Shira and Kraken's First Time

It had been a long time since Shira had been with someone that shi truly loved and cared about. Well, okay, so it hadn't even been three weeks, but shi wasn't one to be patient or deal with frustration well. Hir last relationship ended as a complete disaster; shi should have known that going into a long-term relationship with someone shi barely knew wasn't a wise idea. But it was just one more lessoned learned for the herm, and one that hir new lover had already dealt with in the past. Shi smiled to hirself as shi used hir tail to rap on the entrance to Kraken's lair, trying to get his attention. "C'mon in hon!" he shouted from somewhere deep within. Shira needed no further instruction as shi walked inside, hir claws clicking against the smooth, rock surface of the cavern, light flickering against the walls from a fire built within.

Though Shira had known Kraken for nearly three years, it was only now that they had decided to become mates, after a rather lengthy discussion a few nights before. Now that they had time alone, they fully intended to enjoy it, and the thought alone was enough to make Shira grin as shi looked up at Kraken. Shi had size-shifted up to a relatively large - for hir, at least - eight feet in height, though Kraken still stood nearly double hir size, a full fifteen feet from toes to ears, plus almost another foot for his horns. The fire gave the cave walls a soft, golden glow, caused Shira's scales to shimmer in hues of orange and yellow, and further accented the gold highlights in Kraken's scales making him glow softly in the light. "Evening hon..." Shira purred, walking forward and wing-hugging hir new mate, nuzzling at his belly, "I've been looking forward to tonight."

"I have too, love," Kraken purred, stroking Shira's back softly, one paw on each side of hir head-fin, rubbing down to the tops of hir wings and back up again, snuggling hir gently. Shira continued to hold hirself close to Kraken, wrapping hir wings around him and nuzzling him gently, when shi felt a rather large lump pressing against hir chest. Chuckling quietly, shi pulled back and looked over it, only to discover that lump was Kraken's rather firm sheath.

"And it seems something of yours would love me too," Shira mused, only pulling back far enough to look over it, grinning playfully at the larger dragon, who was blushing deeply. "Oh, don't worry, it's not like I haven't ever seen a male before.." Not wasting any time, Shira nuzzled right at Kraken's sheath and grinned up at the draco-raptor, who was murring deeply at the attention. Shira sat down on the cave floor and stroked over Kraken's sheath with a paw, waiting for him to be fully aroused before shi went any further with hir attentions, firmly running hir paw up and down his thick sheath. "Gods, you must be huge, love..." shi mrrowled as shi squeezed his sheath, feeling the firming flesh within. Shi knew that it wouldn't be long before his length would peek out, and shi really could give it hir attention.

Sure enough, shi soon had a view full of cockflesh from hir mate. But it was far more than shi was expecting, as shi was presented with not one, but four cocks to stare at. And shi spent quite some time staring, using one paw to hold up the semi-erect members before hir eyes. "Four?" Shi meeped, blinking a few times to make sure hir vision was clear, "Four?" Kraken nodded down to Shira, who continued to stare in disbelief at the four dragoncocks before hir. "What am I supposed to do with four? And they're still almost soft?!" Kraken's cocks were still practically flaccid, and yet they were already six inches long, and obviously nowhere near full length. "Just how big are you, Kraken?"

"Oh, they only come up to about here," Kraken said playfully, putting a paw up at his chest, giggling as Shira's jaw dropped. "What, is that not big enough? Or do ya want more than four?" He continued to watch Shira with amusement, as shi leaned back a bit further to look over the entire mass of dragonflesh before hir, trying to figure out what to make of it.

After clearing hir throat, Shira responded weakly, "No, no, not too much... just never have seen that many at once before... not even in an orgy. So I don't know where to begin." Shi said hir last sentence rapidly, then blushed, looking up at hir new mate and hoping he would suggest something.

Smiling back down at Shira, Kraken used a paw to help point his cocks right at hir muzzle. "Dun worry if ya can't take them all," he said reassuringly, "Just as long as you enjoy yourself hon." Kraken moved one of his cocks around to gently stroke the side of Shira's muzzle, causing hir to blink. "Oh, and they're prehensile too," he grinned, "So if ya need help getting them in, you'll get it."

"Is there anything you can't do, Kraken?"

"I can't stop loving you," Kraken purred, causing Shira to blush softly.

"You're quite the romantic, hon" Shira said, looking up and smiling warmly, causing Kraken to blush.

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are," shi laughed, playfully batting at one of the cocks in front of hir. "Though I think I should do something with these, since I have gotten you all worked up," shi murred, nuzzling into the cocks before hir, even though having four to tease and play with instead of one was different. Kraken murred softly and leaned back slightly, giving Shira easier access to all he had to offer. The herm wasn't entirely sure of hirself, but shi knew hir mate would enjoy anything shi did. Grinning, Shira stood up again, leaving Kraken's cocks even with hir chest. "You said they're prehensile, right?" Shi purred, taking one of the cocks into hir paw and moving it between hir legs, then another, "Well, perhaps you could stuff one into each opening, then?"

