Attack III

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Altair scanned the ground below for another victim to toy with. The past two had been fun, yes, but shi wanted more, something a bit larger perhaps... "Perfect..." shi said in a low growl, catching sight of another silver on the ground below, curled up on a small hill. This one was larger, though still just under an inch in Altair's scale. It was the perfect size for what shi had in mind now.

Shi took to the air, gliding in slowly, silently, like the most efficient predator would stalk prey, but this tiny one would be good for more than nourishment. This was going to be another bit of fun. The silver was too stunned to move, having hoped to escape by leaving the city; now that shi'd been spotted, it was just pointless to run, from what shi'd seen. Even if shi had been thinking, shi probably wouldn't have even wasted the energy trying to get away, knowing it would have to be conserved to help keep hir alive for whatever horrors the towering form flying overhead had in mind.

It was a long few moments before Altair landed, not-so-gently placing one toe atop the smaller herm, pinning hir to the ground. The silvery wriggled, pinned on its back, forced to look at the form towering overhead, the form seeming almost unending. Well, I've had two sex-toys already, but I'm going to give you something different..." Altair said, attempting to sound innocent yet mischievous, but the grin on hir muzzle gave away something. Shi pressed down a little harder, hir scales scratching roughly at the silver. "You're going to stay at my feet for as long as you survive. Somehow, I doubt you're going to have a long lifespan..."

The screech of terror that came from below went unheard as Altair started to twist hir paw back and forth, the rough earth scraping some scales clean off of the silver. Altair knew just how much pressure to apply without causing any permanent damage - no, shi wasn't going to kill the silver yet - as that would have ended the fun far too soon. It wasn't too long before the silver had been ground far enough into the soft dirt and small rocks that shi would be pinned there regardless of what Altair did.

Altair realized that as well, and pulled hir foot away slowly, looking down at the silver, crouching over the little one for a moment. "You better get a good look now, because this is the last time you're ever going to see another dragon." The silver shivered a bit once the reality of those words set in: this was the last time shi was going anywhere at all. Altair's foot lifted up into the sky again and started to come down, agonizingly slowly, the moments seeming to last an eternity.

In that moment of sheer, ungodly panic, the silver's senses started working overtime, taking every detail of what was happening. Altair's form glistened slightly in the sunlight, which reflected off of hir scales, save for the shadow-hidden underside of hir foot. The scent of the paw wafted towards the tiny one, taking up most of hir sense of smell, yet the dirt around hir added its scent, and the faint hint of a herm-dragoness's arousal also filled the air; the miniscule silver shivered as shi thought how this was comparatively gentle compared to what the others had received.

Hir thoughts were interrupted as Altair's foot finally reached hir, but settled down lightly, only pressing far enough down to block out all the light. Shi started moving hir foot back and forth, slowly, as if using the silver as some twisted kind of doormat. Despite how shi was pinned, the silver slid back and forth along and in the ground, suffering harsher scrapes and bruises this time, while hir mind started to float from a mild concussion.

Altair kept on for a few minutes, then suddenly leaped into the air, aiming with hir other foot right for the herm pinned on the ground below. Another pathetic cry went up, the silver fearing yet welcoming the end, but Altair's wings snapped out just in time to slow hir fall to nothing more than a feather's touch. A feather that weighed several hundred thousand tons. The same happened under the other foot; the silver could feel the dirt wedging under what scales were still intact, as well as hir organs being compressed within hir, as Altair was not being careful much longer. The weight and pressure began to build, and the silver screeched again as a rib finally gave way, then another...

Just before the herm passed out from suffering too many broken bones, Altair stopped. Shi didn't have to look down; shi could quite easily feel the damage shi had caused just by pressing down slightly with hir foot again. The tiny one underpaw could do nothing more than just pray to the gods that it would end soon, sobbing slightly, yet trying to remain silent, hoping Altair would mistake hir for dead. But no, this was still not over yet. Altair pressed down hard and dragged hir foot along the ground, taking the silver with it. Hir foot slowly slid back along the mangled, compressed form, with the ball of hir foot pressing into the silver's neck, then one of hir massive toes, before a single toeclaw pressed against the throat.

"Do you give up yet?" Altair said, chuckling coldly from above as the tiny tear-streaked muzzle was revealed again, not that shi cared about the tiny one's feelings. The silver wasn't sure what to do again, but Altair applied just a bit of pressure, hir claw scraping at the scales again. With a meep, the silver nodded rapidly, hoping this was hir way to escape. "Then I'll just end your misery..." Altair said, before quickly applying all of hir weight onto hir foot, the pressure instantly turning the bones into mere pulp, leaving the silver in agony for a brief moment before hir toeclaw went through the throat.

"Another satisfying playtime," Altair said, wiping hir foot a bit on the ground before walking away, leaving the mangled remains, and again going to search for another toy...

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