The Capture

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A bit different than some of the stuff I write now, in that it's actually predominantly not macro/micro-oriented, but it was quite enjoyable writing this anyway. Written in the second-person for someone I, unfortunately, am no longer in touch with, it's meant to be enjoyed as if it's happening to you, assuming this is your thing. Can't think of much more to say, other than "Enjoy."

You wake up, groggy, with a dull ache in the back of your head. As you try to move, you feel your paws chained to the wall. Slowly, memories of earlier that day return, still blurred, but enough to explain your current situation. There was... something that passed by, then something hit your head, knocking you unconscious. It wasn't painful - you remember that much - but everything else seems distant, like a fading dream.

The room you're in has just one window; the evening sun shining through it is the only light. Other than the sound of waves, there is silence. You can't see anything but the sky through the window, but you guess you're on the coastline somewhere. But where is somewhere? It doesn't really matter, you decide, slowly drifting off into sleep again...

You're awakened by the sound of a door opening, but it's far too dark to see, now that the room's completely dark. A small anthro-tiger, maybe five feet tall, walks in with a lantern, bringing the light toward you. "Cap'n! We gonna do da usual t' this 'un?" That's when you notice another form in the shadows, standing near the door.

You can't tell who or what it is, but it looks much bigger than the tiger. All you can see is a small flame on its... tail?

"No..." a deep voice rumbles, "I have other things in mind for this one... please, put out the light."

"Aye, Captain," the tiger says. With that, the lantern is extinguished, and the sound of the door closing is the only sign that the tiger has left. Now, you're alone with who- or whatever has that flame. A deep chuckle comes from across the room as the creature walks toward you, the fire on its tail still burning bright in the darkness.

The creature walks casually, swinging the flame-tipped tail idly as it comes closer. Once within a few feet, the tail moves in front of you, letting you see what was standing before you. It's an anthrodragon, a good two feet taller than you are, with bright red-orange scales. Judging from the look of the dragon – who isn't wearing any clothes – it's a he. And he looks powerful; stronger than you are, at least. "So," he says, a smirk on his muzzle, "Comfortable? I do hope you'll enjoy what's next as much as I will." He re-lights the lantern with his tail, the eerie light keeping it only bright enough for you to see him without the fire on his tail lighting his body.

He places a hand on your face, gently stroking your muzzle. "My name's Charassor," he says, "And do you know why you're here? Never mind, you'll find out soon enough." He kneels in front of you, looking over your body for a moment. "So... a herm..." he muses, the tone definitely hinting at something. But what, exactly, you can't quite put a claw on. He stands back up and slips something over your face, a muzzle of some kind, clamping it shut.

"Now, you're going to do what I say. Got it?" Without waiting for you answer – not that you could answer him right now – he undoes the bonds holding you to the wall, letting you move freely again, except for you muzzle. But before you get too comfortable, something pulls your head upwards, forcing you to look back up into Charassor's fire-red eyes. Remembering his warning, you decide not to resist, especially since it looks like he's strong enough to break you in half if he tried.

Charassor presses himself against you, softly mrrring. It isn't long before something hard begins to come out of his sheath, growing longer my the minute. He pulls on your 'leash' every so often, looking down into your eyes. Once his cock reaches its full length, Charassor slowly moves lower on your back, then presses his cock against your tailhole, forcing himself inside you. "Oh, yesss..." he growls as he thrusts inside you, a pleased smile on his face. He wraps his arms around you in a hug from behind, pinning your arms to your sides, as he continues for a while, his growls slowly growing louder and deeper.

But as Charassor's cock is buried deep inside you, you feel your own arousal starting to grow. You cock now comes forth, but Charassor's 'hug' keeps you from doing anything. It doesn't take long for Charassor to notice, though, as he slowly moves his right hand down your body, keeping hold of your muzzle's leash in his left. Even through your muzzle, you manage a muffled moan as he places his hand on your shaft and begins stroking it to its full length, teasing the tip with his thumb.

You lock eyes with Charassor as he pulls on the leash again, but there's something in his eyes, an unspoken message. They seem to claim you as his, and his alone. His growling continues to grow louder as he feel his pre inside you. The light grows brighter as Charassor's climax comes closer, the flame on his tail becoming a raging fire. His movement is quicker now, both as he thrusts inside you and rubs your cock, smiling as he feels your pre on his paw.