Murrring, Kraken nodded softly, wriggling his cocks teasingly against Shira's femslit and tailhole, causing hir to growl in pleasure and anticipation. His cocks were thicker than average, but not overly so; they were a tight fit, but not painful. Shi relaxed to let them into hir, and Kraken wasted little time pressing his lengths into his mate. Shira growled louder as shi was penetrated, shivering lightly from the pleasure of being so well filled. Shi hugged hirself firmly against the red dragon with hir wings, feeling his two other cocks pressing against hir body, mrrowling up at him as his cocks slowly worked deeper into hir form, hir muscles rhythmically teasing against him.

As shi was taken, Shira moved hir paws down to stroke the two cocks still dangling from Kraken's sheath, causing his growls of pleasure to grow louder, echoing off the walls of the cavern they were in. His scent was extremely strong, even for having four cocks, and it only furthered Shira's arousal as shi inhaled it deeply with each breath shi took. Licking hir muzzle, shi took one of Kraken's cocks and licked across its tip, causing him to jump slightly from the sudden sensation, surprised but enjoying it thoroughly, his murring growing even louder. Encouraged by his reaction, Shira took his thick length into hir maw, suckling lightly, hir tongue swirling over its head, then the shaft. His taste was very strong as well, his pre hot and thick as it ran over hir tongue and down hir throat.

Kraken continued to thrust both cocks into his mate, his growling vibrating his cocks slightly as they moved within the herm. Shira winghugged hir mate, pressing hir body to his, feeling his warmth against hir cool scales. Shi could still feel the remaining cock wriggling against hir form, before Kraken moved it above hir head, letting pre drip right onto hir fin, causing hir to shiver from the heat. Shi continued to take in his cocks, growling in pleasure as they worked deeper into hir pre-slickened entrances, clenching teasingly around them. Shira could feel Kraken growing even warmer with his arousal, while hir body grew colder, a side-effect of being a lunar dragoness. The heat and cold just made both dragons even more sensitive; Kraken's heat seemed to fill Shira's body, while hir cold caressed his lengths as much as hir flesh.

While Shira continued to work over three of Kraken's length's, the red dragon was paying careful attention to hir needs, and noticed hir own erect length peeking out, dripping pre onto the cave floor. Grinning to himself, he moved his unattended cock down and curled it around hir shaft, causing hir to roar muffledly in pleasure, reflexively thrusting into its tight grip. He growled in pleasure as he increased the pressure on hir length, making his cock squeeze it as tightly as hir body squeezed his other shafts, wanting to pleasure his mate as much as possible. It was having quite an effect as shi swallowed around his cock again, wanting to feel his lengths as far into hir as shi could take them, steadily growing used to the unfamiliar yet highly arousing feeling of having one dragon taking hir in every way possible. Kraken started to thrust harder into the herm, though he took care not to hurt hir, going just a little deeper with each thrust, knowing how much shi was enjoying it.

Placing his paws on Shira's shoulders to brace himself, Kraken roared loudly as he climaxed, the sound echoing off the cave's walls and into the night air beyond. His cocks swelled and pulsed slightly as his seed came through in thick waves, the movements rippling within hir. The teasing was enough to send Shira over the edge as well, hir sex and tailhole clenching tightly around the cocks within them, while hir own shaft shot out its seed and coated Kraken's length. Shi swallowed around Kraken's shaft repeatedly, leaning back slightly so his seed landed in hir mouth, but doing hir best to keep even a drop from escaping hir muzzle. Hir sex and tailhole were too tight around his cocks to let his seed back out again, causing hir to swell slightly with the sheer amount of it, far more than shi'd expect, even considering he had four cocks.

Slowly, they came off their peaks, both dragons dry-firing for several moments before finishing, Shira's sex still teasing around his cock, both of them shivering in pleasure. Kraken slowly pulled the cock out of Shira's muzzle, allowing hir to finally release a long, low murrr of pleasure. "Gods, love, that was amazing," shi purred, half-closing hir eyes as shi looked up at hir mate, "I could get used to this..."

"Ya will love. Ya will," Kraken giggled, wriggling his cocks in Shira's sex and tailhole again, sending another shiver through the herm's hyper-sensitive body.

Shira panted softly and nuzzled against hir mate's belly again, just purring contently. "I certainly hope so. And I hope that we can do this a lot more often." Shi grinned playfully up at him, tailswishing softly. Grinning back, Kraken thrust his cocks into hir again, causing hir to growl in pleasure once more. He didn't stop, though, and the two continued to play with each other for the rest of the evening, getting closer to each other in many ways...

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