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Completely mindless growth and destruction. I wrote this to let off some steam, after a very bad day. It helped a lot, that's for sure. I dont think it helped the citizens of the unnamed city much, though. ;)

I'd had it. That's all there was to it: I was pressed beyond my breaking point. The exact reasons behind why I got so angry are a little fuzzy, but I remember it being a long string of insults, jerks, and just general unfairness for a long time. I hadn't meant for it to happen, but there's no point in trying to change the past.

The whole episode started when I finally lost control, letting out a loud, powerful, angry roar like I never had before. For all the logic I normally try to use, I became little more than rage personified in that moment. Before I had any thought at all, I had soared to 60 feet in height; my scales had shifted to a fiery orange-red. I could already feel a few humans that had gotten caught under by feet as I grew, sending every thought but pity though my mind.

People were practically nothing to me, and I was still growing. 62-feet, 63... I felt a rush of power as I took a step forward. The feeling of my growing mass moving so easily was incredible. Then I slowly lowered my foot, down on nearly a dozen weak humans, trapping them beneath it. I hated humans, and the feeling of them flattening, crushed into a stain beneath my foot, was satisfying in more ways than one.

I mrrred with pleasure as I felt those first few beneath me, showing me how much power I had over them. This was a first, and I wanted to be sure I enjoyed it. I wept my 100-foot-long tail around, knocking over a few buildings. Taking another step, more were crushed underpaw,; the survivors started to feel in terror of me. "Can't take the pressure?" I bellowed, chuckling to myself.

More I grew, to 70 feet, my steps growing larger, claiming more beneath my foot each moment. t was a warm, soft feeling, the sound of bones breaking sounded almost like a symphony, accompanied by the shrieks of terror and wailing of emergency vehicles. I brought a foot down atop a police cruiser, starting to measure my steps carefully, then twisted my foot to grind it into the pavement with a screech. I looked for another crowd to begin to chase, needing only a few steps to catch up to them.

With a chuckle, I brought my foot down slowly on the defenseless, useless things, feeling them join the ones I'd crushed before. I twisted my foot over them this time, feeling them reduced to a mere paste. I walked slowly, deliberately down the street, crushing more with each step. "Run!" I mocked, "You'll never escape me!" There was no use for them; they were little more than insects to me now.

I passed 80 feet, leaving small craters with my footprints. The few police officers that arrived to dare defy me began to run away with the rest of the mass of humanity below me. For all my growing, I was growing hungry as well. I leaned over and grabbed several of them, tossing them into my muzzle and swallowing them whole. It was a better fate than they deserved, but I needed to eat more than I cared about what happened to them.

To 85 feet I grew, still eating my meal. I chuckled as I felt their useless struggles as I lifted them off the ground; they wiggled until they landed in my stomach. All were screaming in primeval terror, terrified of me and the rage I unleashed on them and their city. I had taken their indignities for long enough, and I intended to repay the favor in this one afternoon.

Once full, I returned to walking down the street, taking my time. I could feel each person compress beneath the ever-increasing weight of my paws, the concrete giving way to me. I began to use my tail to destroy buildings as well, leaving a mounting pile of rubble in my wake. This was relieving, in more ways than one.

A stirring within my sheath caused me to mrrr pleasurably. Feeling these weak creatures attempt to resist me was more arousing than I thought it would be. Getting an idea, I grabbed another handful of humans and tucked them into my sheath, shivering as they wiggled inside it. I continued walking, still feeling the humans struggle underfoot and against my arousal.

It wasn't long before my cock began to come out of my sheath, hanging out over the humans below. Thinking for a moment, I sat down with my legs outstretched, trapping a part of the crowd between me and a building. I took a few of them into my paw and rubbed them 'gently' against my length, causing the remaining humans below to silence in disbelief of the sight. I leaned back against another building, my now 120-foot tall form nearly leveling it. I didn't even need to press the humans against my length; there were so many of them, they couldn't get away from it as my legs penned them in.

The feeling of them against me quickly brought my cock to its full length of 20 feet, and still I grew, slowly. I rubbed myself, mrrring, now holding several of the puny humans within my paw to please myself . My first spurt of pre nearly drowned a few who happened to be near my cocktip, as they flailed weakly in the puddle it left.

These creatures were worth nothing to me now, except for pleasure. I slowly moved forward, reducing the size of the humans' pen, forcing more around my length. Their frantic squirming only added to my pleasure.

Not used to such a feeling, I came quickly, my seed drowning most of those I had captured. The few that remained, I allowed to live, to warn others of my presence. All the destruction was causing me to grow tired. I walked to the outskirts of town, leveling several more city blocks along the way. Once I was far enough outside the city that I doubted anyone would follow, I laid down. For all the power my 160-foot-tall body possessed, the power to resist sleep was not available to me...

When I awoke, I had reverted to my usual size of 2 inches tall. Yawning, I looked behind me, towards the city, and froze. I was both terrified of the destruction I had caused, and relieved that I had shown what I really thought of humanity. Strangely, I smiled, then left the area completely. I had a feeling that, one day, this could happen again. And, if ever it did, I knew I was going to enjoy it.

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