Evenings with Zolino

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This was written from the perspective of my human counterpart. It was meant to explore feelings that I hadn't been able to delve into before. While I used to label this as "to be continued," I won't be continuing it; I've become comfortable with who I am. I'd say more, but I worded my thoughts quite eloquently when I first posted this back in 2003, so I'll just paste that, then lead into the story...

"I'm not sure what to title this one... or how to describe it. This one was actually written by my human back when he still very young, in high school, with a job at the local fast-food restaurant. He wrote this to find out more about himself, by keeping his mind open and trying to picture what he would do if he ever really did have the chance to live out the story."

"Yes, I do realize that this is impossible on Earth. However, I'd like to think that, in some alternate dimension, it is very possible and real. There were some questions I wanted to answer in this story, and I think I did. This is the first time I was able to admit to myself that I'm gay, among other things. And, since I've started writing this, I've learned that relationships are far deeper than what I've written here. I may add more to this, someday, sometime from now, if I think of something else to add, but that time may or may not come. That said, if only this could happen in this realm, I would consider myself the luckiest person alive..."

Sunday evening

"I'm tellin' you, that girl's a hottie! Get her number!" Will shouted at me from the grill, gawking at the girl who had just pulled up to the second drive-through window.

"The only time anyone is 'hot' around here is mid-summer, when it's 105 degrees in the shade," I retorted, glaring back at him.

"Don't you like girls?" he asked, and not for the first time.

Tired of his insinuations, I answered him bluntly, "I don't like people." That seemed to shut him up, as he found something else to work on. Between his ill founded advice and homophobic attitude, Will was grinding my last nerve. It had been a long week – heck, a long month – and I was fed up with everything. Why did I bother getting this job in the first place? The manager told me it was time for my break, giving me a half-hour to think about that one.

Why couldn't that half-wit leave me alone? Just because I work at a fast-food restaurant doesn't mean I'm a people person. And that suggestion he made was absolutely infuriating. I had never even been out on a date; I had yet to meet someone that I would really want to be with. But my time on break was up before I could finish thinking about my arguments, so back to work I went, the thoughts still in the back of my mind.

Things were still painfully slow, not unusual for eight o'clock on a Sunday night. As was usual for this time of night, I was left to juggle both the front counter and second drive-through window. It had been at least fifteen minutes since our last order, and I had started cleaning up the counter area when a car finally came through. I mumbled something under my breath about the lazy people coming through this time of night even as I filled the order. It was all I could do to muddle through another obscenely dull night.

Sabrina, the girl who was taking the order and working the first window, chimed in on my headset, "That drink is light ice... and don't make any... comments to this... person at your window." I sighed, not wanting to deal with yet another rude customer. But as soon as she pulled up to the window, all m thoughts floated away. She wasn't just another human. For the first time in my life, I was face-to-face with an anthro, something I'd always dreamed of.

Completely dumbfounded, I stood looking out the window at her – she definitely looked like a female – trying to comprehend this. She could best be described as a dragon, but she didn't have scales. Her skin was purple, as were her tightly-folded wings. "Gods, she's beautiful", I thought as I regained my senses, remembering that I had a job to do.

"Thank you," she said, much to my embarrassment. Had I said that out loud? "You're handsome, for a human, anyway."

"Wow... uh, thanks!" I couldn't believe my ears. Here was a beautiful dragoness, and she thought I was handsome! Without even giving it a conscious thought, I blurted out the advice Will had given me so many times before. "Can I have your phone number?"

With a warm smile, she nodded and gave me her number. "I'm Zolino," she told me, finally giving me a name to go with that gorgeous face.

"Zolino..." I repeated, almost entranced by her. "I... I'm..." Great. I couldn't even remember my own name. Hopefully she didn't notice me glancing down at my name tag as I said, "I'm Michael. Nice to meet you, Zolino. Here's your food..." I gave her the food, slightly disappointed that she'd be leaving in a moment. "Good... good night. I'll call... sometime."

Taking her order, Zolino replied, "Good night, Michael. I'll hear from you, I hope." With that cheerful remark, she drove off, leaving me alone. I wanted to scream or start running around the kitchen, but this was work, and I needed to act professional. But, for the rest of the night, nothing got me down. I think I set the record for clean up that evening; I couldn't get Zolino out of my mind.

Tuesday afternoon

It was two days before I could get enough nerve to call Zolino; I didn't know what to say. The last thing I wanted to sound like was some unintelligent punk, like 90% of the guys back at high school. So I called her, with nothing in mind, just hoping not to make a fool of myself. "Hello?" I said meekly, "Is Zolino there?"

