor, you're the only one left for Ilean U! Go for it!" Tiran said, cheering his friend on. It was the conference championship weightlifting meet, and for the second year in a row, Lizor was the almost sure winner. He could bench press far more than anyone in the field, even from larger schools, and even the competing coaches seemed just willing to take second.

"Ready!" the judge called out, watching Lizor's lift. "Third lift, 840 pounds! Begin!" And when Lizor began, everyone within 10 feet went deaf for a moment with the roar he let out to pump himself up, the weight coming down to his chest quickly. His muscles rippled under his red scales, like some sort of impossible power, as the weight slowly came back up, and another lift was finished.

Everyone cheered, even competitors, who didn't seem to mind taking second to the most powerful dragon the colleges had seen in at least 50 years.

Tiran - and several others from Ilean - came over to congratulate Lizor on another win. "You did it!" Tiran said, giving Lizor a friendly slap on the back just below his wings.

"Yeah. This stuff's easy," he said nonchalantly, as if this was just another of the smaller meets he absolutely dominated in. "Anyway, I've gotta clean up here, but I'll see you around dinner, okay?" Lizor probably needed a shower, as his scales were shining with sweat, but he still managed not to look tired.

"Okay, Lizor. I hope I'll see you then," Tiran said, leaving the weight room again, heading back into the sunny afternoon. It was still a few hours until dinner, so he would probably just spend the time wandering around campus. Unless...

"I think I will draw something," he said, heading back towards his apartment, just off campus by a block, and going upstairs. Where Lizor was the school's athletic star, Tiran was the artistic jewel. He could take anything and bring it to life on paper. "He usually eats about 6:30, so I'll have three hours... enough to do a sketch at least."

Getting out his favorite pencils and a sheet of paper, Tiran spent all of that time working on the art. He drew Lizor, lying there as he lifted the weight as if it were nothing, just as he had seen him do a few minutes before. But unlike the real scene, Tiran decided to leave out one detail: clothing. He showed the muscles he imagined under the tight shirt and shorts Lizor often wore -not that his outfits usually did leave much to the imagination - and quietly mrrred to himself as he worked. "I wish he was gay" he found himself thinking, "Then maybe I wouldn't just have to draw him like this."

He kept drawing until the sun went down later, his thoughts wandering more than a few times, until he had a finished sketch there on the desk. "I don't think I'll share that one with him. At least not yet..."Tiran slid the picture into the desk drawer he kept hi own 'personal art', as he liked to refer to it: all the things he wouldn't show someone else. He took a moment to page through there, looking at the various pictures he'd made, smiling as he saw each one. "I just hope I can keep my thoughts to myself tonight..." he said, more of a wish than a statement, as he set out again.

Lizor was already waiting at his usual table on the campus restaurant, and wing-waved Tiran over as soon as he walked in. Smiling to himself, Tiran came over, and sat down across from the red dragon. "Evening," Tiran said, "That was some meet, huh?"

The waiter brought out drinks before even giving a menu; Lizor was such a regular, they already knew what he'd order. Apparently he'd said something for his guest as well, because another drink for Tiran had been brought as well. "Thanks," he said to the waiter, before turning back to Tiran. "Yeah, but you get used to winnin' after a while. Kinda makes me wish I could win a few other things. My grades need help."

Tiran took a quick drink, and reeled his mind back in again. "Win a few other things... could he mean winning someone over?" Silently rebuking himself for getting his mind that far out of line, he nodded a bit. "Well, as always, I can tutor you where you need the extra help. Oh, and before I forget to say it, thank you for treating me to dinner tonight."

Lizor smiled at the thought of getting tutoring. "Think he'd mind me helpin' myself to a few things? Always did think he was kinda cute." He said, talking to himself. "Well, they give me free food when I win, and I get to share. No girlfriend to share with, so may as well bring a friend." Everyone on campus wondered how Lizor and Tiran could have become so close as friends, but nobody said anything. If Tiran didn't come up with some witty way of putting it down in speech, art, or writing, Lizor would put an end to a rumor personally.

"No girlfriend?" Tiran asked, trying to sound as indifferently surprised as possible. "I would have expected half of the females here to be looking at you." The waiter came back again, and they both placed their orders quickly, wanting to get back to their conversation.

"Nope. Seems like the only girls who want me want me for doin' it. I want someone deeper." Lizor half-surprised himself by saying that, but it was true, at least. He didn't want a one-night-fling -most people on campus had heard enough bad things about those anyway - but rather a true relationship. "But with all your brains, I'd have thought you'd have someone."

