Symphony of Words (or Symphony in English Major)

Close your eyes.
Listen to my voice.
Can you see it?
Even with your eyes closed, can you see the world I do?

The mountains towering in the distance, shrouded in a thin layer of mist?
The small creatures of the earth, scurrying through the evergreen forest in the valleys?
The brilliant evening sun, lazily drifting toward the horizon?

But there is more than mere sight here.

Listen to the birds conversing with one another in song.
Listen to the wind rustling its way through the trees.
Listen to the bubbling stream as has flowed since time immemorial.

Nor are there just the sounds of the flora and fauna.

Can you smell the pine trees, their scent carried by the breeze?
Can you feel the sun's warmth as it embraces you, its long lost friend?
Can you taste the raw magic in the air, the truest of natural beauty?

This is my gift, and my gift to you.
My gift is the power - the art - of the written word.
My vocabulary is my pallette and your imagination, my canvas.
I am not bound by the limitations of reality, nor even those of paint, sculpture, dance, or song.
I am, through my words, capable of traveling the universe, to any time and place.
And through these words, these simple combinations of letters, I can bring you along.

My work is a symphony not for the ears, but for the mind.
My work has the power to create and destroy, even for just a fleeting moment of imagination.
My work possesses a timeless ability to touch all of your senses, if you will allow it.
My work allows reality and fantasy to intermingle as one.

I am an author.

This is my art.

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