"Just a sec," the voice on the line said before yelling, "Hey! Sis! Phone!" I couldn't help but laugh, not just at the typical, teenage, sibling indifference, but at the utter absurdity of what I was doing. I figured I was insane at this point, figuring I had finally seen one too many cartoons or spent too much time daydreaming.

"Hello?" Zolino's voice said warmly, breaking my cold chain of thought.

"Um... Hi? Zolino? This is Michael... from the drive through." Great introduction. That must have sounded real smooth.

"Hey, Michael! I didn't think you'd call!" Well, that was a slight relief; she was actually glad to hear from me. "How have you been?"

"I'm okay, I guess." I answered. Gradually, we each told the other our life story. In about twenty minutes, I learned a lot about Zolino. She's only a year older than me, and struck me as very intelligent and carefree by the way she was talking. Zolino said there were others like her in her neighborhood – that is, other anthros. It seemed unbelievable, that there could be even more like Zolino somewhere. Surely it would have made the news by now. She said she lived alone, but her family came to visit pretty often; at least more often than she would have liked.

I don't remember how we got on the subject, but I eventually asked, "What are you doing this weekend, anyway?" Maybe I was just trying to continue on a conversation, maybe I wanted to know what her kind did over the weekend, or maybe I was subconsciously thinking something more.

Whatever my motives were, Zolino had a simple answer. "Nothing. What about you?"

"I'm working Friday night, but I'm not doing anything Saturday or Sunday... would you... want to get together?" Gods, what was I thinking? That was the absolute dumbest, most inappropriate, least intelligent thing I'd ever –


"What?" I exclaimed in disbelief. I pinched myself while holding the phone, wondering if this was just a wonderful dream. The resulting twinge of pain proved I was wide awake, and that this was real.

Zolino broke the awkward silence. "Saturday afternoon, over here?"

Somewhere in the back corner of my mind, reason was screaming at me to hang up the phone now, forget this far-fetched fantasy, and tell myself this never happened. But, like I had in daydreams for years before, I silenced the thought. My dream was finally coming true, and I didn't want to let it slip away. "What time should I come over?"

"Two o'clock?"

"All right, see you then." I told Zolino as I hung up the phone. It took several seconds for it all to sink in before I finally collapsed on my bed, spending the rest of the day wondering what might transpire on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon

Shortly before two o'clock, I arrived at Zolino's house. It wasn't bad looking, with it's brick exterior and well-kept yard, but it did seem a little small. Of course, I was used to seeing full-family houses, so it probably was plenty of space for her. Not that it really mattered. I was here. I felt nervous like never before; this was the closest I'd ever been to a date. Gathering up my courage, I rang the doorbell and smiled when Zolino answered.

"I brought you some, um... flowers, Zolino," I stuttered, handing her a small bouquet I bought that morning. She looked even more beautiful than before, I thought, as she led me inside.

"Want a drink?" Zolino offered, once we were in the living room.

"A soda?" I said, wondering what she'd have here. No sooner than I said it, Zolino went into the kitchen and brought out a can of Coke for me. Not my favorite, but I was working up a nervous thirst. "So... um... why were you... I mean... what made you want... me to... visit?" This seems too good to be true, I added silently.

"You're the first human who didn't act weird around me," Zolino answered simply, taking a sip of her drink, "What about you, Michael, any special reason you like me?"

That was a question I'd spent a lifetime thinking about, and had yet to explain why. "I... I don't know. I, I've mean... I've always..."

Zolino sat down next to me and placed her hand on my arm. "You don't have to be shy, Michael, just say something. I won't be mad," She had such a way with words, and here I was, babbling like an idiot.

"I've always liked dragons and anthros, even since I was just a little kid." It was the truth, even if I couldn't explain why I felt that way. I'd also dreamt of other things, but this was far closer to any of my dreams that I'd dared to hope could happen.

With a smile, Zolino nodded to me. "Say, want to go to my room?" Before I could answer, she was already going to another room on the other side of the house. I followed; I just had to know what she was doing. Her room was simple, with a bed, small desk and chair, a closet, and a single light in the ceiling, leaving plenty of extra floor space. "We can get comfortable in here," Zolino explained somewhat cryptically. I had heard of more than one way to get comfortable before.

I sat on the edge of her bed, thanking her. She was still standing in front of the bed, tail moving idly behind her. I noticed a... bulge? Yes, there was a bulge in her pants, that I couldn't quite describe. "What..." I started to ask, but thought better of it. That didn't seem like a polite question.

The look on my face must have given my thoughts away though, prompting Zolino to answer. "I'm a herm," Zolino explained, stopping mid-sentence as she saw my bewilderment. Zolino is a herm, I thought before fainting on the bed. It was a good fifteen minutes later when I woke again, feeling Zolino's hand on my chest. She – no, shi I remembered – was a herm.,.. I didn't mind at all, I just was completely surprised. "You okay, Michael?" Zolino asked, with more than a hint of concern in hir voice.

