Revenge II

Shiveneve sat above the ruined city chuckling at the destruction all around hir, the twisted and mangled buildings, the shredded sidewalks, all shi had done in search of hir nemesis. A sort of pleasant glow seemed to radiate from hir scales as shi thought back over the torture and execution of the indigo herm. Chuckling softly shi tried to imagine what it must have felt like to dissolve slowly, burning in the acids of hir stomach.

Thinking along those lines led the massive silver to an interesting conclusion, "Yes…" Shi thought to hirself, "I could definitely use a small snack… I wonder if there are any other indigo dragonesses nearby." Shi snickers and looks out over the city landscape. Taking to flight and soaring above the forest of steel and concrete, sure enough before long shi comes across the sight of a tiny dragoness, obviously injured in the earlier events (perhaps by a falling building or such). Swooping down upon the helpless little one, shi slams into the earth, hir massive paws demolishing acres of buildings to either side. The tiny indigo dragoness is sent catapulting into the air by the impact, sprawling head over heals to land twisted against the ground just in front of Shiveneve. The gigantic silver relishes the sounds of hir pitiful crying as shi gazes up in stark terror at the massive herm.

"Well my little one, aren't you the luckiest thing?" Shi laughs again, a malicious laugh devoid of any humor, "You have the privilege of being my snack today." Shi reaches down with a massive claw, directly for the indigo dragoness! Another pitiful shriek pleases hir ears as shi lets hir talon hover in suspense, then slowly moves to knock away some of the fallen debris. "Oh, did you think I would kill you so swiftly little one? Hardly! I prefer my food alive… and unwilling." That menacing laugh came again, along with Shiveneve's massive toothy visage filling the smaller one's vision, "Run!"

Panic spurring hir to action, obeying without thought the tiny indigo herm stumbles to hir feet, frantically clawing and crawling hir way in any direction but the one of the giantess behind hir. Shiveneve only smirks as the indigo dragon running as fast as shi can only make what seems like the progress of a very slow ant. The silver almost regrets that this won't even be a sporting match. "Well, at least I can have a bit of fun with this…" Shi maneuvers hirself into a sitting position, spreading hir legs out to either side of the madly fleeing indigo. "Let's see if you can escape this!"

Pausing and trembling at those words, the tiny indigo looks back just in time to see a river of urine raining down on hir as Shiveneve's male member releases the contents of hir bladder, arching hundreds of feet in the air to batter down against the indigo dragon, bruising hir and breaking bones with the force of a hundred fire hoses. Gasping and trying to catch hir breath shi struggles to move out from beneath the flow, but it continues to follow hir, drowning hir as the flood seems to increase, forming a lake with hir at the center. Gasping and trying to stay afloat, shi drags hir injured self out of the spewing fountain, only to be pressed underneath the lake of urine's surface as the river finds hir again.

Shiveneve only chuckles as shi watches the indigo begin to drown, then with a frown of annoyance shi finds hirself out of fluids, hir male member no longer spewing the great arching river upon hir victim's head. With a shrug shi stands up and steps nearer, peering down to see hir struggling victim trying frantically to swim to shore. "Hmm, I don't think you managed to escape, little one. You're simply too slow." Grinning cruelly shi takes another step forward, straddling the lake of urine and the tiny creature in the center. Then squatting down carefully until hir femsex is directly over the indigo's head shi urinates again, this time a Niagra of bodily fluids raining down in a seemingly mile-wide column directly on the smaller herm's head. In seconds shi is driven to the bottom of the lake, held there as the force of the massive waterfall steals hir final breaths away, hir last sensation that of tasting and smelling the massive herm's pee as it fills hir lungs.

Standing up and looking back at the mess shi caused, Shiveneve spies the drowned and battered husk of the indigo herm. Making a face of disgust shi turns and heads out of town, "Eh, I didn't really want to eat you anyway." Shi says to no one in particular, like shi doesn't even really care.

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