It takes only a few more moments for Charassor to climax, sending waves of his hot seed into you. As he tenses, you feel yourself go over the edge, peaking in the same moment. He just stands behind you for a moment, savoring the feeling, before he withdraws from you, then licks your seed of his hand. "Yes, I thought you'd be useful," he mrrrs, leading you back to the wall. But, this time, he doesn't tie you back to the wall; he just releases your muzzle. "Something tells me you don't want to leave. I'm sure you'll want to do this again..." He smiles, gently caressing your face. "It's been a long time since I've found such an eager partner..." The happy glow on his face fades as he continues.

"I remember my first mate," he says with a sigh, "We were together every moment we could be. I loved him so... but, one day, he took ill. We tried to save him but..." As he pauses, you notice a single tear running down his right check. "You remind me of him so – your looks, your likes... Please, stay, I beg of you, at least for this night..." He hugs you as he waits for your answer. You think about it for a moment, then decide there would be no harm in staying; you enjoyed tonight anyway. You nod. Charassor hugs you again as he sees the nod, thanking you for staying. "I'll personally make sure you're provided for. Until morning..." He embraces you in a kiss, then walks out, leaving you alone for the night, with only your thoughts for company.

As the lantern light flickers in the darkness, reminding you of the dragon's flaming tail, you keep thinking back to what Charassor demanded from you, and how his demands seemed to pleasure you as much as they pleased him. And his offer, to stay as a lover, seems almost too enjoyable. As you curl up to sleep for the night, you can't help but wonder how long it is until morning, and Charassor's next visit...

The next morning

You're again awakened by the sound of someone coming through the door; this time, the morning sun lets you see who it is clearly. You're slightly disappointed that it isn't Charassor, but it is another anthrodragon. This one is a lot smaller than Charassor; he couldn't be more than three feet tall. His scales are indigo-blue, his wings are just a little lighter than that. You notice is long tail, half again as long as he is tall, trailing behind him. And his wings seem quite large for a dragon his size, easily seven feet long from tip-to-tip as he stretches them out.

"Good morning," he says, "I'm Altair. Charassor told me to take care of you while he's out for the morning, so I thought I'd bring you breakfast." You smile back down at Altair as he sets your meal before you, then sits down nearby. "I... I hope you don't mind if I stay, do you?" As you shake your head no, his scales seem to shift to a slightly lighter shade of blue than they were a moment ago.

As you eat, Altair starts telling you about himself. "I've only been on Charassor's crew for a little while, compared to some of the people here, but we've gotten along really well. I joined his sailing crew because I wanted to meet new people, and to see the world. I guess it worked, since he's letting me see you now..." he reaches over and gently scritches your leg, smiling affectionately up at you. There's something special about him, something you feel with him that you didn't quite feel from Charassor last night. As much as you enjoyed it, you wonder for a moment if Altair would ever do anything with you. Something tells you he feels the same, as he tenderly strokes your leg and smiles.

When you finish eating, Altair picks up the dished and turns to leave. But, he looks back and says, "I... hope I'll see you again." As he walks out, you feel the same. He seemed friendly enough, and there was just something about him, something that made you wish he would stay. Above, you hear a sudden roar of noise, as if something had happened. You hear the door quickly being thrown open as Altair comes back in. "Charassor... he... just come with me!" You follow him as he flies through the corridors, leading you up to the surface, and Charassor.

You see Charassor standing on a large rock, looking out over the crowd, with another dragon at his side. "Everyone!" he roars to get the attention of the crowd, his tail-flame burning brightly, "After searching the islands, I've found my mate once more!" He stops to hug him, a few embers flying from his tail. "Now that I've found what I've been searching for, I want you all to do the same! Go, and follow your dreams!" The crowd cheers as Charassor takes off with his mate, the two going inland to be alone together.

Altair gently strokes your leg – he couldn't reach any higher even if he wanted to – drawing your attention. "Looks like he won't be back for a while. He can be gone for days at a time..." He leads you back down to your room, talking the rest of the way down. Then he sits back down with you, apparently wanting to continue the conversation. "So... have you ever... been in love?" he asks, and you notice him turn a few shades redder as he blushes.