"I... I'm okay, Zolino. Just surprised." I was more than surprised, but something compelled me to stay – an illogical desire to know more. What did shi look like under those clothes...?

"I'm getting warm," Zolino said, "Mind if I slip out of these?"

This was impossible, but it was happening right before my eyes. "No... why would I mind?" I said louder than I meant to, once again feeling like an absolute fool. I didn't deserve this, this honor of having a dream come true, but I was here, watching this beautiful anthrodragoness undress. It was if shi could read my mind.

Zolino chuckled softly at my openness, like a good friend would. "Why don't you take your clothes off too?" Shi suggested innocently enough, but I wasn't sure if I could. A part of me wanted to, but something else wanted me not to. "Relax, I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to."

I'm sure my misgivings were obvious from the look on my face. The only talk about having things like this happen was from overhearing conversations in the hallways of the high school. But, even though I didn't quite know why, I wanted to do this. I had dreams of this for so long I wasn't going to let it go now. A minute later, we were both naked, laying together on Zolino's bed.

"You're a handsome human, Michael." Zolino said, again rubbing hir hand on my chest. Shi was warm, much warmer than I felt right now.

"And, Zolino, you're... beyond beautiful...' I had to think of the words carefully, but I meant every one of them. This was the first time I'd felt another's loving caress across my unclothed form, and I'll never forget that moment. I rolled over to embrace Zolino in a hug, to feel hir warmth surround me.

With a soft mmmm, Zolino returned the hug, even wrapping hir wings around my back, the leathery surface acting like a blanket. "See? I don't bite, you can share anything you want with me..." shi stopped short in speaking, as if shi wanted to say something but catching hirself just in time. I didn't ask what shi was going to say. I was enjoying the feeling of hir body and wings too much to ruin the moment.

This is paradise, I thought, pulling myself in closer. Zolino had more ideas, embracing me in a sudden kiss. "Ohhh..." I cried, allowing myself to go limp in hir arms. I had never been kissed before, but Zolino continued to hold me tight, hir long, slender tongue freely exploring my mouth. My mind was a blur. All I could think of was that instant, and letting the feelings flow through me.

I had hugged Zolino to warm myself, but a different kind of warmth was building within me now. This was the most arousing, almost electrifying feeling I had ever experienced, and my cock had responded, its hardening form rubbing against Zolino's stomach. Embarrassment had become the least of my concerns now; there was a dormant feeling being awakened by this undeniably beautiful, sensuous dragoness...

Zolino must have felt the same as shi broke off our kiss with a smile. Shi ran hir hand down my side and gently held my cock within it, sending a shiver down my spine. "May I?" shi asked playfully. I managed a soft nod, which was all shi needed to see.

Pulling hirself even closer o me, I felt something at the tip of my cock. Before I knew what shi was doing, I felt my member inside of hir. I gasped, frozen. Sensory overload had to be kicking in by now, as I felt hir warm, most walls surround my arousal. Seeing my confusion, since I was definitely at a loss, Zolino whispered into my ear, "Do anything you think you want. I'm yours." Another long, passionate kiss dispelled my thoughts as I slowly began to thrust inside of hir.

Nothing could have pulled us apart in that beautiful moment. With every thrust into hir, the feeling seemed to amplify even further. As I moaned loudly, Zolino let out hir own soft, draconic growl of pleasure. Hir own member was sliding out of its sheath, making us both hotter still. With both climaxed in the same moment. With an almost inhuman cry, I felt my seed rush into hir as shi shuddered with ecstasy. I knew that I never wanted to leave, not in a thousand years. We just laid there for a while, my member still inside of hir. "I... I..."

"Shhh, don't talk," Zolino said, silencing me. There were no words for this, I realized. Hir member was still noticeable between us, and I felt a need to do something. I pulled myself out of Zolino and slid down hir body, placing hir cock in front of my face. "Hmmm?" was all shi could get out before I gave it a long lick, the only thing I could think to do. Zolino let out another pleasured growl; shi must have liked what I was doing. Acting purely on instinct, I took hir cocktip into my mouth, letting the warm flesh rub along my tongue. Hir member was already several inches long, and it still wasn't at its full length. It was too big for me to take it all the way into my mouth like I thought I could, but I wasn't about to complain. Somehow, this seemed even better than what we had done just a few minutes before.

Shivering with pleasure, Zolino growled, "You'rrrrre wonderrrrrful..." pulling my head closer to hir. Hir member was at its full length now – right around twelve inches – and the tip was throbbing inside my mouth. The taste of hir pre was intoxicating, like nothing I had ever tasted before. I moved my hands onto hir shaft to rub it; there was definitely no way I could take it all into my mouth without suffocating.

