Four Seasons

My half of an old art trade with Donamer. He's quite the pawslut, so this was right up his alley. :) And this is probably the biggest group thing I've ever done in writing, though it's all footpaws. :)

"Tomorrow is going to be another snowy day, with temps in the lower teens," the weather reporter said, maintaining some kind of sensibility. "There is still no explanation for the bizarre weather patterns yet. Nobody know why it's below freezing this time of year, much less snowing in the summer."

You turn the TV off, and just look confused. This isn't normal to say the least, but nobody knows what's really going on. All that you know if that snow is piled in drifts over a foot high outside, and there's still more coming down, and it's the middle of June! It's too late to bother going outside, so you just lie down, and try getting some sleep.

About fifteen minutes later, you're awakened by a knock on the door. You can't think of anybody that would be out visiting you especially not at this time of the day, so you get up to answer it, grumbling under your breath as you walk. As you open the door, you see an orange, soft-skinned dragon standing before you. "Hey... could you help me? I'm supposed to be in the summer, but it's full winter here! Mind letting me in?"

You let the dragon in, looking at him curiously for a moment. He's about six inches tall than you, orange with red wings, and gray foot soles. He sits down on the couch, putting his feet up, and giving you more of a look than you'd planned on. "Anyway, I'm one of the dragons of the seasons. Call me Argo. I'm supposed the be the summer dragon, but everyone's gotten mixed up, lost and now the seasons are all messed up because of it. If we just found everyone again, things would be normal..."

As he talks, your gaze drifts down to those feet more than once. He doesn't notice, or doesn't say anything if he does, but you do like them. You have to adjust how you're sitting to hide your arousal, just from the thought, more than once. You agree to help out, not sure of what to do, but wanting to try anyway. Besides, such a good-looking dragon can't actually be bad. "Just come with me! Excail - winter - has to be around here somewhere..."

Before you go out, you grab your jacket, not wanting to freeze outside. You offer one to Argo as well, but he declines. "It's summer where I am," he explains, "Even if just within me right now." Once you have the jacket on, you go outside, shivering a bit in the cold you feel. It's colder than the weatherman said it was, thanks to the wind whipping through the trees. The snow blows around a little, and the new fall makes it hard to see very far. You stay close to Argo, and his warmth flow into you. In his footsteps, the snow is mostly melted, and even in the cold e feels as hot as a summer day.

"Excail! Where are you?" Argo shouts as he looks around, trying to get his voice over the wind. You look around and notice a lake that's frozen solid, and more snow falling over that area. You point it out to Argo, and he thinks for a moment. "There would be even more winter where she is..." he says, starting to run over there. As you follow, you feel things getting colder, but not uncomfortably so. It's more like the winter itself is teasing you now.

Sitting down by the frozen lake, you notice a blue anthrodragoness, who's already talking to Argo by the time you walk over. "This is Excail. Excail, he's helping me find everyone again."

Giggling softly, Excail looks over you. "Oh... well, thanks! Nice meeting you." You take a moment to look over her as well, as Argo exchanges whispers with her. She's a few inches shorter than you, rather slender, but seems perfectly comfortable in the cold. As she gives you a hug her body actually feels warm. She gives you a soft nuzzling before she lets you go, then smiles. "We'll find the others. Wanna help?" She winks, almost trying to get you to come along, not that you need much encouragement. Being around a pair of nice-looking dragons is always a good afternoon.

Now that Excail and Argo are back together again, though, something's happening. The snow has stopped, and the temperature's climbing again. It feels more like spring now. "Looks like Verde's going to be next..." Argo says, taking note of the change as well. He looks around for a moment, and after talking with Excail again, they start to walk off again, motioning you to come along with them.

As you climb over a small hill, you feel the warm grass under your feet, see flowers blooming... it's just like the middle of a beautiful spring day. "Verde's around here" Excail says, looking around with you before searching around.

"Let's split up," Argo says, "You go over here, and Excail, you go there..." You head off in the direction you've been pointed to, heading right for a large tree. You look back at the others for a moment, but as you hear humming coming from somewhere nearby, you start to look more closely for the sound.

It doesn't take too long to find the sound, either. Behind the tree you see a green dragoness, simply relaxing against the tree. "Hello. I'm a little lost..." You nod, and explain that you're here to help, and explain everything else that's happened so far, to which shi nods. "Even so, it's such a nice day... want to sit down for a while and relax?"

Verde is right, and you decide to sit down next to hir. Shi stretches hir legs out before hir, leaving hir feet propped up. Hir feet are almost perfect, you realize, looking over them for a moment. Shi giggles softly, noticing your gaze, but doesn't say anything, just looking up at the tree. "It's just beautiful, isn't it?" You nod, though you're thinking of something other than the weather.

Those thoughts are interrupted, however, as Excail and Argo come back over, picking you and Verde up again. "Good. Just one left now..." Argo says to you after a short talk with Verde and Excail. "Autumn's the last one. She won't be hard to find. The leaf colors are so obvious, it's not funny..."