You shake your head no; you've never really felt close to anyone before. Usually you end up alone. It's been getting to you lately, actually, but Altair, this small, color-changing dragon; there just seems to be something about him. You gently reach down and rub his wings, causing Altair to mrrr softly and smile at the touch. Altair stretches out his tail and rubs it against your arm as you caress his wings, trying to return the favor. He seems to enjoy your company as much as you enjoy his, at least until a loud crashing sound outside and a piercing, feminine voice shrieking, "Altair, help me!" interrupts you.

"Excuse me..." Altair says, grumbling under his breath. He comes back a few minutes later, but he isn't three feet tall anymore; he's only about two inches in height. "I needed to help her. She's friendly, but..." he pauses as he catches the surprised look on your face. You know you can't just be imagining this, but how did he shrink? "Let me guess, you're wondering what happened to me. Well, I know some magic, and changing my size is my favorite thing to do. Besides, I kind of like being this size, even if it is a little small at times."

That explains it. You wonder what other abilities Altair might have, but decide not to ask. He affectionately scritches your side as you sit down again, giving you a bit of a hug by stretching his wings out around you. He acts like he's done this before – he did say he liked being that size, after all. Altair continues for a while, but then says, "I'm getting hungry. Would you like me to get you some lunch?" You nod, even if you are still a little full from breakfast.

Altair flies off and returns about twenty minutes later with a fairly small lunch compared to the breakfast he brought, but no less delicious looking. He had grown to a few feet tall to carry the food, but returns to 2" tall once he puts the food down. "Do you mind if I have a little bit of that?" he asks, moving a small portion of his side of the plate with his wings. He seems fairly creative, you think, and wonder what else he's come up with as an adaptation to his size. You talk over lunch, exchanging your life's stories.

Altair, it turns out, wasn't brought to this world by choice, but eventually made a home for himself. He decided to join up with Charassor and sail around the oceans because he's always wanted to explore. Though one storm left him stranded on an island for a while, even that sounded like a fairly enjoyable experience. "There's always something more out there; I feel like I want to keep looking for something... it's almost like something's missing, but I never can find it..." he takes one look into your eyes, then glances away, like he wants to say something, but doesn't know how.

You gently place your tailtip on his shoulder, stroking him with it. He slowly turns back around and looks up at you again, smiling softly. "I don't know what it is about you," he says, reaching up to hug your tail, "But I feel relaxed around you, so comfortable, like I've known you for ages. Anyway, would you like to take a look around? It's not like we're keeping you prisoner." He opens the door, and you follow him out.

The complex is labyrinthine, but Altair seems to know the way around. He leads you thought just about everything interesting, eventually taking you outside. It's late afternoon now; Altair grows to about three-quarters of your size and takes a lantern from someone else on the crew and lights it before you go any further. "There's one last thing I want to show you," he says, walking away from the complex. A few minutes later he stops, for no obvious reason. "Look around," he says, holding up the lantern for you to see.


You see that Altair's led you to the beach; the ocean waves lap against the sand on one side, trees rustle idly in the breeze on the other. The stars are just starting to come out, and the moon is peeking over the eastern horizon. "Charassor would bring me here from time time to time," Altair says, sitting down and looking into the moon for a moment before turning back towards you. "There's nobody else around, if you want to... um... you know..."

Altair's turns a few shades redder as he blushes while stumbling over his words. But what he can't stay in words, he does instead, gently rubbing his tail against yours, and smiling as he hears your soft cry of contentment. "There... there's one thing I've always wanted to try..." he says, "M... may I?" You nod in consent; you were hoping he would ask. He stands up and gives you a hug, smiling back up into your eyes. You feel him trying to pull you down as he hugs, so you decide to go along with it, taking you and Altair down to the white sands.

With a soft chuckle, Altair caresses you, gently running his paws across your chest and down your body. Then he takes one paw and begins to massage the area around your sheath, gradually drawing out your cock. You notice his scales are slowly reddening as his own arousal comes forth. He looks back up at your face, then slides down your body and draws your cock into his mouth, suckling on it softly and stroking it with his long, slender tongue. Slowly, he turns and lays atop you, his own member just in front of your muzzle.