My touch was sending even more shivers through Zolino, and I could feel hir member growing warmer in my hands. Shi tried to speak, "You... yourrrr" but was cut off as shi let out a roar as shi came. My mouth was filled with hir seed, and I swallowed it with an almost alien eagerness before another wave filled my mouth again. Hir climax lasted for several seconds, but eventually, it stopped.

We both were breathless, but I don't think I'd ever felt better. I knew what I was now, or at least had some idea. If not gay, I was at least bi, not that I had to tell anyone about that realization. Zolino broke the silence, "So... you're open minded..." shi gasped, "Most humans aren't..."

"Most humans... wouldn't be... with you..." We both laughed at that thought. Most people probably would go to the nearest asylum and check in if Zolino walked by. If only this were a perfect world, I thought, we could be a couple together...

"I know," Zolino said, "I want you to stay, but that can't happen, can it?"

Odd, I knew I hadn't said that out loud. Not this time. "How did you know I was thinking that?" I asked, just out of curiosity.

"I'm psychic, Michael, didn't I tell you? Guess not..." Zolino looked almost sorry that shi hadn't said anything before, but I didn't care.

"It's fine, Zolino, my memory isn't any better. Besides, if you're telepathic, I might not even need the phone to talk with you... could you... 'hear' my thoughts if I wasn't right here?" I hoped so. This was a dream come true, and knowing that we could talk any time we wanted could make leaving and returning to the mundane world at least a little easier.

Zolino thought for a moment, eyes closed in deep concentration. "If you let me read them and really concentrate, it should work, no matter where you are." I let out an almost relieved sigh. It was comforting to know I could talk to hir anytime, anywhere without anyone knowing.

The sound of a ringing telephone interrupted us, as Zolino had to leave me alone for a moment to answer the phone. "You have to leave now, Michael. My father is on his way here to visit, and he hates humans. He wouldn't understand... He'd never let you leave alive..."

I placed my hand on hir arm like shi had done earlier, trying to offer some consolation, "If we care for each other, is there really anything to understand?" It made sense, and Zolino seemed to have known what I said, even if shi wouldn't admit it. But I didn't want to take a chance, just in case hir father was really that set in his ways.

"You're right," shi said, embracing me in another hug, "Will you come see me again?"

Smiling, I gave Zolino a last kiss on the cheek. "I promise." We finally let each other go with those words. Soon, we will meet again, I thought as I put my clothes back on and left. As I drove home, I tried Zolino's telepathy idea. "I miss you already," I told hir.

Even though I was already several miles away, hir voice sounded like shi was right next to me. "And I, you, Michael... can you come again next weekend, same time?"

"Of course," I told hir, "I'll see you then...' That was all I had hoped to hear, and I started singing along with the radio in that joy.

Thursday Evening

I couldn't get Zolino out of my mind for more than a moment. How could I? Shi was a dream come true: beautiful, friendly, open-minded, and was so big, I –

"Hey, Michael, you're late coming back from break!" The manager yelled. I cursed under my breath; that was the second time in a row that I'd been late. "You okay? You've been out of it lately." Boy, that was wrong, I just wasn't 'into' work like I should have been, since my mind was on other things.

"I'm fine," I said, "So are you going to clock me back in?" I just wanted to go home, but my shift wasn't over for another three hours. I'd love to find a better job one of these days...

The Second Saturday

I got to Zolino's twenty minutes early, because I couldn't wait to see hir again. We had kept in touch with hir telepathy, but I still wanted hir to hold me again, to feel hir warm body against mine, and to feel hir wings wrap around me to shut out the world. Zolino smiled as shi answered the door, and led me inside. "Early?"

"I couldn't wait, Zolino," It was the truth, at least, even if I did sound a bit stupid. Gods, I was lucky to be with such a beautiful dragoness...

"You're too sweet," shi said, apparently catching my thoughts, "Busy week, Michael?"

I nodded and told hir about my week: the usual, boring, mundane stuff that seems to be a part of life. We exchanged our usual small talk, but Zolino took the first opportunity to suggest we go to hir bedroom that I let hir have, and a tried to hint at that as quickly as I could. Shi knew I wanted to.

Zolino looked at me carefully, curiously, like there was something shi wanted to say but didn't know where to begin. "Michael, is there some fantasy you have?"

Odd question, I thought, but shi probably already knew anyway. "Well, I've always... wanted to... um..." Zolino placed hir hand gently on my shoulder as I stuttered through my speech, easing me through, "To be... tiny..."

"Tiny?" shi said playfully, "I can do that, if you want..."

