Failed Escape

Written by Shiveneve and posted with permission

Shiveneve growls down at hir tiny victim, cowering helplessly amidst a prison of talons nearly twice hir size in length, razor sharp so that the little herm is trapped immobile for fear of slicing hirself open.

"Did you think you could get away Altair?" The giant dragoness snarls mockingly, "Not likely my little play thing, I have purposes for you, and you have no choice in the matter."

Watching your tiny self squirm and whimper at hir words brings an evil grin to Shiveneve's muzzle, but somehow you find the grin even more unsettling than the snarls. Releasing a slight, humorless chuckle shi slowly squeezes you tighter, "You're lucky you make such a good sex toy, little one. Otherwise I would crush you into paste right here for even daring to escape. As it is, well," Shi shrugs, "We'll I might just do that anyway, but first, you'll pleasure me as best you know how, and if you fail to bring me to climax before I get bored, that /might/ will become a certainty."

Spinning around and stalking back into hir lair Shiveneve jumps and lands on hir back on the thick hoard of treasures which serve as a bed, scattering gold and gems everywhere about the lair. With little fanfare shi spreads hir massive hind legs, as big as old-growth pine trees and with the power of a hundred locomotives in their musculature, revealing the large bulge of hir male slit, twin cocks hidden within that massive tunnel. Just beneath that opening hir massive ballsac hangs covering hir damp femslit, if those gigantic testes are anything to go by shi is quite a bit larger than natural in regard to hir malesex. "Options.. options..." Shi wonders to hirself, "What to do with you tonight my little slave?"

It doesn't take hir long to decide, before you are even given a chance to protest you feel yourself moving again, hir iron grip carrying you to the door of hir sheath, purring as shi rubs your muzzle against the musky dampness of that opening, is shi going to shove you inside? Force you to lick hir member as it expands to many times your own puny size? Drown you in gallon upon gallon of hir precum, to say nothing about hir climax. But no, even as hir erection begins to show itself shi move you lower. With a chuckle shi gets an idea, and dropping you onto hir scrotum, cups hir balls in hir paw and begins to massage them along either side of your tiny form. You are surrounded by hir powerful musk, awash in hir sex-seeped pheromones as they cover your body, nearly crushed between the twin orbs rolling around you. Breathing is difficult, then becomes impossible as shi squeezes hir sac tightly, gasping for air you almost black out, but somehow the giantess knows and releases hir grip just in time.

"Now now, you weren't going to fall asleep on me where you?" Shi chuckles, plucking you out of the folds of hir sac. "That wouldn't be fun... then how would you pleasure me?"

With a laugh shi flicks you toward hir sex, shivering as you thump down roughly against the folds of hir labia. Hir sex eagerly flexes, trapping you in an iron-vice grip before you can even think of scrambling away. Hir feminine juices slicken your body, as you are slowly sucked inside, any frantic struggling you might make only taken as pleasure by the giantess who owns your tiny form. "Yessss.... My pet," Shi hisses, "Stroke your mistress."

The massive walls of hir pulsating sex close in, overpowering you with their strength as they jerk and rub you further and further inside hir body. Shiveneve growls and lurches, thrusting into the air with increasing speed as you near hir more sensitive places. Then, when you reach hir g-spot, shi suddenly jerks hir head back and screams into the sky, thrusting with all the power of hir massive hindquarters as you are nearly torn apart by the fury of hir release, thousands of gallons of femcum washing over you, down your throat and in your nose and ears, getting in your lungs as you fight to breath.

Just barely managing to stay alive, at last you find yourself in a thick mire of fluids between the dragoness hindpaws, the still heaving form of your captor breathing heavily as hir eyes rest directly on you. "Well then... I think... you served your... your mistress... well." Shi pants, then dissolves into laughter. Reaching down to pluck you out of the cum shi tosses you into a fine mess cage, closing the door and crimping the mess with hir massive fist to make it impossible to open by anyone smaller than a giant. "Until tomorrow, Altair."

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