You give Altair's cock a cautious lick, causing him to mrrr with pleasure. He continues to suck on your arousal, enjoying your own pleasured sounds. You feel him moving his long, agile tail back down your body, stroking your side with it. He eventually moves it all the way past his head, slowly rubbing it along the base of your shaft, then working it inside your feminine opening, mrring a bit louder as he feels the slick surfaces around his tail. He moves his tail around inside you slowly, teasingly, enjoying every sound and move you make.

Altair's cock hardens fully now, and you take his idea and begin to suck it in the same way he does yours. He lets out a soft growl as you do, giving your cocktip a lick with his tongue and getting a taste of your pre. He shivers with pleasure as your warmth combines with his to overtake the coolness of the night, and your scent begins to fill the air. Ad all the time, he continues to move his tail inside you and tenderly lick at your shaft, driven on by your sounds of pleasure.

It's too much for you to resist as you quickly reach your climax, your peak drawing Altair's as well. He drinks your seed as it fills his muzzle, growling happily at the taste. Once you've recovered slightly, he turns around again, looking deep into your eyes. "That was wonderful... I had hoped you'd like that too..." He gives you a soft kiss, wrapping his wings around you in a hug. "But we'd better go back now, before anyone misses us."

Altair helps you up, smiling up at you once you're back on your feet. He wraps one wing around you as he leads you back, taking your paw in his. "I hope I can be with you every moment I can," you hear him whisper, and you feel the same for him. You feel like you've found something you've been missing, and never want to be alone again.


The next morning, you wake up with a smile. Altair took you back to your room, and asked if he could stay. You agreed, as you were hoping for the company. He shrunk back to about two feet tall, and you remember him purring as you cuddled him almost like a living teddy-dragon. He fell asleep in your arms; you dozed off only a few moments later.

You can't believe how things turned out. You had never planned on meeting anyone, and Altair said he thought the same, yet you're with him now. Even if you tried, you couldn't find a reason not to want to be with him. He seems to be such a caring dragon, and he looks so happy as you hold him, you know he's being sincere. As you cuddle him a bit closer, he yawns softly and wakes up. "Good morning," he says, giving you a soft nuzzle. "Did you sleep well?" You nod. How couldn't you have slept well with him?

Altair chuckles softly. "You were growling a bit in your sleep, but I thought it was kind of reassuring..." he nuzzles into your chest again with a purr. He seems perfectly happy to just be with you, and you enjoy his presence just the same. "I don't know why," Altair continues, "But I just feel something from you that I've never felt before. I'm usually independent, but right now, I just want to be with you." You hold him closer, nodding in silent agreement. He seems so much like you, a perfect match.

"So," he says, smiling up towards you, "Should I fetch breakfast?" You let him go, and he returns a few minutes later with more than enough food for both of you. You chat some more over breakfast, sharing more about yourself with Altair. "Just wondering, but is there anything you like? Charassor had his own ideas for 'playtime', but what do you like doing?" He seems a bit shy in asking, though you decide to answer anyway. You rather liked the way Charassor had muzzled you the one night, how he could dominate you so readily, though you weren't a very unwilling victim.

With a nod, Altair tells you about his own likes. "Remember how I said I like being small? I like the thought of being powerless to someone so much bigger than I am, all I can do is what I'm forced to..." He blushes a bit after saying that, looking up towards you. It sounds like you both have similar tastes: you being dominated by being bound, Altair by sheer size. "Um... I better clean this up," he says, gathering the breakfast dishes and darting out.

You feel so open around Altair. He seems to listen to your every thought, and agreeing with most of it. And you could tell Altair wasn't normally so open with people either, but wanted to share everything he could. He comes back a few minutes later, though now only six inches tall, carrying a bag with his tail. He puts the bag off in the corner of the room and walks over towards you again, smiling.

"I brought everything I might need for the rest of the day, so I can spend the time with you," he explains, giving you a tender scritching. Smiling, you reach down and give him a soft hug, causing the tiny dragon to purr happily as he nuzzles into it. You just hold him for a short while, perfectly content just being here. Altair's scales slowly fade to a sky-blue shade as the happiness he feels makes itself clear, even if he doesn't say anything. For once, everything just seems right...