"Sure!" I shouted, before I really thought about what I was asking for and said. I could remember, even back in grade school, dreaming I was just a few inches tall. Of course, that young, I didn't even know what sex was – wait a second, were my clothes getting looser?

I must have zoned out for a moment, because Zolino had already taken hir clothes off. "Relax," shi told me. "Take off your clothes if you want and let the magic work. My magic works only if you're willing; I can't force you, so if you don't want to..."

"I... I want to..." I said, imagining my dream come true. A moment later, I was laying on top of Zolino, naked. I relaxed like shi told me to, and felt a strange coolness as the spell took effect. It was slow at first, but I started shrinking from my normal height of 5'11" pretty quickly once it started. Zolino locked hir eyes with mine, lovingly drawing me in with hir hands and embracing me in a deep kiss. I loved the feel of hir tongue exploring my mouth, so I let hir have hir way with me.

And all the while, I was shrinking! I didn't want to be too small on this first time, so I started to resist the magic, stopping my height at just above three feet tall. Zolino knew what I was thinking, and nodded, carefully rolling off the bed, taking me with hir. From my view now, shi looked close to thirteen feet tall, just large enough to be dangerous, if shi wanted to be.

But Zolino didn't strike me as dangerous at all as shi let out a playful growl and 'menacingly' spread hir wings. I pretended to be scared, I guess I was a little nervous, but I just thought about what was coming. "Relax, I wouldn't hurt you," shi telepathically reassured me, and I felt another wave of coolness overtake me as shi masterfully wove another spell, some spell of protection was my guess. Shi must have know what I had hoped for.

Shi was getting aroused looking down at me, and I took hir cocktip into my mouth, feeling the warm, smooth flesh slide over my tongue. Zolino started to thrust softly into me, slowly forcing hirself deeper into my mouth and throat. It was almost like being impaled on a warm spear, but it didn't hurt for even a moment. Shi growled with pleasure as my throat muscles worked around hir cock. My face was buried into hir stomach, hir scent filling the air around me. It was irresistible; I could feel hir pulse through hir cock as it filled me.

And then, shi came. Hir waves of seed filled my stomach, leaving a nice, warm sensation. Shi looked down at me and smiles; it was only then I really noticed how aroused I had become. Shi quickly withdrew hirself and kneeled down before me, then gave my own member a long, slow lick with hir agile tongue. It was all I needed. I shivered at the touch even as I came, letting hir take my seed the way I had taken hirs.

Zolino picked me off the ground, holding me like a small child, or an oversized stuffed animal. "You're such a kind lover..." shi said, looking into my eyes. I could somehow feel the magic flowing from hir in that moment, and I decided to let the shrinking effect continue. I became smaller still, this time stopping at around eleven inches tall.

"I'd like to do that again," I told hi, pressing my face into hir chest. Shi nodded and lowered me to hir still-erect member, only thing time, I was laying on top of it. Oddly, I felt a strange feeling of power, even as small as I was, knowing I could still please Zolino. Shi sat down on the edge of the bed, so I could stand on it and still reach hir cock, giving me one more way to enjoy myself as I pleasured hir. As if pleasuring hir wasn't enjoyable enough by itself!

For a few moments, I just laid still atop Zolino's member, feeling the heat from it flow through me. I pressed my face against hir cocktip once I was read, taking a long sniff of hir alluring scent, then giving a tender lick across it.

"Ohh... you sure you've never done this beforrrrre..." shi said, growling softly with pleasure as shi tried to talk. I looked back up at hir just long enough to shake my head 'no' before giving hir another lick, and being thanked with a faceful of pre. Zolino put hir hand around both me and hir member and slowly started rubbing back and forth. I wriggled nervously at first, but then I moaned softly as I felt my cock rubbing against hirs. Shi was just trying to make this even more enjoyable for both of us.

Even as Zolino rubbed, though, I managed to keep my face just in front of hir cocktip, drinking in gulp after gulp of pre as it splashed onto my face. It was getting hotter, and I knew shi would come soon. I was ready for that. Zolino wasn't being quite so gentle now, but I felt my own climax building as shi worked away. It was an almost unearthly feeling, and I loved it.

Then, for the second time this afternoon, shi came, sending a thick wave of white over my head. In the same moment, I did the same, leaving my seed on hir member. Zolino laid back on the bed, which made hir cock fall on top of me. I felt the thick, hot flesh hit me, almost burying me into Zolino's stomach under its weight. I couldn't move, but I didn't care. And Zolino seemed to be enjoying this as much as I was.

It took a few minutes for Zolino to realize I was under hir member, but shi did eventually help me out from under it. Shi sat up and held me in hir hands, smiling back down at me. "Have fun?" shi asked, chuckling softly as shi noticed I was still hard from the experience. All I could do was nod, though, because I was completely spent both physically and sexually. Shi hugged me into hir breasts as shi laid back down, embracing me in a warm hug. I stretched out my arms and tried hugging hir as best as I could, given my size, but Zolino just laughed.

