The Lonely Dragon

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Something I wrote while rather depressed, before I had even my second mate. I do occasionally feel like this still...

I sit alone on a hill
The cool grass beneath me
And I look up to the night sky
The stars are not out tonight
Only the moon keeps me company
I am completely alone
My friends have abandoned me
And love is but a faded memory
The loneliness I feel is deeper than the darkened sky above
I feel even more alone than the moon
Hovering in the endless sea of black
No one to share my life with
Precious few warm moments to keep
"Why," I call out to the sky above
"Why am I always left alone?"
But there is no answer
The moon never speaks
The silence is still deeper
I sigh, but nobody is here to listen
I gaze up to the sky, hoping for an answer
But there is no answer above
All that's left is me and the moon
All I can do is wait
Wait for what, I don't know
But wait I will, for what may come
Perhaps someday, my void of loneliness will be filled...

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