Two Weeks Later

Altair has moved into the room you were given, adding his bed and few personal items to the spacious room. You've taken to sleeping with him, his warmth assuring you that all's well, even on the coldest nights. And yet, he warms your hard as well, with a soft warmth in your soul that surfaces every time you think of him.

It's late evening, with the light outside beginning to dim as the sun sets. Altair brought dinner already - the meals here were always excellent - and seemed eager to talk. You never thought you could be so happy just talking with someone. He smiles and nuzzles into you, tenderly wrapping his wings around your neck.

He smiles to you, with the look of pure happiness on his face. You smile back, feeling the same. This is perfect, almost too perfect, but very real. Finding something deep within your heart, you say, "I love you," the words ringing truer than anything you've ever said before. You notice a tear in Altair's eye, but he doesn't cry.

"I love you too," he says, nuzzling deeply into your neck. In this moment, it seems like the entire world is at peace. Problems mean nothing; only this matters. You want to be with him forever, and wish he would never leave. "I've never felt this close to someone before..." he says; your thoughts exactly. You just hug him closer, giving nothing else a thought.

The sun goes down, and you let Altair go for long enough to light the lantern. He looks back towards you, but doesn't run back like he usually does. Instead, he takes a look around for something inside his bag, obviously with something in mind. "I... you said you liked what Charassor did?" he asks. You nod. Altair quickly grows to 18 feet tall, then pulls something out of his bag, hiding it behind his back. He walks over and, before you can even see it, he slips a muzzle onto you, closing the button-like clasp.

Atair moves gently, being careful with you. He pulls slightly on the leash, bringing your head around to meet his gaze. "May I?" he asks, looking deep into your eyes, "I'll only do it if you want me to." Even with the muzzle on, you manage to smile and nod. Altair smiles back, gently kissing your neck. You feel him rubbing against you, softly as his cock slowly comes out of its sheath. He presses into you, taking things much slower than Charassor did, allowing you more time to enjoy yourself.

You feel a tug on the leash as Altair moves it from his hand to the grip of his extremely long and agile tail, freeing up both his paws. He embraces you, slowly rubbing your body as he begins to thrust into you. You hear him mrrrring softly, and you're rather enjoying this yourself. He slowly moves his right hand down your body, rubbing near your groin to try draw your own cock out.

There seems to be a balance in Altair's mind, one between trying to pleasure you and satisfy his own curiosity. He moves slowly, gently, trying not to hurt or scare you. Altair tenderly rubs a claw across your cocktip as it comes forth, continuing his rhythmic movement inside you. Despite him being just three-quarters of Charassor's size, Altair fills you even more than Charassor, though you don't object in the least.

With a soft tug on your leash, Altair pulls your face around to meet his again. He smiles, taking another look into your eyes. Then he pulls you closer and gives you a kiss, assuring you of his feelings. Even as he kisses, he rubs your cock, drawing out its full length. He holds it tightly in his paw, rubbing along its length and occasionally teasing your cocktip with a claw, rubbing underneath your muzzle with his free paw.

You can feel Altair's pre within your depths, the warmth of his cock building. Altair mrrrs quietly, thrusting a bit erratically as he feels his climax nearing. You also leave your pre on Altair's paw, allowing his to rub you more easily. You only hope Altair's enjoying this as much as you are.

With a growl of pleasure, Altair comes, filling you with his seed. He strokes you for a few moments longer, then withdraws himself, thinking for a moment. Without saying a word, he moves to your front and takes your cock into his muzzle, giving it a long, slow lick. Even through the muzzle, you manage a moan as you too climax, giving Altair a muzzleful to swallow.

Smiling, Altair looks up to you, letting the leash fall out of his tail. He stands and takes your muzzle off, allowing you completely free movement again. "That was nice..." he says; you nod in agreement, hoping he'll do this again sometime. He tosses the leash and muzzle into the corner, embracing you in a winghug. There's nothing to say; words can't describe how you feel at the moment. You gradually doze off in Altair's hold, his wings keeping you warm through the night.