I had never felt so comfortable, so at ease around someone before, but Zolino was making me fall in love. "If this is a dream, I hope I never wake up", I thought, as shi cuddled me close, lulling me to sleep. I didn't take long to doze off in hir arms...

That Night

When I woke up, I saw Zolino had fallen asleep too. But even as shi slept, hir magic was still working; I hadn't grown an inch. I moved around a bit to try loosen up my muscles, waking up Zolino in the process. Shi yawned softly, then looked down at me from over hir muzzle. "That was a nice nap..." As shi spoke, I couldn't help but notice hir teeth and long tongue in hir maw. For a moment, I wanted to crawl inside there, just to see what it was like, but I was too big. "We could fix that," shi reminded me, as shi caught onto my thoughts. "What would you really like to do?"

That was a wide-open question if I'd ever heard one. I thought about it for a moment, going back to all the fantasies I'd ever had. Before I said anything, I let hir magic start shrinking me again, something that raised hir curiosity. "I was to be just a toy, Zolino" I said, "For you to do anything you want with..." I almost gasped at my own words. What was I thinking?

"Okay," shi said, standing up next to the bed and placing me just in from of hir. I had kept shrinking: 6"... 5½"... 5"... I knew how small I wanted to be, and Zolino smiles as shi saw my still-shrinking form. Eventually, I stopped when I was barely the size of his smallest toe claw, probably a half-inch. And that made Zolino look like 912 feet of powerful anthrodragoness, looming over me.

With a faked sinister chuckles, Zolino placed hir big toe on top of me and 'gently' pressed me into the floor. "Now, you're going to do exactly what I tell you or..." shi pressed down on me harder with hir toe, making the message clear. I knew shi was only playing, but the thought of hir being able to crush me like that was exciting. While I still could, I told hir what I hoped shi would do, even though shi certainly of capable of ordering me to do anything shi could think of.

For a moment, Zolino just stood with hir toe on me, hir foot odor filling the air. It wasn't overpowering, but it certainly added to the atmosphere, and my feeling of powerlessness. When shi stepped off of me a few moments later, I saw hir cock was starting to come out of hiding again, its tip glistening with pre. Shi placed me on the slick tip without saying a word. Shi didn't really need to; I started rubbing myself against it immediately. A wave of pre nearly sent me flying to the ground, but I held on for dear life, rubbing firmly against it.

Zolino let out a deep rumble of pleasure, sending shivers through my tiny form. I pressed my face into hir cocktip and took a lick, getting another mouthful of pre in the process. Another rumble drove me on, as I was just barely holding on to hir now; I gave another lick. That did it, as this time I was greeted by a tsunami of hir seed, sending me helplessly through the air. Zolino put hir paw right in front of hir cock to catch me, and held me just in front of hir cocktip as each white wave surged forth. I almost could have gone swimming, as I drank my fill from hir paw.

With a soft chuckle, Zolino smiled down at my white-covered form. Shi probably didn't think I wanted to stay coated like that for good, so shi lifted me up to hir muzzle, then licked me right out of hir hand. I mmmmed with pleasure as hir tongue ran along my already hardened cock. Shi kept me inside hir mouth, sucking on me like a piece of candy until I came, leaving little more than a drop of my seed on hir tongue. So warm and comfortable...

We were both in paradise. I was loving every touch, being subjected to Zolino's every whim; shi must have enjoyed the feeling of power. There was nothing in the world except us. I never wanted to leave – the the doorbell rang. "Oh no..." Zolino said, barely speaking above a whisper, "Father said he was going to set me up with someone he liked, but I didn't think it would be this soon..."

Paradise lost? I didn't think it was that much of a disaster, yet. "Could I just hide somewhere?" I suggested. There didn't seem to be a better solution.

"But where, Michael? If I put you somewhere, I might lose you..."

I thought about that for a second. I was half an inch tall, and there were plenty of places I could fit in to hide. But if Zolino thought I'd get lost if shi put me somewhere... wait, Zolino had hir own hiding spot! "Maybe you could put me in there?" I said, looking at hir feminine sex. I didn't like the idea much either, but there wasn't time to be rational.

"You've got to be..." shi started to say, but the doorbell rang again, cutting hir off mid-sentence. Shi took one look at me, then carefully held me in hir paw. With a slightly sad smile, shi put me deep inside hir, into complete darkness. It was impossible to see anything, but I could still feel the hot, moist walls around me, keeping me warm as I hid. I felt the walls move around me, but I tried to hold still, hoping not to arouse hir to add to an already complex situation.

