Night on the Town

Just something quick to provide some much-needed new content here. :)  Also, something that I very much wish I could be doing, too, though nasty things like STDs make that very much an improbability.

After a brief hesitation, Shira sent a message to someone on an personals site. It was obvious that the other fur in question wanted nothing more than a one-night stand; that was fine with hir, as shi was in town for only one night anyway. The videos on his profile were quite impressive, too, showing that he certainly had the package of a porn star, even if he didn't necessarily know how to use it. Most of the videos just showed him jerking himself for a few minutes before spurting his thick seed across the floor or his chest, depending on which way he leaned. The dragoness was intent on showing him how to make better use of such a big dick. Shi showed off a few pictures of hirself, posing in all hir iridescent-scaled glory, which was enough to convince the vulpine to come over for the evening.

So, when the brown-furred fox knocked on the hotel room door, Shira answered while wearing nothing but a collar. Shi didn't want to waste time and simply grinned as shi pulled him inside, practically throwing him onto the bed. They had exchanged names online before, but it made no difference to the herm. Even before he could say hello, the dragoness was undoing his pants, then immediately nuzzled against the male's crotch. It had been far too long since shi'd done this sort of thing, too long since shi'd last gotten drunk on the musk of a male, too long since shi'd last had a warm, thick shaft sliding down hir throat.

Not thirty seconds after shi'd pulled the vulpine into the room, Shira was licking around the fox's malehood. Rather than having the more traditional sheath, the fox possessed an entirely human set of bits: a ten-inch long uncut shaft and a heavy pair of testicles dangling beneath, though they were a solid black. While hir muzzle slipped over the mostly-flaccid shaft, hir paw worked underneath those orbs, fondling beneath there, occasionally letting a claw slip back to caress nearer the male's tailhole. As the male's foxhood firmed, the herm simply kept hir muzzle firmly against his crotch, allowing his tip to work ever-closer to hir throat. Shi curled hir tongue around to tease his foreskin, slipping it just under the extra flesh to tease at the male's cockhead directly. While he wasn't perfectly clean, the taste and scent of dried cum lingering upon his flesh just made hir feel even more of a slut and sent a pleasurable shiver through hir body. Shi eagerly lapped at it, slowly removing that thin, slimy, and incredibly potent film.

Once the vulpine's dick was completely hard, the dragoness slowly pulled hir muzzle off his shaft. Shi purred heavily and nuzzled at his heavy balls once again, practically drinking in his scent, before shi turned around and got into a 69 position. "Fuck my snout," shi growled, pulling him atop hir so his maleness would rub across hir muzzle and smear pre upon it. That earned hir a quick response; the male wanted to show his dominance to the supposedly submissive herm and wasted no time in positioning his tip against hir snout. Shira had only a brief moment to admire his flesh before it plunged into hir, making hir moan as it sunk directly into hir throat. Shi tried to swallow around him to pull him even deeper, though he practically lied down upon hir to hilt his shaft in hir.

>From this position, Shira could do little but curl hir arms around the male and hold him to hir. Shi reveled as his heavy, musky testicles rolled across hir nostrils, forcing hir to take in his scent, though it was proving quite hard to breathe with so much foxcock in hir throat. Even as shi gagged on it, hir tail curled around hir shaft to pleasure hirself. Rather than attempting to get free, shi just nuzzled against his crotch and felt his tip pressing around within hir. Once he started to thrust, the dragoness let go of his waist and simply let him have his way. Taking in breath between his movements, Shira tried to move hir muzzle in time with him, nearly pulling out of hir only to hilt within hir body once again. Occasionally, he pulled out too far and his cock slapped wetly against hir snout; the fox responded by rubbing the heavily scented underside of his sac against hir nose before pushing his thick tip inside once again.

When shi wasn't busy choking on his girth, Shira guzzled down as much of the male's heavy precum as shi could. He had a remarkable supply of it, too, as it flowed in a nearly steady stream across hir tongue and into hir throat. As the fox neared, he stayed in hir for longer, electing to grind his shaft against hir instead of simply humping in and out. For hir part, the herm continued to rub his rear, pulling him toward hir every time he did buck his hips and allowing his balls to slap heavily against hir nose. The fox gave an occasional grunt, but the surest sign of his approaching climax were his testicles, which pulled ever-closer to his body and enabled him to slip just a bit further into the horny drake beneath him.

Grunting was the last thing the fox did before he climaxed. He pulled back for a few moments, allowing the first, creamy spurt of his seed to run across Shira's tongue before he rammed his dick completely into hir once more, forcing the taste to linger in hir snout while the rest of his spooge flowed directly into hir belly, warming hir tight throat. The fact Shira was being smothered by the shaft blocking hir windpipe and the testicles covering hir nose just seemed to arouse them both; shi had made sure to mention that kink to hir vulpine partner. Now that he'd cum, he wasn't going to get off hir until shi also climaxed or shi stopped masturbating, even now that he'd come off his peak.

Shira didn't last much longer, though, as shi too came powerfully. Shi aimed away from his muzzle - he said he didn't want a cumshot - though shi did shoot halfway across the room to leave a thick stain on the curtains. It didn't matter much, as shi undoubtedly wasn't the first to do that. Hir subsequent spurts didn't go nearly as far, with the last couple of drops simply dribbling out of hir shaft and pooling near hir maleslit. The male then slowly slid off hir muzzle, leaving hir gasping for breath as shi swallowed the remnants of his cum.

As shi lied there gasping for breath, he didn't even look back; the fox simply put his pants on and left the sated herm behind.

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