Three Days Later

You're still asleep when Altair wakes up; he smiles as he gazes up to your closed eyes. Once again, you're holding him, his muzzle in your chest, and he rather enjoys being cuddled that way through the night. "Maybe, if shi's asleep, shi won't mind if I..." he looks up again, making sure you really are asleep, then begins to shrink himself, falling out of your arms as he does. He decides to become even smaller than his usual height, to just over a tenth of an inch, just large enough to be noticeable.

Slipping beneath the covers, Altair begins to walk down your body, holding the sheets up over his head. He can just see well enough in the dark to know where he is. He continues to walk across your stomach, stopping as he nears your sheath, looking into it. It's more than large enough to hold him inside, given his current size. Mrrrring with anticipation, he slides inside head first, hearing you make a soft sound in your sleep.

It's fairly warm inside you sheath, with a faint musk in the air. Altair loves it. He climbs further inside, until he's met with your dormant cock. Softly, Altair presses himself against it, mrring softly as he feels you twitch slightly. He continues to rub you, stroking near the tip, and being rewarded as he feels it begin to harden. This is a situation he's rather familiar with, as he almost instinctually holds onto your lengthening cock with his wings, freeing his paws to stroke you, as he begins to rub his entire body against it.

Altair eventually feels your sheath rubbing against his back, his body making it a little more difficult than normal for your member to come out. It takes a moment, the pressure on his tiny form building, though it does eventually press out, forcing Altair with it. But as it does, Altair notices something. The sheets aren't there anymore. He looks around, still holding on to your cocktip, until he sees you looking down at him; he's managed to wake you up. Though you really don't mind how he's awakened you, you growl down at him anyway, being more far playful than threatening.

But Altair mis-reads the message as a threat, and quickly begins to rub you again, only slightly nervous. He's sure he can please you, if you allow him the chance. Your soft sounds of pleasure urge him on. It isn't long before Altair begins to become aroused himself, rubbing his body against you to try fill his own needs. Your pre splashes him directly in the face, dripping down and coating his entire, tiny form, making him quite slippery. He begins to slide off your cockhead, but catches himself using his wings once again. It's enough to give you an idea, though, as you carefully take him into your paw and begin to rub him along your length, pleasuring Altair as much as it serves your own desires.

Within your paw, Altair stretches out his wings and wraps them around your cock, wiggling against you. But he isn't wiggling to get away, he's almost overcome with the feeling. You feel his own pre on your length, assuring you of his enjoyment. You hold yourself back, rubbing slowly, to prolong the feeling. And Altair doesn't seem to mind at all, as he continues to do all he can to please you, occasionally giving you a soft lick, getting a taste of you.

The small taste Altair gets, however, is nothing compared to what he's very close to getting. You begin to rub yourself faster, Altair mrrring within your grasp, feeling the warmth build. Your scent fills the air around Altair, the tiny dragon taking in a long, deep breath of it. You bring him near your cocktip, holding him there for the last few moments before your climax. Somehow, he manages to escape your grasp, climbing inside your cock, only leaving his tail outside.

Before you can 'rescue' him, your climax hits, the wave forcing Altair into the air. He lands on your stomach in a small pool of seed, shiverering at the feeling of the pleasurable warmth around him. You feel his tiny tongue as he drinks his fill, though he's left there, and can't quite pull himself out. Smiling, you pick him up on your claw, holding him up to your face. He smilers nervously, not sure how to explain himself, though an explanation is the one thing you don't really need. Instead, you carefully place him inside your maw, sucking him clean.

Altair presses into your tongue, needing only a few moments to reach his climax as well, giving you a taste of his own seed. You can't help but laugh softly; he seems so eager to do things, even at his size. As you pull him back out of your mouth, Altair gently scritches your muzzle, purring. "I... I hope you don't mind me waking you up..." he says, this time his smile being anything but nervous. You shake your head, giving him another playful slurp and returning the smile.

You lay back down, gently closing your paw around Altair. It doesn't take long for Altair to doze off in your gentle, loving grasp. Similarly, you feel sleep begin to overtake you as well, taking you back to the realm of dreams. There will be plenty of time to clean up later, not that you really care about that right now. You have more important things to do right now, like sleep, and dream about Altair...

Four Days Later

Every day, it seems like you and Altair are growing closer, like every time you say, "I love you," it holds more meaning than the time before. Altair's even said it's like he needs to be with you, because something's missing when he isn't. And though you and Altair yiff rather frequently, your love runs far deeper than just physical attraction. You feel like you have almost everything in common with him, and never even want to think about being alone.