Tiran said, "No, I'm still available," faster than he would have wanted to, but tried not to blush through his blue-green scales. He didn't dare ask for a night out; even though he had known Lizor since the first day of college, and they'd become great friends, he just knew this would ruin their friendship. "You are too, Lizor?"

Lizor nodded silently wondering how this topic came up in the first place. "Yep. Nobody for me yet." He looked around for the waiter, partially because he was hungry, but mostly to find some reason to change the subject. "Can you believe how long they're taking with this?"

Tiran knew that was his hint to drop it, and started to talk with Lizor about other things for the few minutes left until the food came. By the time dinner was over, Lizor agreed to come over the next day, around 3 in the afternoon, to do some studying. And Tiran, at Lizor's insistence, said he would come to the pool that morning, to get some exercise. Both dragons liked that idea, as each silently liked to watch the other.

"Catch ya later," Lizor said, standing up from the table, giving Tiran a hearty slap on the back. "And don't pretend to oversleep like you did last time.

"I won't, Lizor. You have a good night." Tiran didn't think Lizor would let him forget the time a fuse in his apartment complex blew leaving the power out just long enough to knock out the clocks. He laughed anyway, just because he knew it wasn't his fault, even if it jokingly was. Tiran stayed just a little longer to finish his tea, watching Lizor's powerful form stroll out.

Lizor took a jog back to his dorm after dinner, just to try stretching himself out a little, mostly just to stay flexible after the competition. "Doubt he'll notice me lookin'," Lizor thought about Tiran, already knowing he'd steal at least one look at him. Once back up in his room, he took a quick shower, and laid down on the bed to watch some TV, taking the rest of the night to mess around.

His dorm was an absolute mess too. He didn't have a roommate; the place was all his fault. Books and other class related items were in a pile somewhere off in a corner, under a thin layer of dust, much of it just not being used. His clothing was strewn about the floor, along with a few papers, candy wrappers he didn't want to pick up, and other things it was just too much of a bother to organize. The only things in the entire room with some order were his bed, which was clear except for his clothes from today, and the TV shelf, as the TV was the one thing in the room he actually did care about.

Perhaps a half-mile away, Tiran was getting home, unlocking his apartment before heading inside. "That was nice of him to take me to dinner," he said, just talking to himself, as he often did at home. He slipped out of his clothing - no need to hide anything once you're alone - and sat down at his desk, looking through some of the assignments he had. "I'll do this tonight, this tomorrow..." he continued on, until each paper had been given a date he would tackle it on, all of them well ahead of the actual due dates.

If Lizor's place was a dump, than Tiran's was a near-perfect opposite. Everything had a place, and Tiran didn't even feel right leaving something out unless he would need it again before long. Before doing anything else, Tiran turned on his alarm, just in case he'd forget, and turned on some quiet music to work to, sitting back at his desk to handle the assignment he'd planned on doing tonight.

He worked quickly, and as soon as he was done, the paper went back into his folder, to be turned in the next day. Tiran rarely needed more than a half-hour a night, with the way he organized, leaving him more than enough time to do other things. Those things included art, as he pulled out the sketch of Lizor he'd done earlier in the afternoon, and worked on finishing it. "I wonder if he'd ever let me actually feel him, not just draw him..."

Lizor meanwhile, was turning off the TV, stretching once more before flopping onto bed, lights out. After the meet, he had to get some extra sleep, and this was his way of catching up on it. He didn't bother with an alarm, as he usually woke naturally at dawn, leaving the clock rather pointless.

Tiran spent an extra hour finishing up the piece, showing as much detail as he could, even in the facial expression. "He is pure power..." he said thinking of Lizor again, as he ran a paw over the finished drawing, just imagining what it would be like to fun a paw over the real dragon. But as he yawned he knew it was time for him to get sleep as well, and he climbed into bed without wasting any time, not needing very long to fall asleep either. He was mentally tired from his imagination, and from working so hard on his studies.

Even as they slept both dreamt a little of the other, and neither one seemed to mind the thought in the least. Sure, it might be unpopular for a student at Ilean to be gay, but their dreams didn't seem to care. Both Tiran and Lizor woke up rather aroused from their shared dream, but they saved themselves; the morning swim would take enough of their energy and self-control to get through as it was, without them pawing of so early in the morning.

Tiran was the early riser, and took his own quick shower in the morning, before putting on a rather comfortable with T-shirt and his swimming trunks. He took a moment to think about Lizor again before walking out, heading for the campus pool.

