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Written in 20 minutes each, the attack and revenge stories were an improptu set of trades with Shiveneve. They're very short and not nearly as polished as our other stories, but have a certain raw appeal to them. They are posted here exactly as they were originally written, several years ago.

Altair roared out hir rage to the skies. Rare was the moment shi was in such a mood, but hir scales nearly radiated the red of hir anger, almost as if the growls coming from hir muzzle weren't enough to show that shi was not in the best of spirits. Shi shot up in size to nearly 3000 feet tall, and looked down at the ground below hir.

Below was a silver herm, not unlike hirself, though non-anthro. However, the silver was just 2400 feet long from head-to-tailtip. and Altair knew that shi had control. Shi pounced on the silver and dug hir claws into the neck of the smaller dragoness, the squeaking that it mde in protest of being handled so roughly just being music to Altair's rage-driven mind.

Shi half-threw the dragoness to the ground, then layed down atop hir, rubbing against hir. "So, you have something to say about me?" shi growled, digging hir talons further into the siv'ers throat, but not so far to kill the creature, just leaving htee weakre herm very uncomfrotable. "Then I'll give you a good reason to feel that way..."

with a roar that nearly shook the ground that shi stood on, shi pulled one paw away from the silver's throast and slied across hir c hest, lewaving long talon-markes in it, the claws comging back with blood on them. "You liek that?!" shi growled, amost screaming in mad-rage, slashing the silver twice more before his placed the paw back at hir throat, threatening to strangle hir with the hold. "No? Then how about this?"

No sooner than shi said that than shi thrust into the opther herm, hir cock almost impaling the smaller dragoness. Shi was rough as shi possible could be thrusting hard and deep, watsing no time in hir attack. As shi thrust, shi squeezed tighter around the silver's throat, barely leaving enough room to let hir breathe, the other dragoness being forced to take on Altair's length, whether shi liked it or not.

Altair continued to move hard into the herm, then slowly moved one paw over the dragoness's form and rubbed it against hir maleslit, while the other paw still held tight, just short of asphyxiating the silver herm. Shi placed a cclaw into the herm's maleslit and roughly jabbed it against hir length, rendering it useless to anyone. Shi grinned evilly, hir scales still a powerful red as shi moved into the dragoness, hir growls growing louder, deeper... until shi climaxed.

As shi finished, Altair grabbed the silver tightly by the throat, forcing the smaller dragoness to stay still, with no chance of escape. The silver was panting for air, but Altair barely was tired, and not quite finished. "I can't have you going anywhere and telling what I've done, not that you deserve the chance to ever give eanother such a hard time..." shi growled, and bit down hardon the silver's neck. Shi let hir teeth tdig deep into the other herm, slocing through the throat rather cleanly, and ending the silver's sufferin.

Altair looked down for a moment to consider waht shi'd done, and chuckled coldly. Shi also couldn't leave any evidence of what shi'd done behind. Taking a moment shi grew to six miles in height and casually crushed what was left of the silver underpaw, grinding it out like a tiny fire that needed to be tended to. Satified that the drasgoness would not be bothering hir again, Altair took off, leaving the crushed form behind.

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