Revenge III

Shiveneve stalked away from the fetid pool of hir wastes still hungry, in more than one sense of the word. Growling a bit at hir rather empty surroundings with the city now completely in ruin and devoid of anything living, shi decided to take to the air, scanning the countryside for more victims. Shi didn’t have to wait very long, hir massive wingspan carrying hir over miles and miles of land in the blink of an eye, shi quickly spotted hir next prey.

Choosing to add a bit of fun to hir purposes this time around, shi silently changed back to hir normal size, just slightly larger than average, and landed some distance away from the indigo dragon shi had seen sunning hirself on a rock far below, unaware of the formerly massive herm’s presence as anything except possibly a passing cloud. Had shi known that the shadow looming over hir meant death, and not simply rain, perhaps thing would have been different.

Slowly Shiveneve stalked closer, wanting to take hir newest plaything by surprise. Shi needed have bothered… with a chuckle the silver dragoness gazed out from the cover of some tall rocks to see not one, but two indigo herms, apparently VERY distracted with themselves. Tails wrapped together and making noises of sexual bliss, shi could have waltzed right up to them and they probably wouldn’t have noticed. Well, that would change quickly enough.

“Revenge served thrice is twice as nice, I guess,” Laughing under hir breath at hir little joke, Shiveneve cleared hir throat and stepped out into the clearing. “Hello there gals, mind if I join in?”

Startled out of their sexplay, the two herms instantly pressed apart, jumping to their feet to challenge this rude interloper.

“Hey now,” Shiveneve only smiled at their aggression, “It wasn’t exactly a request.” With a sudden snarl the silver herm dropped into a battle stance, wings spread wide to make hir appear larger, more fearsome… or wait, no, shi WAS larger! Before either indigo could think to turn and run they stood facing a wall of flesh that once was a paw, and they heard the once normal voice booming in evil laughter above them.

“I think I WILL join in,” The massive silver reached for hir prey, snagging them up in two gigantic talons before they even thought to run. Holding them before hir muzzle shi snarled into their faces, teeth the size of oak trees gleaming ivory, wet with hir saliva and razor sharp, “You don’t mind, do you?”

Neither indigo could manage anything except a startled, squeaking negative.

“Good, I think I know exactly what I’ll do with you.” The silver dragoness glanced down significantly at hir dragonhood, savoring the gulps shi felt as each indigo noticed the truly humongous spire make its appearance. “I’ll make you a deal. You see, I happen to be a bit hungry. Whichever of you manages to show the most enthusiasm will be spared the fate of feeding me. Now…” Shi suddenly released hir grip, sending both dragonesses tumbling toward the ground without time to spread their wings, and then purring with a shock of pleasure as they bounced and scrambled to keep hold of hir dragonhood, the only thing keeping them from a thousand foot drop or more. “Get to work.”

Neither dragoness hesitated for more than a heartbeat before falling flat against the massive spire and rubbing with their entire bodies, trying frantically to please the giantess who now held sway over their lives. Shiveneve rumbled as the pleasure and the feelings of power took hold of hir, as shi prepared to release hir sexual tension under the ministrations of the two former lovers. Still, with a smile shi leaned down and licked hir lips, “You’ll have to do better than that, little ones. Here, let me help.”

Hir gigantic paw snagged away one of the indigos as if shi were no more than a piece of tissue paper, relocating hir to the tip of the herm’s gigantic maleness, slick with pre. Immediately the herm returned to pleasuring hir captor, and the feelings of hir rubbing against the most sensitive portions of Shiveneve’s sex had an instant effect. With a sudden cry Shiv thrust into the air, bouncing both hir captives nearly off hir dragonhood. The one on the tip gave a choked scream as shi landed and slipped in the river of pre fluids, sliding along the massive cockhead to fall into the slit in its center. Hir screams were drowned out by Shiveneve’s overpowering roar at the sensation of the tiny one falling inside her cock.

The thick meat pulsed powerfully and threatened to toss the remaining indigo to the ground. Cowering against the base of Shiveneve’s cock, the small herm watched the hungry maleness devour hir former lover, now nothing more than a tiny buldge working its way down to join the pool of semen deep within the silver’s internal balls. At last the buldge disappeared, and with another scream the massive herm came, fountains upon fountains of cum spewing high into the sky to crash back down upon the indigo, before joining even more rivers of white seminal fluid forming a small inland sea on the ground below. Shi added hir tears to the raging flood, weeping as shi realize hir mate had not come up with the silver’s orgasm, and was likely even now dissolving into nothing more than cum hirself, deep within this massive terror.

Eventually the spasms stopped, and the small indigo was left with only hir tears. Shiveneve chuckled again as shi reached down and roughly snatched hir only remaining captive off hir still rock-hard dragonhood. “Well, I would certainly have to say your friend was the more enthusiastic one.”

The indigo only blinked, too stricken with grief to respond or understand.

Shiveneve only smiled again, snaking hir tongue out to wrap around hir treat. With little fanfare shi snapped hir head back and tossed the other herm down hir throat, savoring the lingering taste and the faint sound of a scream suddenly cut off as the tiny herm struggled in the grip of Shiv’s powerful esophagus. Two swallows later, it was all over.

Cleaning hirself off a bit, Shiveneve purred, stomach full and both hungers sated… for now. With a smile, the silver remarked to hirself that really, shi could go for another course.

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