Lizor growled at the alarm clock when his went off, but he grudgingly got up before throwing on whatever clothing was nearest. He picked a tank top that showed off his muscles very well, and a tight-fitting swimsuit to go along with it. He jogged to the pool, trying to spend some of the energy he had, so he wouldn't end up showing off more than he planned to.

Both the dragons arrived 15 minutes early, both trying to hide their thoughts as they gave one another a respectful but noncommittal smile. "We're gonna do some laps," Lizor said, chuckling as he saw the change in Tiran's expression, "Oh come on, you can do it whether you like it or not." Trying to urge his friend on, Lizor dived into the pool, splashing Tiran in the process.

"Okay, I'll swim with you," Tiran said, chuckling quietly at Lizor's energy. He really liked to see him like that, showing off his power a little while still seeming playful, and again Tiran wondered if Lizor ever would play in other ways. Quieting those thoughts for now, he took off his shirt, climbed into the shallow end of the pool using one of the ladders, and swam slowly to meet Lizor in the water. "How many laps do you think we should do?"

"Hmm... 20 sound good?" Lizor was in far better shape and could have probably done ten times than many, but he didn't want Tiran to tire out. He cared for him, more than he really wanted to admit to publicly, and he already knew he'd have to help him with the last few. Which was fine for him, as he could feel Tiran out a little. Throwing off his wet shirt, Lizor motioned for Tiran to come with him to one end of the pool, so they could get started.

Tiran took the first few laps slow, trying to make it look like he was saving his energy, but he was spending more energy looking at Lizor than he was swimming. He was just glad that he had a fairly loose bathing suit after about the sixth lap. "Let's go!" Lizor said, going a little faster, and Tiran was left to play catch-up for the rest of their swim leaving him breathless by the time it was finally over.

"How... do.. you... swim... like... that..." Tiran said between gasps, climbing out of the pool first, then watching Lizor get out, the water flowing off his scales as he emerged from the water.

"I just practice. You'd get used to it, if you showed up more often" Lizor answered with a chuckle, giving Tiran a playful shove. Tiran nearly lost his balance, but he' gotten used to that, and was rather quick to react.

"I suppose so," Tiran said, his breath returning slowly. "Our study time is still this afternoon, right?" Tiran knew that Lizor would probably forget without the reminder.

He was right too, as Lizor looked at him stupidly for a moment. "Um... yeah! Sure! What time was it again?"

"Three o'clock."

"Right! I'll be there, Tiran. Really." Lizor took one of the towels and dried off his scales, trying not to look too stupid as he forgot. His memory wasn't the best, at least when it came to school things. He called it a selective memory, as he could only remember selective things, and studying was not something he often selected. "Anyway, dry off, get lunch, and I'll see ya."

Tiran nodded, and had started to dry off as well. "I'll be in my apartment. Please don't forget this time okay?" Once dry, Tiran put his shift back on, and turned back to Lizor, trying to keep his gaze modest.

"I won't! I won't! Get outta here!" Lizor roared, holding back a laugh. Tiran knew it was playful, and stated to walk off, chuckling to himself. He stopped for lunch along the way, left rather hungry after that swim. Once home, he got out his art again, and looked over the picture of Lizor he'd done earlier, rather proud of the work.

Tiran kept looking over it, until he realized the time and the fact he hadn't has a shower yet. Quickly putting his pictures back in the drawer he went into the shower, making sure that it was a quick one.

Lizor came early, though. The door was open - Tiran never bothered locking it if he was expecting someone - and Lizor just came in, making himself comfortable. "Guess he's showerin'," he said to himself, taking a look around at things. The art drawer was left slightly open and caught Lizor's eye, as he walked over, taking a careful look inside. "What the?!"

When he saw the pictures of himself, many of them without any clothing he felt himself blushing. "So he is..." he couldn't believe Tiran actually was gay, but still didn't think he should say anything. He didn't want to embarrass him.

When Tiran came out of the shower, though, towel around his waist, he was stunned into silence. Lizor didn't notice, but Tiran could see him looking through the art. Not bothering to put clothes on just because he had to say something, he came back out to near where Lizor was, and tapped on his shoulder, trying to hold back tears. "Please... d... don't..." He couldn't hold back very long as he started crying burying his muzzle in the towel.

This was not familiar territory for Lizor either. He wasn't sure what to say, or how to say it, or if there was anything to say at all. Deciding against words, he just stood up, embracing Tiran in a tight hug trying to relax him that way. "Don't what?" he said just trying to figure out what was so upsetting.