You've exchanged plenty of ideas with Altair, thoughts, hopes, dreams, and fantasies. It just seems natural talking to him, another so much like yourself. He seems to remember a few things you tell him, and you can tell he's been getting ideas, as he smiles one night and says, "So... would you like me to... try something?" He never seems able to say things like that outright, but you still get the idea and you nod your consent. "Okay... just lay down on the bed."

As you lay down, Altair grows to nearly 30' tall, nearly enough to have his wingtips brush against the ceiling. He pulls something out of his bag – rope, maybe? Before Altair does anything, though, he looks at you and asks, "Do you trust me with this?" He's made it clear in the past that he never wants to do anything without your agreement first, and this is no exception. Again, you nod. though you aren't entirely sure what he had in mind, you think you're going to enjoy it.

Smiling back down, Altair carefully ties your arms and legs to the bed, keeping you from moving more than a few inches, except for your long neck. The 'rope' he used is quite soft, ensuring it doesn't hurt at all. He begins to shrink now, stopping when he reaches four feet tall. Chuckling, he stands on your chest you could easily reach him with your long neck if you wanted to. "So, you comfortable?" He doesn't wait for answer, sliding down your stomach to reach your sheath.

Altair slides his arm into your sheath, stroking you and your dormant cock within it. He moves slowly, teasingly, hearing your pleasured sounds. Then he pulls out his arm and sticks his head inside, nuzzling into your now-lengthening member. You hear his muffled mrrr as he nuzzles some more, though it isn't long before you length forces him out of your sheath.

Smiling, Altair gives your cock a lick, trying to get a taste of you. He never seems to tire of trying to please you, in any way he can, and the look on his face suggests he's enjoying this too. As your cock lengthens, he slowly moves up your body, mrrring loudly as he rubs himself against you. You pull against the ropes holding you in place, without success.

Eventually, you reach your full length, and Altair seems to have more ideas. He slides off your cock and wraps his long, agile tail around it, rubbing you with the fine scales as he walks back up your body. He stands just in reach of your long neck now, as you get an idea of your own. You lean down and lick his own cock, sending shivers through his form as he presses back into your tongue.

You develop a rhythm, licking Altair at the time he leans forward, then allowing him to lean back, sliding his coiled tail up and down around your cock. You let out a wave of pre, most of it soaking Altair's tail and backside. He doesn't mind that he's wet – quite the opposite, actually. Your ropes are being strained by your movements now, as you desperately try to reach your climax.

Altair does a good job of prolonging it, though, slowing his movements slightly as he feels your warmth build. But that barely matters to you now, as you're almost overcome with pleasure. You lick Altair almost aimlessly, the spurts of pre he lets out not even registering in your mind; all you can really focus on is the incredible feeling that seems to go on forever.

But all good things do come to an end in time. Altair climaxes first, leaving his seed on your tongue. The taste is enough to drive you over the edge as well, as your cock sends forth a stream of white powerfully enough to knock Altair down face-first, onto your stomach, as the waves of seed wash over him. He turns over, now laying on his back, taking as much of your seed as he can, but it seems unlikely he'll be able to take it all.

As sense slowly returns to your mind, you coil your tongue around Altair, holding him gently within the grasp. Your taste lingers on his form as you lick off some of your own seed from his body, causing him to let out a long, loud mrrrrrrr as your tongue caresses his form. As you let him out, you manage to say, "Thank you," letting out another soft sound as he kisses your chest.

"You're welcome," he says, smiling, "And thank you." He carefully flies up towards your wrist and unbinds you there, then goes towards your ankles and unties those as well, letting you move freely. You stroke him with your tail as he climbs back up your leg, showing your affections for him. He purrrs and rubs back, giving your tail a soft scritching every now and then.

A few minutes later, though, Altair climbs back onto your chest, nuzzling into you. You gently rub a hand down his back, holding his tiny form as he slowly drifts off to sleep in your arms, a very familiar scene. You do think it's kind of cute, though, that you can lull him to sleep so easily. Of course, it isn't much longer before you doze off as well, joining Altair in the land of dreams.

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