Sure enough, it doesn't take very long to find Autumn. She's standing by a tree t its peak of fall foliage, the orange and yellow leaves swirling about her brown-skinned form. "Hi everyone. Is it time to go now?" You, Excail, Verde, and Argo all nod in unison, and Autumn comes along quickly.

"That's everyone," Argo says, looking right at you, "Thanks a lot. Care to visit so we can thank you?" As you nod, you feel a bit disoriented, like the world is spinning around you. You close your eyes for a moment to try get the feeling to pass, but when you open your eyes again, you're in a completely different world. You're standing on a circle of incredibly smooth, shiny, slick stone, with a symbol for each of the four seasons appearing as part of the stone itself. The stone is marked with a quarter for each season, and as you look up, each quarter of the stone is aligned with a part of the new world around you. A snowflake symbol lines up with the winter; a flower, spring; the sun, summer; and an orange leaf, fall.

From the distance, the four dragons walk towards you, each from their respective realms, heading right for the stone. It's another few minutes before they reach you, but as they do, you feel as if all four seasons are happening at the same time. You feel both warm and cold, like there is life and hibernations, and countless other paradoxes. Yet, in this realm, it all seems completely natural.

"Since you helped us, we want to help you," Argo says, smiling at you. "And since we noticed you looking at our paws, we can indulge that..." You can feel yourself blushing at the statement, but it is true. You almost say you don't need thanks, but the dragons all sit down around you with their legs outstretched, letting you get another look at their feet.

You sit down and take a close look, smiling a bit at the sight. Suddenly, all four dragons stand back up again, and look right down at you. "Just lay down and relax," Verde said, as shi stretched out a bit, "We'll take care of you." Deciding it's easier to just go along, you lay down on the ground, looking back up at the four dragons

Argo moves first, putting one foot on your chest to keep you down "Just relax," he says, before standing up on your chest, letting one foot rest on each of your muscles, rubbing softly with his feet. Autumn moves next, standing up atop your head, carefully balanced so you're not hurt, but still have a close view of her feet. She moves a brown paw right over your muzzle, letting you take in her scent.

Excail and Verde talk to themselves for a moment before they choose a position. They wait to see your length come out of your sheath, your arousal quite noticeable, thanks to the two dragons already on you. Excail puts one foot right on your length, holding it against your stomach, while Verde uses hir foot right on your tip, slowly rubbing just the ball of hir foot against it.

All four of the dragons start out slowly for you, but Autumn is the first to pick things up. She leans down and gives your muzzletip a soft kiss, her feet still slowly working over your muzzle as you lay there, the other dragons pinning you to the ground. Argo is the next to start doing more for you, stomping on your chest in time with the others' movements, making sure that everything stays steady, consistently picking the pace up.

Nearer your length, Excail and Verde continue, the blue dragoness keeping your length pinned down as she works, almost wiping her feet on it, while the green also works harder and faster, grinding your cocktip hard as shi can without being painful, using your pre to make it even easier for hir. After another few moments, Excail switches to her other foot, making sure that she keeps the same pressure as she slowly moves the foot up and down your length, and keeps it firmly pressed against your body.

Argo takes a moment to look at the others, then starts stomping more quickly on you, silently telling the others to do more, to make sure that you're at your absolute peak. Autumn moves a foot slowly over your nostrils, letting you get a good breath of the scent of her foot while Excail presses your length slightly into your stomach, and Verde presses down so hard, your pre is nearly trapped within your shaft, only a little coming out around the ball of hir foot as shi grinds down hard on your length almost as if shi were trying to keep you from climaxing.

You can feel your seed starting to build up within you, and yet the pressure of Excail and Verde's feet keeps you from climaxing yet, forcing the pressure to build within you. Autumn smiles softly down at you as she works around your muzzle, keeping her feet slowly moving. She leans down to give you anther kiss letting her tongue work slightly into your muzzle, before standing back up to her full height over you.

Taking Argo's cue, Excail and Verde start working even faster on your length, a bit of sweat from their feet helping their efforts along as they work, almost impossibly fast against your length. Then, Verde slowly pulls hir foot away from your tip, just far enough to let a small drop of your seed come forth, before shi presses back down again, holding your seed within your length once again. Excail keeps up the movements she has been, working her foot up and down your length. She moves her toes down to the side of your length, giving it a firm squeeze as she strokes you trying to pleasure you as much as she possibly can.

As much as you enjoy it however, it's just too much to resist. Your seed finally comes out around the feet working around your length, the pressure within you too much for the dragonesses to hold back. Your seed shoots up past Argo's legs, nearly hitting Autumn's feet. All four continue working even during your climax, making sure that you don't have a drop of seed left once they're finished. Excail and Verde slowly finish their efforts, and al four dragons just rest atop your for a moment, letting you recover.

"I hope this is repayment for helping us," Argo says, stepping off you chest. Though you are too tired to respond, all four dragons take the look on your face as a 'yes'. "We may met again..." Argo says, his voice fading out as you listen, your vision fading out as well...

When you come around, you're back in your room. Outside, the weather is perfectly normal. It's just a typical, summer day. As you get up, you think it's a dream until you notice a medallion on your desk with the same season symbols you noticed at the home of he other dragons. You put it on, walk out, and realize that you are going to meet them again sometime...

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