Shiveneve chuckles as hir gigantic paw crashes into the ground next to the small, almost microscopic dragon, sending it tumbling through the air to crash some 50 feet away, its blood smearing as it slides along the pavement. "Yes, that's it, run from me! We'll see how far you get."

Cowering beneath hir fury, a tiny indigo dragoness gazes up at the massive monster before it. Clawing at the ground in stark terror it tries to crawl away, dragging its naked body against the unforgiving concrete as the jagged edges of the broken road rend its hide, leaving chunks of scale and flesh trailing in its path. The massive form above leans close, a single talon spreading from a paw nearly a thousand times the dragoness' own size, jabbing down viscously into the concrete. The indigo herm lets out a tremendous screech of agony and curls into a tiny ball as a noise like a thousand tornados assaults her, the talon carving a massive cavern around hir, leaving hir on an island of earth no more than a hundred yards across, with thousand foot drop-offs on all sides. Breaking down into shivers and tears the tiny herm realizes there will be no escape this time.

The massive dragoness towers overhead, laughing again as shi lets the sheer terror of hir presence work against the tiny one. "You bug. You insignificant little speck! Did you think you could get away with it? Did you really?!" Shi snarls and jabs down again with hir colossal talon, spearing the helpless herm through its tail, then dangling it high in the air. The tiny indigo screams and writhes with pain, gasping and nearly fainting as it looks up to see its tail torn like cheap fabric caught on a nail. The giant only laughs harder, taking hir other talon and widening the tear, slowly, torturously ripping the tail into two halves, blood spilling in profusion over hir talons. Hir victim could only beg for death to come, but it wouldn't, oh no its death still stood far away.

With a cruel, cold determination, Shiveneve continues to pull on the two tail-halves, increasing the pain beyond levels imaginable, but still death eludes hir victim. Slowly the microscopic speck is stretched further and further, until at last the giant herm's purpose becomes obvious, guiding hir victim down toward hir massive cock, shi spreads it paper thin around hir head, thrusting hard into its tailhole, using the indigo herm's shredded tail as a handle to jam it down all the way to hir hilt. The tiny bug is wrapped around hir maleness like a condom, not even able to breath, not able to form a single conscious thought for all the pain, except the overwhelming wish for life to cease. Shiveneve thrusts repeatedly, growling louder and louder as shi uses hir tiny prophylactic. Just before cumming inside hir helpless victim shi stops, panting a few moments, then grasping the tiny herm tight to hir cock, relieves hirself within its body, filling it with hir urine and blowing it up impossibly large like a balloon, then massaging hirself to completion, climaxes, adding hir semen to the fluids swelling it grotesquely.

Placing all six of hir foretalons against the swollen plaything, shi presses in until it pops, draining hir fluids from multiple tears in its hide. Roughly jerking it off hir pride, shi ties the bug in knots, bending and breaking its arms and legs as they are strung together and cinched tight. Then wadding the entire mess up, shi tosses it into hir mouth, chewing before swallowing. Hir taste for revenge sated with hir snack, hir victim meets its welcome demise in the ultimate pain of hir stomach acids eating the last of its mangled flesh.

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