"Don't hate me now..." Tiran said, still crying, now putting his head on Lizor's shoulder.

"I wouldn't hate you, man. You're to cute to hate." That stopped the crying very quickly, as Tiran looked right into Lizor's eyes, going silent for a long moment, as if trying to figure out what was going on here.

"Y... you think I'm cute?" Tiran said, more surprised than anything else. "I... I don't believe this is happening..." He took a seat on the sofa, trying to recover, just shocked now. "Are... are you..." He just had to ask, but he didn't feel the words wanting to come out, leaving him speechless for a rare moment.

"Gay?" Lizor said, finishing the question that Tiran just couldn't ask. "Well..." Lizor sat down next to Tiran over on the sofa, rubbing his back softly. "I'd be lyin' if I said I wasn't attracted..." He then moved one paw down Tiran's front, rubbing the places where the towel covered, causing Tiran to mrrr contently, though still shocked.

Tiran nodded very slowly, still mostly stunned by all of this. "You're the sexiest dragon in the school..." he said blurting it out before he thought about the words, leaving him feeling a little more embarrassed. " You... don't mind?"

Lizor shook his head, sounding a little more sure of himself than he planned on, but he was also big enough to fight off anything that happened to him, so he just took things in stride, even things like this. "Nope. Not at all. Although..." He slid one paw under Tiran's towel, causing him to go wide-eyed for a moment, "I would like to get one good look at you."

Nodding, and still wondering if he was just dreaming this, Tiran quickly stood up and took his towel off, leaving him completely exposed for Lizor to look at. He had a maleslit, so all his bits were hidden from view for now, though the slit was swollen with the arousal both dragons were feeling. "What should I do now? Can I see you without anything, for once?" Tiran had a lot more questions, but he would save those for later, when he was thinking more clearly.

Lizor was a little reluctant at first but didn't think it was right to turn down that request. Standing up, he took off his shirt and shorts, and threw them onto the back of the sofa, posing just a little for Tiran. "So, you like?" Lizor asked with a chuckle, rubbing Tiran a little more with a paw.

As Tiran's senses returned, the normal feelings he had were surfacing again. He just couldn't do this, as much as he wanted to. People would say too many things about him. He'd never be able to make another friend. "I... yes I do like this, but what will the others say..." He was trying not to cry again.

As words usually didn't mean much to Lizor, he just embraced Tiran in a tight hug, bringing one paw to the back of the taller dragon's head, and rubbing reassuringly. "If they say somethin', either you'll quiet them, or I will." Even in his current state, Tiran let out a chuckle, and almost instantly felt better. Unusual as their pairing was, they both cared, and hat was all that mattered. He hugged back, smiling a little.

"You're right, Lizor. We will keep other people from commenting very often." Tiran was feeling some of Lizor's confidence now, and it was helping immensely. They both hugged tighter, neither really wanting to let go. "Sometime... would you... no, that question is wrong..."

Lizor chuckled. "Wrong? The whole thing is wrong, but do you really think I care? Just ask!"

Blushing slightly, Tiran tried to measure out his words carefully. "Would you... do... it... with me?"

"Do it? Yiff you silly, in other words? Heck yeah!" Lizor had always wanted to so he saw no reason not to show his enthusiasm.

It was still wearing off on Tiran, who smiled, nodding to Lizor. "If you don't mind me being forward, is now a good time?" Lizor answered by half-pouncing Tiran, pinning him to the sofa with a playful grin. "I take that to mean yes?"

As Lizor's cock started to slide from his sheath, the slow nod was Lizor's answer. "Hmm... mind if we trying somethin' I'd heard about?" As Tiran shook his head, Lizor spun around, leaving them both looking at the other's slit, not a position either minded, especially as both of them were getting hard rather quickly. Lizor's powerful form stayed atop Tiran's lithe one, though Tiran could handle it without any trouble. "They call this the '69', I think."

Tiran knew nothing at all about doing things like this and had no idea at all what to expect, but he thought it would be nice, whatever it was. "Okay..." he said, his voice lowered almost as if speaking louder would ruin this moment. Lizor didn't want to wait too much longer, and took Tiran's semi-erect cock into his muzzle, and began to suckle it, causing Tiran to gasp for a moment. Not wanting to be left behind, he started to do the same with Lizor's length, letting his tongue do what it would across the warm flesh, but still being very slow and tentative with his movements. He didn't dare say more, wanting this moment to last, sucking Lizor just as he thought he might someday.

