At the Feet of a Bunny-God

Hoshi asked me to write an essay about "how much you love your god and his powerful paws...the stench and low and pitiful you are to much you worship them." In a half-hour or so, this is what I came up with. I think I've covered just about everything he asked for. :)

While I may be a dragon, I still am nothing compared to a macro and his mighty paws, especially such a beautiful and powerful being as Hoshi. I love the massive bunny and his feet for their power, even their potent musk and flavor; I am nothing to such paws and worship them freely.

Words seem truly inadequate to convey my desire to spend the rest of my days at the almighty feet of Hoshi. Even the merest twitch of his toes could be fatal; he has a god's power over life and death. I can think of no better way to die than beneath the feet of my god, who towers far into the sky above me; I am no more than a tiny bug at his feet. There is nothing about his feet that I don't love. Even the powerful stench of his sweaty paws after several days or the taste of the filth they acquire is a gift from heaven itself, and I always regard cleaning his dirty paws with my tongue as both an honor and a great pleasure.

I am a mere bug to such a powerful being; I am not worthy of the pleasure Hoshi allows me to experience at his feet. I don't even deserve the joy of being crushed under his paw, to give my life beneath the mighty pads that I long to worship. I'd enjoy nothing more than to spend every waking moment at Hoshi's feet, licking and rubbing them, giving them as much attention as I can possibly lavish upon them, though they deserve far more than I, a tiny, worthless creature could ever hope to give.

Even now, I long to be at – or under – the feet of my master, Hoshi. There is nothing that would make me happier than being allowed to be in his presence, undeserving of it as I am. Even when I sleep, I dream of being at his paws, covered in the toejam between them, half-smothered in their scent, unable to taste, feel, or see anything else. As a mere insect to such a god-like, perfect creature, it is entirely at his will that I may experience this; I long for that moment and never wish to leave the presence of his feet.

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