Attack II

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Altair had killed the first silver dragoness, but hir rage wasn't fully cleared from hir mind. Shi wanted more, to control another this time, to have the little one beg for hir to end the misery shi planned. As shi glided over the countryside, hir height back to only one mile, shi noticed another silver on the ground below. "There we are..." shi said to hirself, gliding down and landing softly on the ground behind it, the tiny dragoness not noticing until it was far too late.

Chuckling, Altair sat down on the ground, legs outstretched, pinning the dragoness in place. Shi was quickly growing aroused, the power filling hir mind and body, hir malehood coming forth as shi sat there. A drop of pre came from hir tip and crashed over the tiny silver below, nearly drowning the small one. "Well, little one, care to pleasure me?" Shi said, chuckling coldly as shi watched the silver struggle in the thick, sticky, yet slick fluids. Altair began to slowly stroke hirself, another drop glistening at the tip, threatening to come down and drown the silver.

It was then that the tiny dragoness gave up, and begged Altair to spare hir, at least for now. Satisfied that the silver was in hir control, shi lifted it up by the tail and placed it on the tip of hir length, the silver nearly falling inside because it was so much smaller. But the silver dragoness also knew that hir life depended on, somehow, getting the massive indigo dragoness to climax, and began to pleasure Altair in every way possible, in the way one only does when life and death hangs in the balance.

Altair pulled the silver higher, just out of the flow of the pre coming down, crashing into a small lake below now. Shi didn't want to drown the silver until it was time, until shi had hir way. Shi helped by stroking hirself slowly, just enough to make sure the feelings nearer the tip of hir length were helping, the silver sending slight shivers through Altair's form. Those shivers were making it nearly impossible for the silver to stay in place, and despite the little one's best efforts, the small dragoness collapsed on Altair's tip, gasping for air, obviously exhausted.

But, even if the small toy of a dragoness was finished, Altair wasn't. "I thought you were going to pleasure me... I suppose I'll have to take this into my own paws." Shi picked the silver up and dropped the little one roughly into hir palm, then began to stroke hirself with it, crushing the tiny dragoness against hir length. Shi grasped hirself as firmly as shi could without killing the little one, the struggles helping hir at least as much as the motion near hir tip had.

As shi grew nearer, shi decided that shi would make the silver pay more mind to hir. Stopping abruptly, shi picked the silver up again and plunged the little one into hir sex head-first, shivering as the tiny dragoness began to struggle within hir, trying to find a way out before it either suffocated or drowned. Altair used a fingerclaw to rub hirself there now, occasionally using it to press the silver back into place, the walls of hir sex threatening to crush the little toy.

The dragoness's struggles grew weaker as the lack of oxygen took over the tiny mind, and Altair pulled it out to give it a moment to catch its breath. But it was a brief moment only, as again Altair pressed it headfirst into hir. This time, though, shi kept a claw following it around, pressing it against the strong, gripping walls of hir sex, while shi used hir free paw to stroke hir malehood, trying to overwhelm hirself with pleasure. The struggles within hir were enough this time to help, as Altair roared out as hir female climax struck hir form, shivering powerfully as the walls of hir sex clamped down unbearably tight around the silver. Altair kept hir claw against the tiny dragoness, yet the walls of hir sex didn't stay still for long, crushing the tiny dragoness where it was, the bones almost shattering under the pressure. Unaware of that, Altair pulled the dragoness out and held the small one to the tip of hir length, stroking hirself a few more times before hir male climax hit as well, the herm coating its toy in a what was a lake of hir seed.

Altair took a few moments to catch hir breath and looked at the mess within hir paw, of hir seed, and what was left of the silver shi had just used, though shi still hadn't realized that it was dead. "I can't have you going off and telling the others what I did here..." shi said, though now talking to hirself. Shi looked through the pool within hir paw for a moment, then gave up on trying to find the silver toy, swallowing the entire contents of hir paw at once, seed and dragoness. With a soft mrrr, shi looked around and the other remnants of hir pleasure, yet decided to leave that as a warning for any others that would come by here. Shi would be satisfied, one way or another, even if it meant hir ... assistants wouldn't survive.

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