Lizor's contented mrrrs were reward enough for Tiran, but he too was getting his share of pleasure. It was almost too much, and he had to resist the urge to climax instantly; this was nearly overwhelming him. Lizor slowed down just a little, knowing Tiran wouldn't hold out for very long, but he still kept sucking harder than Tiran even dared to. Then again, Tiran couldn't quite tell what to do, as this was something he'd only imagined before. Lizor's cock was almost too thick for Tiran to keep it in his muzzle comfortably, but he was doing as much as he could, coiling his slender tongue around the shaft to keep it held within his muzzle, suckling on it almost like a piece of hard candy, and getting a little of the 'filling' in the process, Lizor's pre coming forth in spurts.

At the same time, Tiran was getting his own pleasure taken to his limits. Lizor kept sucking almost hard enough to force Tiran to climax on the spot, but seemed to know just how much Tiran could take without going over the edge. Tiran let out his own growls, at a higher pitch than Lizor's, but no less pleasured. He too surrendered his pre, which Lizor swallowed greedily, causing Tiran's body to tense. "Gods..." Tiran managed to say, never letting go of Lizor's own cock, sucking it a little deeper into his muzzle. Neither dragon would be holding back for much longer, as they both were taking as much pleasure as they'd experienced before, and just giving their best to their partner was enough; getting something in return just made things better.

Tiran was the one that climaxed first, sending his first wave of seed into Lizor's waiting muzzle. Lizor swallowed it quickly, and the combined efforts of Tiran trying to pleasure him, as well as his own imagination helping out, was too much to resist, as he too climaxed into Tiran's muzzle. Surprised, but hardly disturbed, Tiran managed to swallow, but couldn't get it all at first, causing some of the warm seed to flow out over his muzzle. Both dragons gave the other all they had, only laying there exhausted once they were finished, smiling back at each other. Lizor was the first to get up, as he recovered much more quickly than Tiran, turning himself back around to lie atop the blue-green dragon. "So, how's that for a first time..." he said playfully, nuzzling Tiran's seed-covered muzzle just so he'd get some of his own seed back.

"That... was a first time..." Tiran said, still almost gasping for air, as that was far more intense than anything he'd have anticipated. Lizor knew that Tiran was tired, and didn't try press him for anything more, though he certainly wouldn't have minded going again. "Shall we... clean up?"

Lizor chuckled, shaking his head. "You're too practical. Relax already!" Tiran complied with that, laying back down on the sofa, nodding slightly back to Lizor. "We can deal with that later," Lizor continued, licking a little seed from Tiran's muzzle before giving him a soft kiss. The two just laid there for a while, until the sun set over the distant horizon, staring into each other's eyes. They shared their thoughts, how long they'd each thought of the other, but how neither dared to break the silence and just admit the truth out of fear. That fear was long gone after this, though.

Tiran finally realized it was time to do something more than just lay there, though, as he tried to get Lizor off of him. "Perhaps I could make dinner..." he suggested, something that didn't get a complaint from Lizor. Twenty minutes later, Tiran had made a nice, even if quick, steak dinner, with plenty of garnish. "This is just something quick; I can do better..."

The meal was far better than anything that Lizor would have come up with. "Whatd'ya mean something quick? This is great!" Tiran blushed slightly, but didn't object to the compliment at all, smiling back at Lizor. They ate rather quickly, the conversation only coming between large bites of meat, but continuing.

"So, Lizor, what do you believe others will think of us?" Tiran asked, almost concerned about things, but knowing he'd not leave.

"Ah, who cares? If they make a comment, you'll come up with somethin' witty, or I'll just silence them good." Lizor always did like taking the direct route, Tiran noted, but didn't object to. Tiran would much rather let Lizor deal with a problem, if he could.

"That's true. So, what should we call each other... boyfriend? Partner?" Having a word meant something for Tiran.


"I suppose that works..." Tiran had heard the term before, but never imagined he'd be using it in reference to himself. "Mated..." he said, just repeating it for his own ears, smiling to himself just as he imagined what that meant.

"Good. Nice cookin', by the way. I can't cook." Lizor meant it, too. Cooking was one talent that eluded him.

Chuckling softly, Tiran nodded. "Thank you. I tried to make something nice." The two kept exchanging words all night, just making small talk, to get to know each other better. They planned on spending a lot more time with each other now, even if they couldn't tell anyone else their secret, that they were more than just friends...

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