Description - Human Sized Anthro

Just an updated description of myself at a roughly human size to provide an easier artist's reference.

Shira is an anthropomorphic ice dragoness. In hir current form, shi stands roughly 5'10" tall, leaving hir just a hair below "average" size for such creatures. Upon hir head shi has a pair of ears that seem somewhere between equine and feline, with pale-blue flesh within. There's also a fin that runs from the top of hir head down to the small of hir back, showcasing a vibrant rainbow, with faintly iridescent quills to support it. Hir muzzle is roughly like that of an alligator; as shi yawns, you can see the same ice-blue shade that was contained within hir ears, as well as a lengthy, forked, snake-like tongue. Hir eyes show a rainbow of color, changing slightly with hir mood.

As you look down hir body, you notice that shi's completely nude; the herm seems to believe that hir scales are the only protection from the environment that shi needs. Hir overall build is rather slender, but there's a hint of hidden strength, not expressed, yet seeming just under the surface. Though hir scales are predominantly white, there's a glimmer of iridescence just along the edge of each one. Shi has a reasonably sized pair of breasts, providing another smooth curve to hir body without being excessively large or harming hir body's aerodynamics. Hir wings are tremendously large, their span easily double hir height, and sport the same rainbow coloration as hir fin. Shira also possesses a long, whip-like tail, as long as shi is tall, which slowly tapers into a blunted point; shi lacks a tail spade or any similar ornamentation.

Hir hands are mostly human-like, five-fingered, though hir talons have the appearance of small prisms as they refract light in a dazzling array of color. Similarly, hir feet have such talons, though they are four-toed, not entirely humanoid. Perhaps your gaze has awakened hir interest, because as you look back upward, you notice that the hermaphrodite is becoming aroused. Shi uses hir tail to reveal hir femslit, its bluish color matching nicely with hir scales. Hir humanoid maleness needs no help pushing free, the herm considerably larger than average, but not obscenely so. Shi doesn't have any external testicles, nor even any visible bulges where they might be; once again, it seems hir aerodynamics are of top priority.

When Shira clears hir throat, you realize that you've been looking for a bit longer than might be polite. Still, shi smiles, allowing you to make the next move.


  1. Rawr!

    Also, this would make you bigger than me! :P

    ... *nuzzles a leg?*

  2. @Kilroy - I picked that as a human-like size for when I'm in a picture that requires it. I still very much prefer being a very small dragon and having a Firelizard to perch upon. :)

  3. @Shira - Ah yes! Being small certainly can be nice for perching!
    so, perch away! Anywhere's fine, but watch the eyes please! :P

  4. Mmmm, very nice description. Sounds yummy. =9