How long I was there, I couldn't guess. Maybe ten minutes, maybe an hour; I wasn't particularly comfortable, no matter how long it was. Zolino shivered a few times, making me nervous. What if hir protective spell wasn't strong enough...? But I trusted hir, even as I waited, as if I could do anything else. Then I felt something else, pushing me further inside. "What the heck?" I thought, and whatever it was pulled away, then slammed into me again. It was getting warmer now, and I squirmed even more uncomfortably than before.

But it seemed like every time I moved, it just made things worse. Wait, now I knew what was going on. Zolino was having sex with whoever came over, and had forgotten about me! I started to panic with the realization; this was the last place I wanted to be in, especially at this size. I slid down to the cocktip of Zolino's partner and started pounding on it, hoping the other person would notice, but it seemed to only arouse them both further. It wasn't long, though, before I felt a wave of seed crash over me. The warmth and physical pounding had taken a toll on me, as I fell unconscious inside Zolino...

The Next Morning

I woke up to find Zolino holding me tightly to hir, crying. Shi had returned me to my normal size while I Was out. Though I still felt a little woozy, at least I was okay. "Zolino?" I said, "What's wrong?"

That was enough to at least get hir attention. Shi looked into my eyes, probably reading my mind during the silence. "You're okay?" shi asked. I nodded, gently wiping a tear from hir eye. Once shi stopped crying, Zolino told me what happened. The date her father had set hir up with (also a dragon, coincidentally) was very forceful, and had raped hir after shi asked him to leave. Shi had already filed a report, but shi said that I was the one shi really worried about. "If something had happened to you..."

All I could do was hug hir, because I didn't know what to say. I hadn't enjoyed it either, and I hated that other dragon for treating Zolino like that. So I laid down with Zolino and held hir, hoping things would be back to normal someday...

Four Months Later

It took a while, but we proved lucky. The case went well, and that other dragon earned a long time in jail. Zolino and I had become closer through that time. We went to dinner out once in a while (usually taking the back room during the mid-afternoon), went to the beach a few times at night, and spent a lot of time alone with each other. We still played around like we always had; Zolino knew I was nothing like that dragon, that I would never hurt hir. I trusted hir the same way, even when shi shrank me to the point where I was powerless to resist hir whims. There had to be something between us, love, maybe? I didn't know what else to call it.

Zolino told hir father shi didn't want him to set hir up any more dates. He was a bit reluctant at first, but he eventually agreed to it. I was trying to get away from work more often to spend time with hir, and I thought about moving in with hir more than once. But I was still happy to visit every chance I could, still dreaming about how I wished things could be.

It was a rainy Friday afternoon as I pulled up to Zolino's house once again. I brought a pizza from the local pizzeria for dinner, hoping this would be another fun evening. Just the two of us, alone together; that was all I really wanted. Zolino had given me a key, so I just let myself in and put the pizza in the kitchen. "Zolino, it's me!" I called out, just in case shi didn't hear me come in. I heard nothing though. The house was silent.

"Hello?" I yelled again, starting to worry. I had just spoken with Zolino earlier that afternoon, and things were fine. Shi said shi'd be waiting for me. And yet, here I was, with no sign of hir. I couldn't help but cry, until I heard someone else walk in the door. "H... hello?" I was seriously worried. Who was it?

Zolino walked in, apparently knowing I had already come in. Shi walked into the kitchen and hugged me, smiling. "You came over early, didn't you?" shi asked playfully, hugging me with hir wings. "I was just out on an evening jog; it's fun running in the rain. Michael, I don't know why you worry about me so much." Of course I worried, though, because I had never been that close to someone before, but this wasn't the time for saying that. Besides, I figured shi knew that already. A soft nod from hir told me I was right.

"If you're hungry, I picked up a pizza," I said. If shi wasn't hungry, I was, at least.

"Lead the way," shi said with a chuckle. We ate, chatting for a while about whatever crossed our minds. I never got tired of hearing hir voice, or just looking at hir. After all, this was my dream come true. For a moment, I thought of myself as an anthrodragon like Zolino, but I knew that was impossible. Even dreams have their limits sometimes, not that I was really complaining; I was with Zolino, after all, someone who cared for me. What else could I have wanted?

Zolino suggested we go to hir room after dinner. I knew what that meant. Once in hir room, we both took off our clothes, just to be sure we got comfortable. At first, we just laid down with each other, Zolino holding me with hir wings and running hir hands across my chest. Shi was still hot and sweaty from hir run; I loved it. "Zolino... would you make me smaller?" Before I could even finish the sentence, I felt the brief chill Zolino's magic always brought on. A few minutes later, I was six inches tall, laying on hir stomach. I pressed my face gently into hir, taking in the scent, giving Zolino an occasional, soft kiss. Just being with this dragoness was enough to make my happy, and I seemed to have the same effect on hir.

