A Mega-Dragon's Toy

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Something for the megaphiles out there... This was written just to satisfy a rather odd mood one afternoon, if I remember correctly. Just a little random bit of fun with a male dragon who's a hundred thousand times my size... and grows as playtime progresses. And for anyone who's going to complain about this being unrealistic, I also wrote this to accentuate the psychological aspects of macrophilia, the things that appeal to me most. I like being totally powerless - having no control over the situation whatsoever - and yet still be able to arouse by my helplessness and futile efforts to try gain even a shred of control. Again, enjoy. :)

I sat in my cage waiting for Fuego to come home. I didn't know where exactly he went during the day – probably hunting – but he was gone most of the morning. His words from last night echoed in the back of my mind, "Now, my little toy, I want to play with you again tomorrow..." Yes, toy. I know it sounds strange, but I loved being his little 'toy', and even though he was about 100,000 times my size, I still managed to please him. Please him how? I think you know. How else do you really please a dragon yiffed up as he usually is?

Then the tremors began as I felt him coming home, walking back into the extinct volcano he called his lair. He let out a loud roar as he entered, causing me to come out of my cage to greet him. The latch on my cage was designed to let me open it if I wanted to leave, but I actually enjoyed coming over for a weekend now and then to be used as a toy to a dragon of his size; and I was aroused by him as he was by me. Besides, I knew enough magic to protect myself, and he didn't really want to hurt me, as it was all just play.

Fuego – though, when we played, I often called him master – had to be a good 16,500 feet tall right now, maybe slightly more, but he would grow even larger if he was yiffy. He quickly grabbed me as I flew towards him, closing his orange-red scaled paw around me and lifting me to his muzzle. "Anything goes, as usual?" he asked in a whisper; even though I couldn't have done anything to stop him if he forced himself on me, he always asked if it was okay first. I nodded eagerly and gave him a soft kiss, then braced myself for what was to come.

With an evil smile, Fuego then tucked me inside his sheath, rumbling deeply as he felt me inside of him. He had to be pure muscle, the way he effortlessly moved his 3-billion-plus tons of weight around, and how his entire body seemed to ripple with every movement. Then, he began to rub at his sheath, pressing me into his soft cock and making me mrrr with anticipation. I gave him a lick, as much to try taste him as to pleasure him, knowing that he would be unstoppable once he started. Even as he rubbed me inside of his sheath, I could tell he was slowly growing; it was probably an unconscious move, but I loved seeing it happen.

He continued to rub his sheath with me inside, occasionally poking a finger inside, as I slowly felt his hardening cock press against me more. I licked across the tip, and though I had been inside the massive length before, I decided not to crawl inside it this time. I wasn't sure if he could really feel me or not, but I know he loved the thought of being so in control, and I loved being utterly powerless to his whims. His cock was pushing me out towards the opening of his sheath, his deep rumbles vibrating my entire body.

I didn't care if Fuego – no, master, as that's what he was to me at that moment – could feel me or not now; being rubbed against his cock like this was one of the most arousing things I could ever hope for. My length was already coming out, and I mrrrred as I rubbed against my master's cockhead as it began to press against the opening of his sheath, his 'drops' of pre nearly drowning me. Even one small spurt completely soaked me, letting me slide more easily across him.

The growls he let out as his cock finally came out of its sheath were deafening, and it was only the beginning. I held on to his tip as he stroked his length forward, growing and hardening by the second. By now, he has grown to at least 3½ miles tall, leaving me even smaller in his eyes, and making him even more powerful. My master took me into his paw and used me to help paw himself, stroking me up and down his length, causing my tiny pre-soaked, highly-aroused body to shiver pleasurably in his grasp.

I began to hump against the massive cock I was being rubbed on, feeling my own peak quickly build. But my master was slower, occasionally pressing me against his cocktip and drenching me with even more pre. He had almost incredible endurance, I thought, and he was extremely well-hung to match. He powerful scent began to fill the air as my pre-coated body slid along his over mile-long shaft, filling yet another of my senses with his presence.

Master's growls were growing louder and more erratic, as was his rubbing. I couldn't resist hi as I came, surrendering my seed onto his titanic member. He had grown to over four miles tall now, nearly catching me under the scales in his paw as he rubbed himself, and I was enjoying every moment of it. I could feel his pulse through the massive shaft, each beat feeling even harder and more powerful than the last. I licked his length, getting another muzzleful of pre, knowing it wouldn't be much longer before he came.

And, sure enough, I was quickly placed near his cocktip, sent sprawling as the first wave of his seed hit me. He let me fall to the ground and began to aim for me, somehow spotting my tiny, soaked form and letting each wave crash over me. I opened my muzzle to drink what I could, but was struggling to even stay afloat in the white current, even as his climax began to subside. I was helpless at this point, stuck in the sticky pool of dragon seed, until master picked me out with a claw.

I was placed back on the ground outside the mess, despite still being coated in seed. Without warning, master lowered his foot atop me, forcing me onto my back and pressing my muzzle into a toe, slowly squeezing me into the ground. He knew I was invulnerable, but the mild discomfort I felt as I flattened under his billions of tons was arousing to both of us. I laid under his foot for a while, trapped by the mammoth toe, before he lifted it off of me and smiled down.

Again master lifted me up to his muzzle and with one, massive lick, he cleaned my entire body, the force of his tongue causing me to mrrr softly. "Did you enjoy that?" he asked with a chuckle. I nodded, as I always enjoyed being used as a toy like that, though only for a while. "So, are you going to come again soon?" he asked, laughing as he realized the pun he made.

"Sure will, Fuego," I said, chuckling softly myself. "I can't wait." With that, I was allowed to leave. I never told anyone about this place, and nobody seemed to notice I vanished on some weekends. This was my secret, and I planned to keep it that way. Besides, who else would have wanted to hear about a three-mile-tall anthrodragon anyway?

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