Shi let me rest on top of hir for a while; shi seemed to be getting aroused by it, hir cock came out of its sheath and started rubbing against me, sending shivers through my spine. "Michael, I think I'll take a bath now," Zolino said, gently picking me up in hir hand, "Want to come with me?" I nodded; I could imagine what shi might do with me. Zolino held me in hir paw, taking me into the bathroom with hir. I heard the muffled sound of a faucet turning on, then shi placed me on the edge of the tub as shi got in, stretching out hir legs. I didn't see hir put any soap in the water, either, but couldn't tell if it was intentional or not.

When Zolino turned off the water, it was halfway to hir chest as shi sat, legs outstretched. Zolino picked me up again, gently putting me into the water. I thought for a moment, then let myself shrink even further, down to 1/8" tall, more than small enough to make the tub into a pool. Now Zolino looked like more than half-a-mile of beautiful anthrodragoness, and I was little more than an insect to hir at this size. "Want to go underwater>" shi asked, using telepathy since hir voice would probably have been incomprehensible to my ears.

"Sure," I said, thinking about what was under there. A chill let me know Zolino was working hir magic again. I felt like I could breathe underwater, so I dived under, heading into the depths. Zolino's cock was just peeking out of its sheath, and it was easy to see as I dove, so I swam for it. At my current size, I could have even crawled inside. But, at least for now, I just pressed myself against hir cocktip, giving a long, slow lick, and I was rewarded with Zolino's soft growl of pleasure, a rumbling I could feel throughout my entire body.

As hir cock slid forth, I swam around it, rubbing myself on the warm flesh. I loved the feel of it as I pressed myself against it, how I could almost feel hir pulse. When it finally came to its full length, I swam back to hir cocktip. Even though the water, a splash of pre coated me, reminding me of my size. Taking a deep breath, I swam into hir cock, feeling the warm, slick surfaces around me. I swam against the waves of pre as they came forth, feeling Zolino's growls rumble through me.

And then, we both came at the same moment. I couldn't even try to fight the see as it shot me out, sending me into the air with its force. I flew for several seconds before splashing down in the water again, going deep under before I could swim back to the surface. Zolino smiled down at me, scooping me up with hir paw. Shi then put me into hir mouth and sucked on me like a piece of candy. I needed no encouragement to thrust my still-aroused cock against hir long tongue as it pressed against me, quickly bringing me to another climax. So warm, so comfortable, I didn't feel like I could have left hir.

Zolino let me out of hir mouth, placing me back on the edge of the tub so I could watch hir. The water flowed over hir form so smoothly, like a waterfall. I just looked on as shi moved with effortless grace, impossibly agile for someone hir size. When shi was done, shi held hir towel in front of me. "Want a ride?" shi said with a playful smile. I wasn't sure what shi was suggesting, but I climbed on anyway, holding on tightly to the cloth.

Once I was in place, Zolino started drying off, rubbing both the towel and me across hir body. Shi took hir time, especially around hir sheath, letting me feel the smooth skin of hir body up close. It was indescribable... when shi had completely dried off, shi took me back into hir paw, closing my eyes contently as shi closed hir fingers around me. "You like being small, don't you?" Zolino asked telepathically.

"Of course I do," I answered, even though I thought it was a rhetorical question. "I wouldn't have let you shrink me if I didn't." It was weird, but being so small, so powerless, was arousing for me. Even more arousing was knowing I could 'help' Zolino's arousal, even when shi was several hundred times my size. But I knew shi would never hurt me; shi was just playing. There was something between us I felt, something closer, deeper than what we did ever really showed... love?

I thought about that for a while, but I couldn't think of anything else to call it. We trusted each other, cared, shared our personal thoughts, and yes, yiffed each other every now and then. But knowing that Zolino was there for me, even if I was feeling down, that's what really drew me to hir. My thoughts were interrupted as Zolino let me out onto the bed, then sat down next to me. Gathering up all the courage I had, I said "Zolino... I... I love you."

For a moment, Zolino said nothing. I started to worry. But then shi smiled, "I love you too, Michael... if you want to stay, I could find room for you..." That would be nice if we could always be together. After all, I was coming over here every spare hour I had. I didn't really have to work where I was now; I could ask to be transferred to another restaurant. For the first time, I actually wanted to be with someone, never to be alone again. While I was thinking, Zolino held me to hir chest, embracing me in the closest thing to a hug we could share given my current size. I smiled and said nothing more; something told me Zolino already knew anyway. We just laid there, together, for the rest of the night, as two inseparable lovers...

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